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    Cute Girls Hairstyles

      The SCARIEST Thing I’ve Ever Done...

      I seriously can’t believe that my new book #ViralParenting will be released TOMORROW! Its the SCARIEST thing I’ve ever done, talking about our parenting …

      Cute Girls Hairstyles

        Pre-order VIRAL PARENTING HERE ✅ 💋's – Mindy

        Maitha Almuhairi

          You’re such an inspiration mindy I love u and your fam ur such a strong empowered woman ly❤️❤️

          Ida Christensen

            Not super relevant for me yet since I'm only in my early 20's, but I will definitely remember this book when I'll be having children! I think this project is very inspiring, so thank you Mindy! No need to worry!🙌🙌

            Isabella Treanor

              Don't worry Mindy, you are an amazing Mom and have six amazing beautiful children, God Bless you and praying for you!!! xoxo

              Benedikta Björk Þrastardóttir

                Dear Mindy you are a incredible mom and you are a beautiful person. I hope you find your not stress soon. Love you

                Jennifer Mechtly

                  I love you and your family!

                  Lisa Hunt

                    Mindy, I have so much respect for you, your husband and family! I have watched you all for a long time and I can always tell that your family is so close to each other. I believe that you are all a great example of living the way that we have been taught, as members of our church. You are such great parents and it shows through your children too. It always feels so good to watch people like all of your family, knowing that we have a lot in common and can relate to you. I think it’s awesome that you wrote this book… I am sure that many people will appreciate everything you say. You are very talented and I wish you all the best! 🥰

                    Kawaii Land

                      it always sounds and looks like she is going to cry

                      Debi Sher

                        Awww…don’t be nervous (hugs). You are going to be great. Just think how many lives you’re going touch. I believe you are YouTube for a reason. This is your platform to touch lives & help people. Good luck Mindy. You are loved by many, remember that. 💕

                        Emma Tacchino

                          Preach girl! This was such a good message and I as a teenager struggle with electronics and I think it would be cool to get your book to help me with that! It sounds pretty interesting:)

                          Ariana Martinez

                            I'm sure it's late and you're probably not asleep due to nerves, so I just wanted to wish you the best of luck tomorrow! It's been such an honor following you along this YouTube journey, first with the hair, then with the twins, and then with Kamri. I have no doubt your story will be beneficial to parents, some of whom have no idea about the true power or scope of the internet. I am so excited for you, and am praying that everything goes smoothly!!! <3

                            Conley Brock


                              Isabella Janevska

                                Hey Mindy, you are a great mum. I am ten and I am proud of my mum because she is taking my little sister, older sister and me to school and she also has to go to work early. believe in yourself. No one can stop you not even you.


                                  I've been seeing a few videos from you lately where you are very vulnerable and almost teary and, as strange as it sounds, it's so refreshing. Much more relatable than seeing perfection all the time.

                                  Maia Aspinall

                                    U r so cool and inspiring Mindy. Love u!

                                    Vashti Marvin

                                      Your book will be amazing!

                                      John Smith

                                        Mindy, I'm a teacher and a coach. Do you know why I watch your channel and follow your other channels? Because you've produced genuinely great kids, and that's such a rare thing in today's digital age that I had to know more about the source. You and your husband have raised (and are raising) great, down to earth kids who don't let their spotlight dictate their morals. I am an admirer, coming from someone who has taught and coached many during those so- difficult pre and teenage years. You have both my respect and my well wishes!

                                        Amanda Zimmerman

                                          Been with you since 2012. Love you and can’t wait to read the book. ❤️

                                          Zlipster Royals

                                            yea im actually curious too…… on the christian side of it because iv noticed how yall say christian yet act or wear a bit too little or you know not appropriate, but yea good luck! i want to read your book and give a review.

                                            Judy Whitehall

                                              You are such a beautiful soul and i know your book is going to be a best seller l would like to get myself one

                                              Sandra Villagomez

                                                I love love love you and your family! Every thing is going to be okay, your going to run into hater. Your fans, one who know you , will love your book! You have a Beautiful, lovely family, great kids.💯

                                                Luxmys life

                                                  Ppl are putting these vids cayse of april fools but thank god u are not lying

                                                  amanda crain

                                                    I absolutely love you!!! Your family is so genuine and sweet!! I’m 22 years old and I don’t have any kids but, I still can’t wait to buy the book and read it! I work in childcare and have 2 younger siblings and a niece. I see first hand the ways that social media and the internet can effect people and children. It scares me and breaks me down. Sometimes it makes me smile from ear to ear. I do believe 100% that you should know what’s going on with children or even siblings online. Thank you for putting your voice out there! You are amazing!

                                                    Allie Kruk

                                                      What a great message!

                                                      Audra Martin

                                                        I love this message you are really striving towards how we can make the internet positive and put positive things out online!

                                                        Grace Scottow

                                                          Bless y’all and stay healthy❤️

                                                          Siri mist

                                                            Mindy, sending love and support to you. I am so super exited and proud of you. It will be fine you have worked so hard and deserve the best. Love you!!

                                                            Tiki Tiwi

                                                              I am so glad that we can comment! Mindy, you are amazing! You seem like you know what you are doing and I get how sometimes you may think you don't, but trust me you are amazing! It is just satan trying to tell you that you can't do it. I wish you the best!❤️💘

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