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      The Truth... Lady Gaga Makeup Review

      HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I’m testing out Lady Gaga’s new makeup line, Haus Laboratories! This Amazon exclusive release has …


        Hey Jeffree! Can you please do a full face of Pixi by Petra? I’ve been wanting to buy some of their products and would love if you gave your opinion about it. It’s a clean makeup brand! ❤️

        Ajungla Sempo

          Jeffree!!!! Your lips look hella juicy and lit!

          Kelley Woolridge

            I hope you went to see Nate’s grandma like that. ❤️

            Unushka Shrestha

              Jack’s always actually like it

              Greecia Hailey

                More about La Mer plz .. u the best bitch I watch every single video of makeup tutorials 😘😘

                Matthew X


                  Natalie Mayez

                    Very informative you never fail me

                    andrew nacua


                      Karissa Aguila

                        OMG GIRL Love Your previous video. Jeff Dolah was awesome. Love love loved it. Watching your videos make my day and I always end up bungee watch you. Love ya Jeffre. Muah!!!

                        Abby Jenkins

                          That green eyeshadow looks really nice with Jeffrees brown eyes! 😮

                          Danjerick Pantilgan

                            I LOVE YOU!

                            Leila Wolfert

                              Wow great review and thank you! I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised, she’s a rockstar and why shouldn’t she create something fabulous? Agree about why and when, maybe she’s a beauty enthusiast like the rest of us?

                              Tony Tapia

                                So I stan and love all your videos but 12 minutes in I lost interest. This makeup line was trending for a couple weeks and now no one is really interested. Extremely disappointing she took this long to realize the line.

                                Carlo Martinez-Azares

                                  Ugh wish I wasnt broke

                                  Erika Whitfield

                                    How come when I'm looking for an ad on YouTube I can never get one? I'm literally clicking every video and skipping to the yellows sections…bruh

                                    kim Namjoon

                                      You should try doing a video in your masculine voice

                                      Евгений Тритон

                                        Ты же мужик а не баба. Куда мир катится.

                                        Karlina Jewell

                                          You may hear a lot of dogs screaming

                                          A Ghost.

                                            Jefree looking more and more like buffalo bill.

                                            naomie adair

                                              Am I the only one that was reminded of Kris Jenner, when I looked at his face when Jeffree transformed into a Dolan twin??😂

                                              Lindsay Paris

                                                every one who loves Jeffree like this

                                                Kimberly Panay

                                                  ❤ the mirror 😶

                                                  shae roundy

                                                    I think lady Gaga should do now some metallic lips, matte liquid lips, some foundation, eyeshadow palette

                                                    Erin Enright

                                                      Dude I felt that disclaimer about screaming dogs in my soul. I have to do that every time someone comes to my house.

                                                      Princess Magpatoc

                                                        Jeffree is the only one who I can stand to have a long intro very entertaining

                                                        Alan Nosh

                                                          Why does youtube always trend this guy?(yes, he is a guy) This is a shame, youtube showing kids its ok to be like this mentally ill person.

                                                          Princess Magpatoc

                                                            Jeffree is the only one who I can stand to have a long intro very entertaining


                                                              Tbh I think her chronic pain (possible fibromyalgia) is probably keeping her from performing the way she wants to. This is something else she has an interest in and has a platform to jump into. I personally think it's a perfect fit. She has always been at least a little avant garde and an affordable brand that enables that is a niche she can fill.

                                                              Amie Swisher

                                                                Now who is this man again? Never heard or seen him before

                                                                TIffanyrose Angeles

                                                                  Love the robe it's so….sexxxxyyyy

                                                                  Danielle Boyer

                                                                    Come to petoskey

                                                                    Grace -In A Nutshell

                                                                      I love it!!! It looks great and I love the lace.

                                                                      Cesar Silva

                                                                        I really had to think what month we were in i thought we were in February

                                                                        TIffanyrose Angeles

                                                                          Lips just done Jeffree???

                                                                          Kiley Brantley

                                                                            As much as makeup how does Jeffree STILL HAVE CLEAR SKIN!?

                                                                            Daniela Licea

                                                                              Please try Victoria Beckhams makeup

                                                                              Kaleigh c:

                                                                                Idk I love Gaga but I was underwhelmed with the products. Wished it was just more over the top like her. It just reminds me of another mac product

                                                                                Heather Vogt

                                                                                  cant wait to meet nate and jeffree's baby! how did you hide the pregnancy for 9 months???

                                                                                  Bree Maze


                                                                                    Katerina Goncharouk

                                                                                      I feel like nobody cared about Jennifer Lopez’s make up line with Inglot because Inglot isn’t such a relevant brand right now…if she collaborated with a bigger brand it might have been a bigger success.

                                                                                      Ten Ring

                                                                                        Sick inbred asshole baby

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