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      THERE'S A GHOST IN MY HOUSE! *not clickbait*

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a story time all about the ghost, Mari su, who lives in my house! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! What I’m …


        Hey guys!!! To clear something up really quick….
        Mari Su is just the nick name I gave her lmao. It means absolutely nothing!!!!
        Also I know there are SEVERAL earth signs that BELIEVE lol. I’m just messing around!! You know I always like to bring astrology into everything hahahahaha

        Reckless Q

          Kathleen: I’m an Aquarius with a Scorpio moon
          Me: I’m a cancer who loves hot Cheetos 🤷🏽‍♀️

          Angela Montoya

            Dust! That's not dust! That's Mari Su!

            Naidelyn Rodriguez

              I've never laughed so much and been so scared at same time !! seriously keep us updated!!!

              Hafsah Jilani

                And now I can’t sleep 😩

                Malina Santiago

                  Okay so I would have just said it was a fly to close to your camera and it caught some sort of light but your dog legit watches it fly into your room so wtf. I'm a believer but I was trying to ease your mind but you can't hide the facts guurrl. It's to late for this sh***t

                  Misky Younan

                    Omg you guys have 👻👻👻👻👻in your house 😱😱😱

                    Gabriela Fox

                      I’ve heard that spirits can attach themselves to people and start to mirror them so they basically copy everything you do. Maybe why it sounds like you?


                        PLEASE DO A PART TWO!

                        Veronica Moncada

                          Dust has a snow flurry type movement, with no sense of direction. It didn't look like vapor or smoke. It had a definite shape and a solid path of movement. If it were an insect, you would see the wings, which there was no visible evidence of that. So, for me, a manifestation of some sort of entity.

                          Amber Davis

                            Messages Zac Bagens

                            Lynn Adams

                              Porter literally watches the orb float across and disappear so I 100% think it’s a ghost.


                                that is DEFINITELY an orb.
                                the way it moves, it’s shape, that’s not dust, not a bug, when you slow motioned it you can see it clear as day or maybe I can because I’m used to seeing what they look like.

                                orbs are spirits right before they take human form, so that’s crazy!! keep us updated.


                                  That is an orb, its a ghost an yeah im capricorn

                                  Courtney Aaenson

                                    Ghost but maybe she just wants to be your friend 🤷🏻‍♀️

                                    Kristara Septa Araya

                                      Mari Su is after the lights 🤔🤔🤔

                                      Griselda Tovar


                                        Sandy Mendoza

                                          Totally believe you. My neighbors house also has ghost spirits what ever you want to call it. Every person that moves in says the same thing, they see the same ghost its crazy. You look gorgeous by the way 💜💜💜

                                          Heather Johnson

                                            The dog was watching the orb in the video

                                            Nadene Salazar

                                              Omg you scared me!!!

                                              melinda Ulrich

                                                I think you have a spirit in your house girl. Maybe have your house blessed and find a psychic medium to come to your house♥️

                                                Juana Garcia

                                                  That's a orb a ghost orb your not crazy and its not dust .


                                                    Kathleen pours her heart out about Mari Su and all I’ve been thinking is: Kathleen you went out to get food but you don’t drive🧐

                                                    moon child

                                                      Hire one of those paranormal investigators if there actually is any to investigate this more

                                                      Carol Chimirri

                                                        Bring a medium!


                                                          As soon as that other QA came out, I was like, oh this is not going to be the last time we hear of this… GOOSEBUMPS

                                                          Stephanie Legg

                                                            The dog goes that way in where it starts disappearing!!! Like he was looking at it!

                                                            Jenna Frazier

                                                              Ummm…your answer isn’t how the orb is moving, just WATCH YOUR DOG, as it’s moving….that’s your answer.

                                                              Also, WE NEED AN UPDATE!!!

                                                              cortney wessling

                                                                Porter is looking at it too! Omg

                                                                Munira Jamali

                                                                  Definitely a ghost! My old house was haunted similar experiences

                                                                  Janett Pena

                                                                    Way too fast to be dust

                                                                    Juliana Gmelch

                                                                      I’m a Capricorn and I believe in ghosts so 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

                                                                      Jacki Kurtzmann

                                                                        How are you not afraid?? I’m freaking out and I’m in another state 😂

                                                                        Kirsten Nicole Hall

                                                                          Danny facetiming a side chick


                                                                            i'm scared

                                                                            Caitlin Murphy

                                                                              porter looks like his head turns perfectly to follow the orb which in my mind means it's not just dust, he saw it too irl off camera….

                                                                              Caitlyn Shea

                                                                                Hey! I totally think it is a spirit! I’m an Aquarius too and I’m a BIG believer. In my house, we’ve heard things and smelled things. I think it’s a peaceful spirit. 💛

                                                                                Andrea Martineau

                                                                                  It's spooky how Porter seems to watch it as it moves too!

                                                                                  Becca mae porter

                                                                                    That's what that is. That's an orb sis! Pretty cool! Maybe get someone to come into your home that specializes in stuff like that.

                                                                                    Leah And 26 Letters

                                                                                      I live in a different house now but my last house I lived in for ten years and one time, I promise you, I heard someone running down our stairs. I was the only one home but both my dogs ran to the stairs and started barking up the stairs at the noise. I never felt comfortable by those stairs in all the time we lived there. The only other weird thing that happened while we were there was that we had an old microwave that would beep for no reason because it was old so we would have to unplug it. So one night it was beeping nonstop (I was home alone) so I went in the kitchen to unplug it just to find out it was already unplugged….our new house we have been in for several months and I have never one time felt uncomfortable or like there was another entity. THANK GOODNESS!
                                                                                      I hope your ghost girl stays kosher with you. I don’t know what to make of the orb video but it creeps me out that Porter started to go in the room at it. ♥️🥺 (We named our ghost Beufforita.)

                                                                                      Billee Charmaine

                                                                                        You should research the land your house was built on!

                                                                                        lupita soy yo

                                                                                          Girl. Look at the way your dog looks at it too. Yo te creo.

                                                                                          Isabel Reyes

                                                                                            Once a friend of us told us that you can put a glass of water in any part of the house (kitchen, hallway, stairs) and pray for a minute and this helps whatever it is to rest in peace 😊✨

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