The True Story Why Kylie Jenner Was Cut Off At 15 By Kardashians

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      The True Story Why Kylie Jenner Was Cut Off At 15 By Kardashians

      Kardashians Cut Kylie Jenner Off At A Very Young Age And Here’s Why. Subscribe to our channel: …

      Bia Bia

        Bruce Jenner tf and i find that hard to believe they cut her off where did she get the money to start her business 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 she’s not self made and she already had a name sooooo i don’t buy it

        Rudnie Pierre Paul

          Can’t we just appreciate her major success??? Self-made or not!

          MBoivin Art

            I thought that most people are cut off at thst age… Anyways, at 15 when she was cut off, she already had millions as well as connections in the industry thst she would not have had without her mother, kim, and ye. How else she would have afforded all af those surgeries before her makeup line launched? She may be hard working but she us not self made. Everyone knows this no matter how they try to have people believe that she is self made.


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                I do like her cosmetics and would still purchase it, but “self-made”? please..

                GLITTER BLITZ

                  Get that Jenner dick outta your mouth …….

                  GLITTER BLITZ

                    Oh cry me a river….

                    Monia Stilo

                      Vive le botox !

                      zyn zang

                        Don’t child custody laws advise against that ❓🤔

                        Tate Mcalister

                          Lol we already know the answer to those questions. No she wouldn't be.


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                            Contortionist 04

                              I feel like she didn't make a path for herself, but she walked through it. She followed her heart but also she had a big name and who ever heard she was a kar/jenner they bought it.

                              E T

                                It is not Erin Ozman it is Eren Ozmen get it right

                                Lory Winchester

                                  Young kylie is so pretty and pure

                                  David V

                                    Without wanting to hate, but nobody would care about her cosmetics if it wasn't for her name.

                                    Ghost 13

                                      She is not self made

                                      Koneko Yagami

                                        Rob started a mens sock company. That didn't turn out. The three older sisters had a clothing line in sears briefly(or was it jc penny) and a make up line in ulta that no one buys. Just because you are rich and famous doesn't mean your business venture is going to be profitable. Those lip kits were an amazing idea. Some of us wear liquid lipstick exclusively and suck at applying make-up. Having a matching liner with the lipstick helps with the application so much. 💜


                                          The talko likes taking small things and trying to make them big

                                          Carolann Rotolo

                                            Self made means u made it yourself. Does not matter who she is . She did it .People pretend like because she's a Kardashian she had help .Who is a success that hasn't had some form of help along the way . Quit hating on rich people because ur not.

                                            Allyson Dale Nierves

                                              Having a child at such a young age made me feel like Kylie is human after all

                                              El AlaAla ALaALaALa


                                                Sk P

                                                  Oh give me a fucking break

                                                  Charlie X

                                                    Wait, how much do lip fillers cost?? Especially when you’re a teenager? 🤔🤔


                                                      They would have never bought her stuff if it wasnt for her name tbh so yea i would say she has privilege try starting from the ground like i have where no one knows my name. But I'm slowly getting up there


                                                        Yes she is


                                                          I’m proud of her

                                                          Kelly IMO

                                                            It’s not a risk if you know you have money to fall back on.

                                                            Renee Haa

                                                              Seriously this is her having it hard???? Tf

                                                              Rashee Khare

                                                                Talko is definitely being run by Kris Jenner.

                                                                Jim Carrey

                                                                  “I had it hard” you know what Kylie Jenner you need to go back to Calabasas and sip on a daiquiri or something.


                                                                    She dont know what " struggle" is …she's lucky!! She got her lip kit start up money from being on KUWTK🤷 Thats not " self made"…her ambition is commendable tho!!

                                                                    hubris mariah

                                                                      Her products are sheer and her lip kits are dry asf they crack so much…..also you pay for everything because you were given it by your family… you were getting paid for bieng on your family show… a famous rich show at that it’s the same money you used to pay for everything. Any teenager can save enough money for a car it’s the fact you were already born with money and had to just show up for a camera to get it. Also those hips were definitely not self made… girl doesn’t even like to work out.

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