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      THE TRUTH.. Testing TATI BEAUTY & JACLYN COSMETICS! | NikkieTutorials

      Today I’m FINALLY sitting down to try Tati Westbrook’s TATI BEAUTY eyeshadow palette AND Jaclyn Cosmetics highlighters! Of course, there was controversy …

      Ebba Westerberg

        Where is the winter wonder week😭😭

        Z G

          Nikkie… I’ve seen you use metallic with wet brushes, fingers, etc… why are you not giving this metallic the same opportunities you have other palettes? I have this palette and get the best looks I’ve ever had in my life using the techniques Tati explained in her video

          Aulia Azzahra

            Is it just me that I feel like she kinda forced herself to say something nice about the morphe products? Also she kinda holding back on previewing the Tati palette.

            Angie Hale

              Girrrrrllll, you can pull off any look, even if it's not what you started out to do!! I just love your videos. I especially love the ones you do like this one. I would have never put it together like that…I would have looked like a circus clown!😂 🎪 🎭
              I can't wait to see what you have in store for your next video!!


                I heard young living is a cult

                Sadia Afaf

                  Your handboeien earring looks amazing

                  Rosalie EJ Tuinman

                    Wil je een video doen: do my makeup only with essence makeup


                      Why do you always use foundation SO much lighter than you…?

                      Lara Croft

                        I work hard to have good skin so I don't have to cake on foundation, nothing attractive about 1 inch of foundation. and if you had watched TATI, she shows you how to apply her colours for the full impact, finger finger finger.

                        Melanie gorniak

                          You are so gorgeous it kills me every time.

                          Cindy R

                            I dont think you were entirely honest Nikkie.

                            Melanie gorniak

                              I’m so trying that blush trick I have no cheekbones at all , hopefully I can make it work.

                              lil plant

                                Subscribe to lil plant

                                Melanie gorniak

                                  The Morphe foundation is way way to matte I look like a dead zombie brought back to life and no moisture not a drop , then slap foundation on me. It looks absolutely horrendous on not just me but everybody I personally know that bought this , I honestly don’t know how anyone can ware it.

                                  Fiona Banyai

                                    Soz!!!! Dont like anything about this look. But the goths may love it

                                    Lala Lumu

                                      Nikkie: literally raving about Tatis palette and saying how good it is
                                      Everyone in the comments: OMG SHE SAID THE METALLICS DO NOT APPLY THE BEST WITH A BRUSH HOW DARE U

                                      Missy Marie

                                        That first jaclyn hill “highlighter” you used was a finishing powder and is to be used at the very end to buff in and blend all the products together watch Michele Wang here on youtube and how she uses it! She uses a dense brush and buffs over her cheek area and it looks stunning, well she doesnt use the jaclyn one but still


                                          To all lazy cows who cover themselves with paint: Make up don't cover your laziness!Go to the gym ffs.

                                          Stephanie Solis

                                            Hmm… is someone holding Nikki hostage and making her act differently??? 🧐
                                            I got weird vibes while watching… video didn’t feel as genuine as they normally do… 😕

                                            Amina Shah

                                              13:03 when she applied a thick brown shadow to the lower lid 😭 🦝🦝🦝

                                              jessica salgado

                                                I value your life!😆😂

                                                Natasha G

                                                  Looks beautiful xx

                                                  leo honeyy;;

                                                    nikkie, young living is a very predatory and dangerous mlm. Please don’t support them.

                                                    Melissa Neal

                                                      Did anyone else notice the dark concealer area in the middle of her face. It was driving me nuts with the severed color difference and not blended lines by the queen of blending…

                                                      Marie OConnor

                                                        Not feeling the look. Did not show Tati's palette in the best light. Too much makeup. Can't go out in public…imagine the stares you would get in the supermarket.

                                                        Sasuke Uchiha

                                                          PLEASE DO EXTREME FROST HIGHLIGHTER BY JEFFREE STAR <3 PLEASEEEE

                                                          Maulana M

                                                            What is that settings spray?

                                                            M L

                                                              My favorite look from you!!! I wish I knew how to blend black 🙁

                                                              Christopher Rodriguez

                                                                Cat fish … on special weekend 12-5
                                                                Your #14

                                                                Eva Carrasco Cano

                                                                  How is it that you're the beauty youtuber giving a review but I know how to use the product better that you? Maybe the next time you're doing a review, if there's a video about the product made by the creator, you shoud watch it (you and every youtuber who wants to make a good review). Anyway, the eyelook was really beautiful Nikki 💜


                                                                    Kinda feel like it defeats the purpose of a BLINDING highlight to dull it down to almost nothing. Might as well use a cheaper, duller highlight. (As in, why should I get a blinding Jaclyn Hill highlighter if the only way you as a makeup artist can make it work is to blend it almost all the way out?)

                                                                    x Lana x

                                                                      Nikki! You should review Jeffree Star Extreme frost!! Love you!

                                                                      Hakman Tim

                                                                        No one:
                                                                        Idiots: TaTi
                                                                        James Charles: hEy SiStErS
                                                                        Also idiots: gay
                                                                        Other idiots: actually watch this content

                                                                        Livuurpread Baloney

                                                                          I hope you also got sent or have the Amor Eterno Collection by Melt because I wanna see a look from you <3

                                                                          Rebecca Stuck

                                                                            “That’s sending signals to the moon!”

                                                                            Rebecca Stuck

                                                                              “Entire region up here, called ten head valley” NIKKIE🤣😭


                                                                                She left off the faseli (sp?) blur thing on her product list. Help?


                                                                                  The more makeup on that face, the better.

                                                                                  xXxBuRnEd_ GeNiUsxXx

                                                                                    Tati 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

                                                                                    Grace Matilda

                                                                                      PLEASE LIST EACH BRUSH


                                                                                        Why does this seem so critical… It’s like she already knew she wasn’t going to like it. She didn’t plan either? Yeah.. Nikkie… why?

                                                                                        Liz McGrew

                                                                                          As soon as she mentioned young living I cringed so hard. Like girl what is you doing? Nooooooo. There are so many other amazing brands that don’t support mlm pyramid crap that prey on people.

                                                                                          Annie Merciar

                                                                                            Just a heads up, idk why your eyebrows look kinda sparse at the ends and I’m not sure if you know, but that is actually one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism. I mean, you can look into it 🙂 just a friendly info, if it might help

                                                                                            Kinga B. Buksa

                                                                                              Beautiful eye make up!👌🏻🙂💞

                                                                                              Krystal Janice

                                                                                                I'm subbed to nikki, I love her personality, and I think she is gorgeous. but I don't like how she does her foundation full coverage, everywhere. and how she does eye shadow sometimes

                                                                                                Cheyenne Desjarlais

                                                                                                  Sending signals to the moon 😂😂

                                                                                                  Jessica Munoz

                                                                                                    Queen 🔥😍😭

                                                                                                    MAKEUP Holics

                                                                                                      So beautifully lovely

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