The True Story Of Kris Kardashian Turned Kris Jenner

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      The Evolution Of Kris Jenner Life From Before She Was Famous. How She Went From Flight Attendant to Momager Of Billionaire And Millionaires Kylie Jenner …

      Destiny Johnson

        Do more kris jenner😍😘

        Sugary Cookies

          She looks 44?!?


            devil works hard, but kris works wayy harder

            John Payne

              One Hell of a DIVA !!!

              Fatima Cubias

                She is just like my mom she even looks like her but other than my mom being a little short

                Teresa Vandale

                  Talk about having major work done on her face, check out the checks.

                  barbe Doll doll elhelou

                    What a women with 5 kids struggled in her life u and your kids. Are impossible believers good bless u Kris Jenner

                    Darla Elliott

                      Shje did very well. Please don't make the mistake she's the only woman who can-women should always be able to completely take care of themselves based on what they acquire for themselves Kris shjows us that.

                      maxine chan

                        Kris is a cougar

                        Phoebe Menzies

                          lets be honest, she s been through a lot


                            I'm surprised she hasn't changed her name back to Kris Houghton.

                            Marina Ribeiro

                              You are awesome kris

                              Kayra kim

                                Istg this woman is tough and smart.

                                Kathi W

                                  Do some people think that Todd Waterman is Khloe‘s dad?

                                  Violett Reyes

                                    I’m just wondering why she got a nose job, her nose looked good.

                                    Rosa Diaz

                                      This woman built an empire she is a genius

                                      Stacy Brenda

                                        I actually thought corey was in his 40's

                                        Carla Sichi

                                          What a vulgar greedy family. The mother Kris. What can one say about her? She maybe a businesswoman but she is heartless. She raised a bunch of kids whose vocabulary consists of the f word and of course just nothing that makes sense. They all whine as they talk. They are talentless, greedy, needy. They all sure love the men that are not Caucasian don’t they? Perhaps Caucasian males know where they have been and how many there have been. So they will never touch a Kardashian. with a barge pole. Even if they had not seen a woman for years!


                                            Yeah go kris

                                            1dayat atime

                                              Smart woman! Learned the business!!

                                              Elmari Linden Mbewe

                                                She definitely will go down as a legend fact

                                                Vala Dina

                                                  NOPE! to the question 🙄 I still hate them, the woman is a smart business woman, still hate them😁

                                                  Kim Velez

                                                    No I think they need to do more for the Environment and Animals. I think they waste money on stupid shit

                                                    Nitsa Michael

                                                      I admire her lots, she's a super buisness woman and a good mother.

                                                      Belinda Enata

                                                        Kris doesn’t even look like a 63y old grandma.

                                                        Kevin Dukes

                                                          I think she looked much better in the middle picture

                                                          Desiree Hall

                                                            Kourtney looks like her mom, in her younger yrs. Her mom now has the Michael Jackson 👃. They all like their men!!!

                                                            Rct Last

                                                              Ride that wave all the way to the beach Kris…smooches.

                                                              Diana Baloghová

                                                                She deffinitely deserve what she has now she worked hard too.And kendall looks exactly like her,her body,face everything i mean they are scorpions

                                                                Faizo Abdi Mohamed

                                                                  Not gonna lie but she was a serious cheater and other than the miscarriage and her ex husband dying i don't really see and harsh life since she was and is rich

                                                                  NOT YOU

                                                                    In the thumbnail you can see her transformation into the evil person she is today. This explains how and why Kim and Chloe are the way they are. Pure sleaze.

                                                                    Patricia Dudzik


                                                                      m. mache

                                                                        I don't want to know Kim kardasian thank you. ? Mo?

                                                                        Temitayo Bisiriyu

                                                                          Even if you dont like her, you have to admit that Kris is hella determined and it paid off.


                                                                            she was gorgeous…why did she put those stupid fake cheeks in her face?😫

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