The Sad Story Why Billie Eilish And Her Music Is So Controversial

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      The Sad Story Why Billie Eilish And Her Music Is So Controversial

      Billie Eilish Controversial Music Isn’t Always Respected The Right Way. Subscribe: …

      Asli Horton



          people don’t see the alarming impact it’s having on impressionable teens. a lot of them are self diagnosing themselves with depression and anxiety since being miserable is what they think they need to be in order to have a ‘story’, be considered a ‘beautiful soul’. a person I know is even faking Tourette’s to have it as a quirk. im sorry but this isn’t destigmatising, it’s romanticizing mental illnesses. ask people who actually go through the struggle of anxiety and depression everyday and tell me if they think songs like these, lyrics like ‘I wanna end me’ helps. this sure is opening conversation, but the wrong kind of it.

          btw not saying Billie herself doesn’t suffer from any mental illness, just saying the impact her work is having on young teens is heading in the v wrong direction. also ofc some people find comfort and solace in her music which is totally okay, wonderful for them.

          Dee dee

            uh wth do they mean that shes never been in love? "i wish you were gay" is about one-sided love


              Billie Eilish is an artist. Don't judge just let her do what artist do. Express yourself!

              beautiful potato x

                all i gotta say i stfu rly. billie helps so many ppl n she at heart is a rly bubbly, funny n loving person. is she just supposed to write songs abt twerking, money, sex and shit like nicki minaj n all those other hoes? so like gtfo n leave her alone sheesh she knows what shes doing ok?

                Karley Ann

                  "too dark for this generation"
                  Have you met this generation??? This generations entire sense of humor surrounds death??? I say "I wanna die" at least 50 times a day, as does literally every single one of my friends. But lmao okay.

                  Chrysalis Tha Lyricist



                      bury a friend is for a movie

                      Maryam Habib


                        Frey Jepson

                          Too dark for this day and age? What does that mean? I personally don't think that there is enough of it.

                          Mia Kilburn

                            Dude. Her art gets me. Its kinda funny because i get frustrated when people say her visuals are creepy and whatever, because I feel they're a part of me haha. But honestly, if you haven't heard her music go check her out now because she might change for your life. Don't be the stupid me that didn't listen to her until 1 year later haha. Do it. Trust me.

                            this is shit honey

                              I love Biellie with her sadness and emotions cause she with it is interstring 💚💙 (interstring = Biellie)

                              Hardcorr Cobra

                                Lol never heard of it

                                A Random Blue Corgi

                                  I hat these people that say 'Billies songs make me depressed.' I mean, they make you sad, but they don't make you depressed. Everybody has to learn the difference between them, depression is not sadness, it's anger, frustration, confusion, worry, anxiety, panic, all thrown together to make a nice happy meal.

                                  ItsArii Here

                                    She’s demonic ion like her

                                    Bryce DeHart

                                      Why does this video sound like AI was tasked to create a YouTube video to explain modern music to your parents?

                                      itsme gatchgirl

                                        I love bille😍👌⭐💖❤💓💜💙 but I do think she does suffer with depression

                                        Lippy Witch

                                          she is in tuned bc she yes is a teen but a teen with a struggle. i have friends who struggle with terrets and its life altering so it is good she has an outlet and is so elequent in her speech

                                          User name

                                            FINNEAS deserves more recognition.

                                            Daniel Sanchez

                                              Someone watching this on 2019?

                                              User name

                                                You are telling me that Jojosiwa and Billie Eilish are the same age ?

                                                Sophia Rae

                                                  I love all her songs! She is so talented and amazing!

                                                  Harry Max

                                                    She is a MK ultra mind control slave for Illuminati and freemate.

                                                    Yo Yo

                                                      JoJo is 2 years younger than Billie (not the same age or "almost")

                                                      AWESMR Satisfaction

                                                        Billie is such an Inspiration to young people I Respect a Queen

                                                        Maria Cruz Garcia

                                                          Billie is the most beautiful person 💛💛

                                                          Aeneas Booker

                                                            Billie’s got some weird shii in her music but her voice is BAEE😍

                                                            Eevee Lover

                                                              If anything billie makes me feel sane u know 💖

                                                              Allison Dan

                                                                she wears FTP merch lmao

                                                                Dr. Lego

                                                                  Umm burning dying and suffering uhhhhhhh

                                                                  Dr. Lego

                                                                    I've got no clue who this is

                                                                    Hector Calavera

                                                                      If your feeling sad or gloom or some shit. Just laugh. You know why because laughter brings out joy and happiness.
                                                                      That's what I do

                                                                      Aliza Makepeace

                                                                        Billie Eilish's music sounds very calm and relaxing. I always hear about her lyrics telling a dark story but I don't read them.

                                                                        Billie Stan


                                                                          Alyssa Villa

                                                                            Listening to her isn't influencing us to feel pain. It's the other way around. Our pain is influencing us to listen to her. She lets us feel everything we hide/ignore.

                                                                            Erica-Lea And Family

                                                                              Didnt she date/get tortured by onision just like shiloh?

                                                                              _cookiecat_ Somolu

                                                                                Billies music isn't making people depressed, it helps people with depression because it shows that she's going through the same thing

                                                                                _cookiecat_ Somolu

                                                                                  Billie is so beautiful

                                                                                  Emily S.

                                                                                    Wow i love that a publication with 7m subscribers can’t even get their grammar right in the title 🤪

                                                                                    _cookiecat_ Somolu

                                                                                      Billie is one of the only artists that sing about true and real things that other artists are afraid to do. And that is why so many people can relate to her, cause she's real

                                                                                      _cookiecat_ Somolu

                                                                                        "jOjO SiWa" ew gtfu

                                                                                        _cookiecat_ Somolu

                                                                                          Y'all are really obssesed with billie like how many video have u made of her

                                                                                          _cookiecat_ Somolu

                                                                                            Billie is a qween and she's going to take over the world(in a good way)

                                                                                            not real jennie

                                                                                              My friends all love her i dont hate her but her music dose creepy me out a lot (I like ocean eyes)

                                                                                              Celia R

                                                                                                I think her family is working on getting her a therapist and maybe anti depressants but I support and love her no matter what!

                                                                                                my avicado billie

                                                                                                  2:54 hahahahahahaha
                                                                                                  *cries in spanish*

                                                                                                  im a thirsty piløt

                                                                                                    i actually have a theory about bury a friend. if shes referring to the monster under her bed, she might have had some kind of phobia, and a lot of kids have a phobia of monsters under their beds.

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