The truth about Invisalign…… Is it worth it?

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      The truth about Invisalign...... Is it worth it?

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video where I tell you all about my Invisalign experience! Price, Pain, EVERYTHING! I also answer a few questions from …


        Hey guys!! Just wanted to give you my final Invisalign update! Unfortunately I didn’t take any after photos but I threw in some before ones!!!! So you can see what they used to look like lololol anyway I more so wanted to tell you my experience and give some advice! Hope this helps! Xoxo


          I kept all my old trays too haha

          Sabahat zaidi

            Dental problems are fucking pain in the ass. Dealing with dental abcess and pericornitis because of a fucking impacted wisdom tooth.. 😣😣😣


              I had braces for 4 years. Never wore my retainers cause i suck. They didn’t go completely back but they’re still crooked af. Definitely looking into options.

              Joann Gonzalez

                Suffocation is exactly what I told my husband. I just started 2 weeks ago and I’m just barely getting used to it. I’m trying to be very strict about the 22 hrs process. I use my alarm religiously and allow myself so much time for lunch and dinner.


                  I’m shook. I’m vaping while I’m watching this (it’s 3am) and right when I exhaled the vapor at 8:50 I literally thought you were pushing the vapor away 😂 I’m tripping. Goodnight y’all.

                  Johaunna Koyama

                    How do you make your teeth so white???

                    Britney Hamer

                      Have any of you guys tried Smile Direct? if so did you like it? I've seen SO MANY mixed reviews, I just really want to make sure it's worth it before spending that much money on it

                      Lisa Black

                        Love how you fur baby was watching you when you was talking so cute

                        Lisa Black

                          I had brace them hurt so bad sometimes I would get bumps in my mouth like a canker sore I had them on for 2 year but it is worth it my teeth look so much better and I'm happy I did it and if I forget to put my retainer in I can tell my teeth move but when I put it in the n ft night they go right back I paid 5000 for them it way more then Invisalign


                            I had braces twice. In elementary and in middle school. I didn’t wear my retainer the first time. Hence why I go them again. Didn’t wear my retainer again and now i want Invisalign as an adult because my bottom teeth are crooked and I’m super self conscious about them :/

                            Emma Instance

                              I only wore my invisalign at night too lol. It made the process a LOT longer and my teeth aren't as straight as they could've been but I'm happy with them.

                              Megan Stacy

                                I 100% understand the “weighted” feeling! I had to wear a splint for my TMJ and I hated it!
                                I quit wearing it for the “weighted” feeling and it doesn’t fit anymore lol

                                Anai Rodriguez

                                  Ohh my I need to go to the dentist to get my retainers again 😱 I haven’t wore my retainers in 2 years thankfully my teeth haven’t shift but I am having small gaps Im going tomorrow to the dentist


                                    Never get smile direct. Never cut corners with your health! It’s cheap for a reason and Invisalign costs what it does for a reason. Smile direct doesn’t account for your jaw alignment, so your teeth get straight but if you have an overbite or jaw alignment issues, it’ll screw up your mouth! I’ve read the bad reviews, and I’m a proud Invisalign user who finished the treatment.


                                      I had braces for a while but my ortho got some rare blood disease and had to quit so it was either go pay another ortho or just be done. My teeth were straight but they refused to do a permanent retainer. So I got a plastic retainer thing needless to say my teeth moved super quick and they went back to being crooked. Been wanting to get them again but I’m 34 now so really what’s the point. 🤷🏻‍♀️ my teeth were only sore the 1st day bc they moved so fast but some Tylenol took care of it. I think it hurt more when my mouth would dry to my braces while sleeping but sometimes I did slobber a lot 😂😂. I paid $5500 should’ve got my boobs done instead then no one would look at my teeth.

                                      Aleksandra Okoń

                                        Lmfao that Danny impression killed me

                                        M Q

                                          omg hugsy in the back !

                                          Haruna Hatano

                                            Finally I will start Invisalign next week! But it cost $7000 here in Australia😭


                                              Ok but who is your dentist do you recommend them I’m also in south Florida and would like to fix my teeth. Thanks

                                              N N

                                                I was told you have to wear retainers basically all your life after the treatment to maintain the shape/position your teeth are in because they will naturally shift back to the position they used to be in. Invisalign is even promoting this as far as I know. The retainers are way cheaper and do not have to be changed as often. Does anybody have any information on that?

                                                kelsey huff

                                                  Omg! I still have my first tray too!!!! I thought I was the only weird one 😂

                                                  Misty Parsons

                                                    This was extremely helpful and informative. Thank you for sharing your Invisalign experience with us. Love you, Kathleen!!💖😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ⚡️✨⚡️

                                                    Alicja Kott

                                                      I have been wearing my Invisalign for about a month now and when you said you didn't wear them all day, my jaw dropped LOL. I switch my trays every 2 weeks. It's interesting to see all the different ways Invisalign is used.

                                                      liz c

                                                        I’m on week 37 of 40 in my first phase. I change mine weekly. I also have rubber bands. It’s kinda the worst. I have another phase of 20 weeks and then possibly 10 more. It cost closer to $5000. It’s been worth it though! A pain, but worth it! I did have to trim several at the beginning because they cut my lip.


                                                          She calls her canines her “fangs” lol so cute

                                                          Isabella L

                                                            I'm honestly considering invisilign. My teeth look very straight even some of them are slightly crooked. (I can basically tell when I run my tongue). However my bite although not a huge concern isn't the best. Due to the fact I have kind of straight teeth I have sworn of braces, but invisilign could actually help me in the long run.

                                                            Nisha Fatima

                                                              your top looks so petty

                                                              Nisha Fatima

                                                                you look so beautiful with or without makeup. you are so cool and lovely youtuber


                                                                  The pain sounds similar to braces after they get tightened. Absolute torture. Can’t eat, can’t relax, can’t stop moaning.

                                                                  Rini Chakraborty

                                                                    Is age a criteria for this? I am 31. I have a semi bunny tooth ( don’t know if that makes sense 😋) but they look horrible when I smile. I visited a dentist many years ago, while I was still in highschool and he said its too late to get braces ☹️. So don’t know if that’s the case with invisalign too.

                                                                    Jocelyn Sloan

                                                                      To all the kids out there:

                                                                      When your parents pay for your braces—WEAR. YOUR RETAINERS!!!

                                                                      Because you could go on vacation with the amount of money you’ll spend on Invisalign as an adult trying to fix your teeth again.

                                                                      Jennifer Garcia

                                                                        I just love u

                                                                        Mia Segovia-Polanski

                                                                          I’m going to Hawaii next week!! I’m so excited!!

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