The Sad Truth About Game of Thrones Cast Salaries & Net Worth

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      The Sad Truth About Game of Thrones Cast Salaries & Net Worth

      What Game Of Thrones Cast Members Are Actually Getting Paid. Subscribe to our channel: …

      Mother of Dragons

        The iron bank would have paid them more 🙄


          My brain aneurysm rupture repair surgery and ICU stay racked up a $7.2M


            They are not shot in Ireland, they are shot in NORTHERN IRELAND there is a fucking difference, typical dumb Americans

            Anton Chigurh

              Weird video man, all your information is bullshit, way off. 10 million to film 1 episode, try 100 million. Where do you get your shit information from?

              Hair Care Specialist

                I know that nobody will read this but For the one percent who reading this, If just a single person reads this it will make my day! <3 Have a great life and good luck in the future <3 I know fame doesn't happen over night but I am trying my hardest to become a successful YouTuber. Wish me and help me gr�w to 1OOO subs!?

                Miranda Scott

                  Maisie should make more because she has a lot of physical stuff she does

                  amal s



                      If I marry Arya I’ll be 5 million dollar owner! Wow!


                        I even don’t have 1k dollar in my bank account. After 10 years of work experience as an engineer in my country and in Qatar! Shame on me!

                        Neka Ngia

                          she said one point thirty five.. that's wrong.. it is one point three

                          Beans And Greens

                            Wtf how did nicoligh get paid more when he’s not the main character wtf

                            Emma Karamehic

                              Why… does Nikolaj earn the most?! While Kit, Peter and Emilia are the main characters?!!!

                              sandro reich

                                I dont understand why characters like Jamie lannister earn more than cercei or daenerys, which I feel like play a way more important role. Also Arya plays a way more important role.


                                  Area stark

                                  Personal name

                                    I think maisie should get paid more than Emilia. No hate but I think her scenes are more physically challenging. Learning choreographed fights is more difficult that riding a green screen dragon.

                                    Shade On A Cool Day

                                      I wish there was an HBO show with just South Asian people on it.

                                      Onyx Rose

                                        So I find it funny that they use net worth so wrong.


                                          Everyone is so into Emilia I think she is overrated

                                          tony nash

                                            I think ARYA should get a 2 million dollar bonus after her scene in episode 3

                                            Rebeka Shkrivani

                                              you should learn how to pronounce arya's and cersei's name

                                              azianinvazian am

                                                They should get paid more, especially Alfie Alle.

                                                D F

                                                  Cersei is by far the best actor on the show she deserves more money. PAY CERSEI IRON BANK lol

                                                  Smash Oh

                                                    Im not a huge GOT fans but im watching this….FCK YOU TALKO

                                                    Mun Maru

                                                      Wait! I thought ghost was a real dog! Wtf?

                                                      Firas Ellouze

                                                        please choose someone who can properly pronounce the characters' names ! it's utterly frustrating !

                                                        Toni-ann Mills

                                                          Hate watching these things, fictional characters or not you people need to learn to pronounce other people's names right it is very irking. Stop calling Cersie, Cersay it is so annoying if there was an accent over the second E then pronouncing it Cersay wouldn't be that bad. But bloody hell man.

                                                          Ashley Burbank

                                                            they had to keep offering Emilia more $$$ every time they wanted her to take her clothes off. I mean even in Masies recent nude sean they didn't show as much of her as they have of Emilia…and I prefer Arya Stark, but just who wants to get naked and have the whole world see you. if you're unsure go back and check how many nude scenes they have with her…it's unnecessary. the hatching dragons It's the only seen I believe it was necessary


                                                              Maise Williams and Sophie Turner should be making the same as Kit Harrington and the rest. They are major players, and have some of the hardest scenes.


                                                                I can really see no reason at all for Jamie being the highest paid one.
                                                                Tyrion would make more sense.
                                                                But for me the absolute star of the show is Cersei. She gives the best acting, her whole presence gives gravity to the show and her character is superbly significant and interesting.

                                                                Also Daenerys, Arya and Sansa have definitely greater roles than Jamie.
                                                                So why on earth would he earn so much more? What for??
                                                                So, is it true that Hollywood is much more generous to men for no reason?

                                                                I mean did anyone even know his name before the show? Is he even particularly attractive (if we suppose this brings money to a show) ? Is he particularly popular? Is he shooting comparatively tough scenes in terms of acting, nudity, danger, physicality?
                                                                Really now, for what reason would he get paid more??

                                                                Olivia Shanks

                                                                  I’ve never watched one episode. I don’t regret it. Like if you agree with me.

                                                                  Open Chapman

                                                                    I thought they get paid $1 million per Episode

                                                                    Ahmed Osman

                                                                      No wonder why they killed most off the direwolfs, it was too expensive too keep them

                                                                      Joy Canadian

                                                                        Next time add in how much of their income goes to taxes, it’s totally understandable that Lena is in debt.

                                                                        Ibrahim Idris

                                                                          This video is bullshit! It’s not even close to what they get paid!

                                                                          Monique Rodriguez

                                                                            Please stop saying cersei as cer-say, it’s pronounced cer-see

                                                                            Andrew [mobile]

                                                                              I thought they got 2m each for the last season

                                                                              Andreea Calin

                                                                                These are uncomprehensible amounts of money for us but, other stupid shows pay stupid actors much more per episode and they usually appear in 10-23 episodes per season, even for 10 seasons or more. I really think they deserve more. Also, Sophie is a smart lady.

                                                                                Kathryn Forbes

                                                                                  Takes too long to get to the point

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