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      The Truth Of How Disney Changed Cameron Boyce's Life

      How Disney Changed Cameron Boyce’s Life, and Cameron Boyce’s Impact On His Disney Co-Stars and The Rest of The World. Subscribe to our channel: …


        This legacy will live on


          One like=one prayer for this disney legend 😔😥🤗

          Elizabeth Thompso

            Dove already has anxiety and she's lost her father and a friend, now she's lost another dear friend.
            You can easily tell that he touched many people's lives, he is a hero. He was taken to soon. Maybe we didn't deserve him…😭😭😭 may Cameron Boyce Rest in Peace…

            Aislynn Thomas

              Love you forever

              Aislynn Thomas

                💓💓💓💓💓💓💔💓💓💓💓 💖💖💖

                Aislynn Thomas

                  Miss you forever love you Cameron you left to soon


                    i never be a fan of Cameron honestly.. i remember watching him on Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2 and i was like hey this kid is so adorable and handsome. i remember thinking he gonna be huge and famous 1 day. and then when i know about his death, i was extremely shock and began to stalking him. he was so talented and kind and he was too young. it's already a week he passed away and i always keep thinking about him.. i know it's already too late but i adore him. eventhough we dont share the same religion and beliefs, i do hope he found his peace. everywhere i read, everyone said he's too kind, too loving to everyone. this is unfair. Cameron Boyce, you will be remembered and your legacy will continue.

                    luis hernandez

                      Camerom was the best disney Character ever

                      Dab Weber

                        Disney didn’t change Cameron’s life Cameron changed Disney’s life.

                        Carlee’s vlogs

                          *Crys 😥😭😭😭😭😭

                          Jk2424 /TheKiller2424

                            A childhood just got taking away from me 😭😭😢😢😔😔💔💔💔💔

                            Shaina Cilimberg

                              Too good for this world 🙁

                              Shaina Cilimberg

                                Justin Bieber could learn from him. Justin is trying to live right but finds it hard from what I've read.

                                curtis lawson

                                  That guy had a tun of fag hags

                                  Lilly Leuer

                                    when I think about it, I always ask the same questions, is this for real, who took him away from us ( aka a ceasure.) And how, I'm so confused, and I'm heartbroken, I'm literally crying, I feel like all of my childhood memory's are gone, he really effected my life, in a good way. I'm going to say a speech in honor of him:

                                    a Disney star, Cameron boyce, a fellow actor. An amazing person. A person we will never forget, has died. He effected all of us. Nothing will be the same, we pray for him that he will live the best after life he could possibly ever have. And that everything will go for the best up there. One like = one 🙏 let's see how many prayers he can get, don't like it for me, do it for cameron, and know that he will always… 😭…. Always be in our hearts ❤💕 never forget that, any of you. Comment on this, this ——-} ❤ or ❤ or 🙏 or all of them.

                                    That was my speech, hope u enjoyed, and remember everything I said. We love you Cameron!!!!!! U will forever be in our hearts. Rip.❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕❤❤❤❤❤


                                      i miss him so much……..hes in a better place now.

                                      Amaya’s World

                                        WE LOVE U EARTH ANGEL 👼

                                        Queen BEE

                                          It’s very scary to lose something so precious in just a night🤭😥 RIP CAMERON BOYCE

                                          Paktoy Pineda

                                            Ads on this video? Seriously?

                                            Priscilla S


                                              mrs. Banana

                                                Cameron was one of those people that loved living and always stayed positive he didnt reserve to die with al the good things he ever did. R.I.P Cameron you can rest now❤️

                                                M D

                                                  So sad

                                                  DL aka Doreen Lums

                                                    You guys do you know that most people realized Cameron on descendants

                                                    Summer Blussom

                                                      We all love you Cameron Boyce you were the sunshine of my day 🌞

                                                      Isaac William Mensah

                                                        Whoever disliked dis vid is a fool… I MISS HIM SO MUCH😘😘

                                                        amanda meisenzahl

                                                          we love you cameron

                                                          Pauline Belle Montero

                                                            Rip camron boyce

                                                            Pauline Belle Montero

                                                              Rip camron bouce thank you for making me happy all the time thank you

                                                              Suzanne Obam

                                                                no car crash, its a seizure

                                                                Gabriel Alvarez

                                                                  Cameron is a legend rip Cameron Boyce

                                                                  Ems Jones

                                                                    He is a great dancer and funny R.I.P


                                                                      That thumb nail though 😂

                                                                      Gwhshfhxnw Djdjwjjnfbrjwjsj

                                                                        Cameron rest in piss 😭 I’m so sad for u . Some pics off my heart is gone . All…will…remember….. that….u live good end music 🎼 life all love ❤️ to you

                                                                        R.I.P Cameron Boyce. 1-20 dide at 20 years old if u see diss say amen 🙏🏻

                                                                        Awesome Zauce


                                                                          Julian Hunter

                                                                            I'm so sorry Cameron I help you in a better place you are a very good star hope you are doing good well you are Elvis families and Friends the best of luck for this tried to cheat and I hope you will all get better one day I'm sorry for your loss I hope you have a better future I rest in peace Cameron your great person and I hope you are doing better and can I help you doing better wherever you are right now

                                                                            The Odd One Out

                                                                              Those dislikes are mean people

                                                                              Maya Widerburg

                                                                                How only 20 seriously I'm hurt

                                                                                Noah Moulton

                                                                                  take a nuke and nuke your heart time a zillion and thats how his friends best friends good friends childhood friends and family and some people and thats how they would feel

                                                                                  Ronnie Natasha Renee

                                                                                    I had to tell my 6 year old, he cried he loved Cameron as an actor. Such a tragedy RIP you will never be forgotten.

                                                                                    Sarahdana Tarchahani

                                                                                      His spirit will live on


                                                                                        Omg…I was about to start crying

                                                                                        Savannah Phillips

                                                                                          Rest in peace beautiful soul, may peace find you where ever you may be. 💜❤

                                                                                          Iman Wooden

                                                                                            Him and Michael have SO MUCH in common

                                                                                            Iman Wooden

                                                                                              Wow. He LITERALLY said that D3 was his last Disney project.😭🥺

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