The Sad Truth Of Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk's Split

Main The Sad Truth Of Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk's Split

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      The Sad Truth Of Bradley Cooper And Irina Shayk's Split

      Bradley Cooper Split From Girlfriend Irina Shayk Has People Looking For The Real Reason For The Hollywood Couple Broke Up! Subscribe to our channel: …

      Random Boy

        Bad romance 🤭

        Bela Mac

          We could see that coming a mile away ever since Bradley met Gaga

          Nancy P

            Nobody gives a merde hahaha

            Iskandariah Puteri Sarlieman

              Back then there’s a rumour tht Brad Mother does not have a good relationship with Irina

              Ms. Vicki

                This is nothing like Brangelina – Brad was married.

                Litbolt Official

                  Probably she disrespected his mum

                  Lilibeth Morales

                    Hollywood life today they inlove tomorrow not, today she walked in aisle and both said I do, promise inlove and stay together each other and the next they got a divorce

                    The Birds

                      A Hollywood new power couple Star is Born again " Bradylady" Y'all follow that people!! 🙌 She walks out of Ronaldo because "he was a Latino successful most handsome playboy cheater" she is too good for all that crap… and now a man who built a family he says he loves but dies not want any commitment , no engagement that's very tricky like so he can cheat and walk away to love someone else anytime, not committed to this woman and their baby girl… Again she does not deserve another playboy manipulator and make you believe "I love my family" … Irina is a strong and brave and confident she knows what she wants and not that, she deserves better man

                      L Gunter

                        No, it doesn’t sound like like an “intense thing to do”! It sounds like a JOB!

                        Erika Yaca

                          With Gaga or without Gaga Bradley and Irina have a bad relationships 🤷🏻‍♀️. Childs want a Happy Home not a battle field 🤔

                          anelisa just anelisa

                            Irina should not have given him the privilege of her ovaries and body to reproduce, clearly doesn't deserve any piece of her! Marry before you carry ladies, let him commit before you commit your uterus to him.

                            Yes marriage has never prevented a man from leaving/cheating but atleast the alimony cheques make for cute compensation 😊✌

                            Pat Murphy

                              Irina strikes me as a spoiled Russian model. Move on Bradley, but stay close to your child.

                              Gheorghe Gabriela

                                Life nothing to judge things comes in your way and hiit u in unexpected ways we can't judge

                                nividi kevichusa

                                  she's so is not everything.brains is also needed.


                                    thats going to cost him a few quid..

                                    Prince Kams

                                      He is overrated


                                        why BC never talked about or denied the issues to stop the rumors about him and LG in order to save.his family..and as a respect to his gf..he shouldve been done it like what gaga did in Kimmel's show but he remained silent..his fault

                                        George Ybarra

                                          Bradley is under cover gay she need a real man in her life

                                          Bruce Wayne

                                            I guess thanos snapped his marriage out of existence

                                            Nicole Delatos

                                              I must’ve missed something with the whole “chemistry” thing every one else saw. I didn’t see them as doing anything other than acting. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤔

                                              EMILIE GUILLON – Equitation

                                                He doesn't seem able to keep a long relationship


                                                  Oh cmon the whole shallow song was a promotion thing.

                                                  gail roberts

                                                    He's a mama's boy. She lives with him. He talks about her all the time. He's had tons of girlfriends. Mama's narcissistic baby boy.

                                                    Ashelie Claesson

                                                      Must be a Bradley thing…. Lol

                                                      Etta James

                                                        Beauty ain't everything.


                                                          I’ve never really seen his girlfriend, now looking at her in this video I can see that she is so beautiful!

                                                          Marygenevieve Ong

                                                            Paradise lost & found…freedom atlast to two caged souls.

                                                            Zeynep Unsal

                                                              Lady gaga is a home wrecker.

                                                              inga robinson

                                                                I think Mel B is really not the best authority on relationships with her destructive unhappy past . If Bradley's and Irina's relationship had a good foundation and some unity they would still be together . Yes there is a child and that Bradley did not marry Irina after 4 years speaks volumes . Even before Lady Gaga came into the picture there were major cracks in their relationship . The chemistry with Lady Gaga broke the last straw , to take their working relationship to another level only they know . When we start a promising relationship we never know how it will end ,because over time we always find out if we are truly compatible and give each other the emotional support that we all need . I wish all 3 the very best !


                                                                  It's not the strong "a" all the time. Most of the time it's pronounced "uh. "

                                                                  Edward Terry

                                                                    Honestly, I don't care about their "chemistry" onscreen. In REALITY, ditching his wife and child over it just makes Cooper a douchebag. 😜👎

                                                                    poshy vintage

                                                                      He's a dumbass.

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