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      There's Something Strange Happening With Dua Lipa

      Dua Lipa Is Not Afraid To Stand Up For What She Believes In. Subscribe to our channel: Dua Lipa is one of the biggest breakout music …

      A R T Sh.

        I just know that she will keep slaying and making us proud ❤️ 🇽🇰

        Aesthetic • Llama

          the year isn’t really 2019 if you think about it, since it’s 2019 AD but what about BC?

          vichu the gr8

            There's something strange with this channel. 🤐

            Arshian Mallick

              There's something strange happening with The Talko .

              Nayops 18

                Dua’s stunning like always❗️♥️

                Neha Arun

                  There is something strange going on with The Talko😑

                  Nika P

                    Tbh I want to see her in Philippines

                    JESSICA WELLS

                      Congratulations you figured out that celebrities are just like us but are more noticed. Im honestly tired of reporters say things like ”their just like us." duh they're human.

                      Premier Varitier

                        awsome girl

                        yuh yuhyuh

                          She looks like James Charles in the thumbnail 😂

                          xo sydney

                            Gurl I got new rules I got em💍❤💛💜💚💙💟

                            Sarah gomes

                              Shes so pretty she should have been captain marvel

                              Chairman Meow

                                Do a lip a, what a stupid name


                                  Theres something strange happening with alot of people according to you.

                                  knowlight knowright

                                    Lipa is a man.


                                      Kendall Jenner vibes anyone…. 💓

                                      Bandar Alenazi

                                        Finally something not karjenner related

                                        Jorge Rivera


                                          misty pink shadow

                                            this is a fucking queen 👑 and I thank her for everything and she’s my lord angel 😇

                                            Zaina Andrade

                                              She does not smile in the video clip she is so seriouse

                                              Ami Bangtan Sonyeondan

                                                She is one of the most talented singer in the spotlight right now💜

                                                Marcella Anih

                                                  She did break her rules

                                                  Love Is A dream

                                                    Even if you don't win a Grammy you just have be so thankful and honored to be nominated. I was nominated for prom queen and I was honored for that but I was so honored enough to keep that mind when you go across that stage

                                                    Angelica Taylor

                                                      The only strange thing about her is her dance moves LOL


                                                        Rose's are red violets are blue I've been clickbated and so have you 😩😒

                                                        shahmeer zahid RooMii

                                                          Who love this channel

                                                          épico ep

                                                            This is a example of real women everyone needs rules

                                                            Enzo Neves

                                                              Her deal with devil expire

                                                              Weight Loss Dietitian

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                                                                MINA Nina

                                                                  My Instagram people :@amel93945 😁 ( just great check it out please ! )

                                                                  Enzo Neves


                                                                    Angjela Baqli

                                                                      So proud 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

                                                                      Camila cabello

                                                                        She won she should not. Camila is way better that her. Not a hater but Camila is better performance and sing better.

                                                                        bella boom boom

                                                                          I love her classy looks. Anyway, I don’t think anything bad is happening to her; she is probably getting tired of hollywood’s fakeness and it’s parasitic ppl.

                                                                          Hack Buster

                                                                            This is how much money you need right now!


                                                                            Guys! People say im very underrated. What do u think?

                                                                            Adonis Makshana

                                                                              Albanian parents? they are from kosovo

                                                                              linda stonier

                                                                                Literally feminism has no purpose anymore but I love dua lipa so whatever

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