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    Wayne Goss

      Skin polishing. A technique where you ‘polish’ the skin with foundation to give the skin an …


        I love love love LOVE your videos wayne💜💜💜

        Kelly Thorne

          Great technique! I'd love to see more close ups and colour swatches please xxx

          Kathleen Coomans

            I love reviews where you actually use the product and give your honest feedback as to what it’s like. I also love your teaching tutorials, we can always learn more….thankyou Wayne…I like the videos around the 7-8 minutes filled with info…Re best skin type, shade, skin type, colour suitability for each of fair, dark, mid tone skins and what doesn’t work for those colour skins…


              Do you have recommendations for this technique over eczema? My foundation always only emphasizes my skin issues.

              shandi judy

                Thank you!! I will be 36 this year (OH GOD… 🙁 ) Thank you for these realistic videos!!!!! I do not want 4 pumps of full coverage foundation on my oily acne prone skin like these IG kiddos. I prefer the realistic, "my skin but better" look. I dont like the strobing highlighter either!!!! Wayne Goss is the MAN!!! 🙂

                Janine Haribhai

                  I have being doing my foundation like this for a long time. Love it.

                  Eve Tong

                    Love this video. I like natural looking makeup and this technique really makes your skin look fantastic.
                    Also, would appreciate product review that includes end of the day check in cuz it really tells us how the product lasts over a normal day’s wear.

                    Catie Horner

                      Love all your tips and techniques! They are so helpful and so much more practical for everyday looks.

                      Leanda Stellato

                        Love your videos very informative, get in closer babe so we can all see how gorgeous you are and how fantastic your techniques are 💙

                        Nevine farid hanna Chicco123

                          I,'d like to see where exactly contouring ends and highlighter starts on blusher on the cheeks

                          Leanda Stellato

                            Thankyou 💖

                            Michael Sigel

                              Wayne, omg. Just another one I gotta try :)) thank you 🙏🏻 😉
                              What I would love to see – especially when u come up with such techniques, is a close up after u applied it. It helps to see. Because when I apply it with my sponge, u see it. And these techniques videos would have a better insight, when we get close ups and the end.
                              And maybe – when u try out new products: you thought how to use it on the various skin types (combo, oily, dry) and whether you would recommend it for each type.
                              But other than that – stay the way you are!


                                Won’t this irritate your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin?

                                Seshat Thot

                                  Hi Wayne, thanks for this new technique video. A bit more info on the products reviews would be great even if your enthousiasm should be enough 😉 and a bit more full face make up with guests. Take care Biz S

                                  Lina Borg

                                    Product reviews pls!! I fall asleep during swatches though 😁.. and mentioning your current favs from each makeup category such as “5 fav blushers at the moment”

                                    ROSIE WAITE-FENN

                                      More videos of anything with you in it is fine in my book! You’re just so real – like a breath of fresh air xxx

                                      Vicki Hodges

                                        I don't really care for swatches, because it's not always how the product will apply. I would like to see you using the products and your opinions of how they work. Seeing more videos would be amazing!!! I like the way you do your videos now, so more would be great!!! 💕💕💕


                                          Hope that means either your new makeup &/or brushes are coming to Cult! Emma x

                                          Jacey Lataire

                                            Thank you so much Wayne, I watched a similar video you from seven years ago… where you showed a close up before and after… great!!!!

                                            Limpho Mposula

                                              This is for people with perfect skin😔

                                              Sheeba Khan

                                                More vlogs on your second channel please!!

                                                Claire Bear

                                                  Tried this today- love it! It works so well with your brush!

                                                  Kristine Gustavsen

                                                    Finally 😀 I have wanted to test out your brushes, but since I only found them on american websites it would have been to expensive with MVA and taxes. But now that they are soon available at cult beauty I will defenitly try some of them <3

                                                    Rheanna Schmidt

                                                      I love all your videos but when you show us tips and techniques, those are my fav!


                                                        Hi Wayne, not sure how you'd do this, but I'd like to see wear tests. Because while most products look great going on, the majority don't stay great for long or don't live up to their claims.

                                                        Lauren Sanford

                                                          Also I like the concise technique videos but for reviews I would like if you went more in depth about ingredients and maybe try ons of how you use the products.

                                                          Lauren Sanford

                                                            Oh no my wallet cannot handle something exciting coming soon


                                                              OMG did anyone burst out laughing at the “luckily I have a strong wrist” comment??

                                                              Rhea Ahluwalia

                                                                Hi thanks for the videos. Close ups are great swatches for things that have different colors especially lip products. Pros and cons and dupes if possible like when you review the product you could maybe mention a few similar products. You’re super great thank you!!

                                                                Gene Stewart

                                                                  I adore when you do half your face so we can see the changes. You're brilliant.


                                                                    Close ups, similar video length..swatches on arm videos only useful imho if a similar skin tone to yourself which I'm not so can be of limited value..

                                                                    Linda Joy

                                                                      Hello Wayne, would your brush #13 squirrel hair version work for this polishing technique?


                                                                        I'd like to see more swatches and descriptions of various foundation shades! As someone who buys everything online, I've had the hardest time (and spent far too much money!) trying to get shades right! I've got medium skin with a yellow tone, but that can mean 100 different things apparently. Thank you!

                                                                        Linda Joy

                                                                          Technique tutorials please with close ups, I would like to learn about types of products rather than specific products and more tutorials on a mature model. Please bring back the lovely Mandy for us older girls🙏🏻 Oh….and never lose the wink😉

                                                                          Lana Del Sugar Skull

                                                                            Great Video. Thanks. Greetings from Germany

                                                                            Pria kumar

                                                                              But won't that cause skin texture to become obvious? Like bumps etc

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