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      The Truth About BTS ARMYPEDIA World Tour Scavenger Hunt

      BTS fans are excited with news of new ARMYPEDIA. Subscribe to our channel: …

      Bts Trending

        Yeah like there would be any codes in finland😑

        《 d o n t w a n n a w a s t e m y t i m e 》

          I cant really find any in Indianapolis

          Kookie’s and a cup Tae with extra Suga

            I live in Vancouver, Canada and I don’t think there’s any QR codes here…

            Tayy S

              I got my QR reader but apparently all of them were taken, I found the codes on someones insta story theyre real

              rosie gacha life

                MY BIRTHDAY IS IN MARCH1

                BTS ARMY

                  It's so confusing. I can't understand anything. What will I do 😭😭😭???

                  blue sky

                    I don't understand



                      Saitama A-Hero-for-fun

                        You call BTS's music wonderful 🤣🤣 Good luck dipshits

                        Tessa Amos

                          I see bts i klick even if i know i can't get one cos im from Eu Bulgeria😕😕😕😦😥

                          I love BTS

                            Yes! 💜😍Armypedia was really cool!!! I already had share 5 memories but still I need to find some of QR codes to unlock it.

                            Sth Pari


                              Dimitri James

                                my brain hurts

                                Kim Taehuyng

                                  I think I’ll never get these qr code cuz I live in mongolia

                                  kokonut kookie

                                    Idk if the codes are gonna be in my country

                                    jazztin mayers

                                      I hope they have qr codes in Philippines….

                                      Kookie Jeon

                                        AWW it sound so cool and fun i wanna cry i wanna participate tho:(((

                                        Kookie Jeon

                                          I know alot about them but can't participate because my stupid phone is goin' crazy FML

                                          Kookie Jeon

                                            My phone is in break down so i can't use it so i can't participate i wanna cry so badly :(( why is my life like this and also i don't live near any place with the code anyway, but what is this about? why do they make it?

                                            Millie Yang

                                              Any ARMY here?


                                                Just went on Twitter, got 20 codes ready to get read


                                                  Y'all do understand that Tae and Hobi are not the same person right??

                                                  Dhen-Dhen Avery

                                                    what is the link?? where I can find it?

                                                    Katherine P

                                                      I don't know who BTS is uuummmm because I have something called a life, so really I don't care

                                                      xjess417 C

                                                        I saw two of them and took a pic


                                                          We got this army! Fighting!

                                                          Thats Bangtan for sure

                                                            WE DONT HAVE QR CODES HERE!!! 😭😭😭

                                                            Sophia Nowrouzi

                                                              Am I the only one who took a screenshot at every code


                                                                are there any in india? 😣😣😣 please answer yes


                                                                  Hey Talko Are you a kpop channel?

                                                                  YoU rEaDy To tUrN uP?

                                                                    "The truth about The Talko" 😂😂😂

                                                                    Sunita Rani

                                                                      If you does not have that QR codes in your city What to do.

                                                                      Ma.Hannah Jhoby Magluyan

                                                                        Hey i get it!!!!

                                                                        BTS ARMY

                                                                          HELL YEAH I DO 😍😍😍😍

                                                                          Andy 34

                                                                            I fucking love our boys :')))))

                                                                            Jazhira Cirilo-Reyes

                                                                              Bts is the best love you

                                                                              Gillian Regis

                                                                                Are there any in Brooklyn

                                                                                Bangtanvelvet Foreva

                                                                                  I’m a dumbass but how tf do you scan it lmao💩

                                                                                  little miss

                                                                                    I'm so confused. Idk if some qr codes are in London….idek


                                                                                      The Talko help! Not only did I loose my bag I've lost all my QR codes as well! We need your help. Will you join?

                                                                                      Tumpa Ghosh

                                                                                        "THE TALKO BECAME A KPOP CHANNEL.."

                                                                                        That One Dude

                                                                                          I thought this was a hate video.


                                                                                            I who doesn't go out my house, shall go out now. Buy a new phone and search for these codes.
                                                                                            Problem is I'm broke

                                                                                            jungkook xox

                                                                                              here we go agin with the BTS videos thetalko cant just get enough

                                                                                              Rebekah Fortenberry

                                                                                                Can you please stop clickbaiting to try and get more views,it's not working and I believe everyone has figured out how your channel works,maybe just create good content so you don't have to use fake titles to get real views.

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