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    Freddy My Love
      Things I've Bought on AMAZON Recently! ~ Freddy My Love

      Here is my fabulous Amazon lockdown haul! THIS VIDEO CONTAINS A PAID PARTNERSHIP WITH BURTS BEES. Clothes/products linked below! *affiliate …

      Zoe Kate

        My mum! She has been on her own since the lockdown! She’s done so much for me and would be a lovely treat! 💕

        Elliot Wright

          Hi Freddy such a big fan. My mum has been working throughout quarantine and I would love to surprise her with the gift of the amazing care package. Stay amazing xx

          Marie J

            My chosen person is my cousin who is a nurse with a hospice service and she is always doing for others and has the kindest heart of anyone I know. When any one needs her she is always there at a moments notice and she was there for me when I was in a dire health situation and helped me get better.

            Jess Haywood

              Omg I screamed of laughter when she said we live In this world where we have options, thank you Freddie I’m gonna use that one 😂😂❤️❤️


                i dont know if they're available in the uk but you should check out c/meo collective

                Catarina sousa mendes

                  It would be amazing to win this for my best friend whose been struggling with some mental health issues! She has been really down lately, like a lot of us have for sure. She is amazing though, the funniest girl, so so pretty! It would be great to get her feeling like herself again! Get some confidence and peace back to her!
                  Thanks Freddy!!

                  Alicja Lubinska

                    My chosen person is my mum 🥰 She is a health care support worker and has been working very hard her whole life. She has recently broken her arm so hasn’t been able to carry out her job and help other people, which she loves to do! I think she would love this care package as it would definitely lift her spirits ❤️

                    Ayaisha Gibbs

                      Does a weighted blanket actually work?


                        I would deserve the package as I'm a retail worker and Bert's Bees would be amazing to try also it would make my day and make me feel better as I haven't seen my child for over a month ❤

                        Lex G

                          I would love to win this package for my best friend! She lives alone in her college apartment and her nana has been hospitalized with Covid-19 🙁 I think this would be an amazing pick me up for her, just to let her know that I am thinking of her <3 love you Freddy

                          Nahida Rahman

                            Freddy I love youuuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


                              Please do let us know how you get on with the heavy blanket Freddy xx

                              Klf Louise

                                I would like my mum to get the care package because she is very selfless and I love her so much and I know She works so hard so I would love to give her the care package so she could have a lovely pamper night that she deserves because she does so much for me and my family and she works hard to feed us keep us alive and to make us happy my mum can put a smile on everyone’s face I love her sooooo much 🥰🥰🥰

                                Fede 99

                                  Please read 🙏🏻
                                  My chosen person is my mum. She is a doctor and a front-line worker for the Italian Healthcare System (the correspondent of NHS). We live in Milan where the virus started spreading in late January and since then she's been doing double/triple shifts. She was so worried every time she came home that she could infect our family that she decided to rent a room in a flat near the hospital and live there until the situation gets better. At the beginning she was really hopeful and full of energy, but then many of her colleagues got the virus and passed away. She has already lost 16 of her fellow doctors and nurses and she’s got really depressed and miserable. We do videocalls everyday and I’m trying to cheer her up as much as I can. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I thought to get her delivered flowers and a meal from her favourite restaurant. I haven’t hugged her in months, but I hope we can be reunited really soon. I love you mum ❤️

                                  Sarah Hope

                                    The person I would like to choose for the care package is my mum. She is a single mum with two children and she is my idol. I would love to do something special for her especially during these times where she isn't working. I have been trying my best to make her feel happy. She is one of the most brave, kind and beautiful women in the entire world and it would be amazing if I could test her to this care package. 💞💕❤️

                                    Nicole Bly

                                      I would love if my brother and his wife received this, he is a police officer and has been working insane shifts, but also he's wife is a technician making medicine. 🙂

                                      Abbe Crowley

                                        There’s this beautiful thing called options Omg I died 😂🤣

                                        Krystle Jannell

                                          There can never be enough pink. If you don’t like pink then you shouldn’t watch this video . 💞

                                          Sonhos de uma Rosa / Dreams of a Rose

                                            I would like to win that package because I need some of those products and they are of good quality. Thank you, Carla.

                                            Emily Raskett

                                              been derma planing for years – im obsessed

                                              Sarah JR

                                                My sister, two little cherubs & always on the go.

                                                Sadia Arefin

                                                  my momma of course, cause works so much that she barely gets enough time to sit tbh and never complains. I just really want her to have some ME time. She deserves it ❤️

                                                  instagram: thisisarshi

                                                  claudia smith

                                                    I would love to win this for my mum she’s my role model and is always busy looking after my little sister, she’s struggling with depression and is on medication so she would love this to have a little pamper session 💓⭐️

                                                    Ava Brooker

                                                      My chosen person is my mum , she has always put other people before herself and is always telling me to put others first so now i thought she deserves something like this and has always wanted something that is as good as this !

                                                      Kelley Klein

                                                        I love essential oils but be cautious- some are toxic for cats. Sending love!

                                                        Emma De Arcaute

                                                          My chosen person is my sister! She is the bighest candle/skin care lover I know. This box would be the perfect surprise gift – she’s currently having a hard time in class, despite it being online. I know this would definitely cheer her up! 💛

                                                          Carols Ann Stratton

                                                            Hi Freddy, I would like to nominate my friend Nadine. She is a single mum to her 11 year old son Jack. Her work involves taking care of the elderly. She is the kindest, sweetest person and has been great support to me over the years. She doesnt have anything luxurious as all her money is spent bringing up her son and paying bills. She really deserves a treat as she always puts others before herself💐

                                                            Chocolate Perfume

                                                              Girl I LIVE for ur wise words at the beginning of each video!🙌

                                                              Kay Lang

                                                                My best friend's daughter is a surgeon and seeing many covid patients.  I'd love to send her the Burt's Bees package, as I know she has little time for herself and she's not even 30 yet.  Cute video, Freddy!  Lots of great ideas!  : )  KL

                                                                Emily Raskett

                                                                  Where is your necklace from?

                                                                  Emily Sutcliffe

                                                                    My chosen person is my nan because she has had to self isolate on her own. She struggles daily with really bad skin and is allergic to so many artificial ingredients.

                                                                    Tasha W

                                                                      Castor oil works so well to grow your eyelashes and eyebrows!

                                                                      Keri Davies

                                                                        My chosen person is my mum. Shes my rock I'd love to be able to treat her.

                                                                        Carla Turner

                                                                          My cousin Jo in New Jersey, she’s working while we are at home and I know her hands need this!

                                                                          Anna Thompson

                                                                            Hi, Freddy! I'm with you on spiders! No thanks. 🙅🏼‍♀️ So, I will have to try out the spider vacuum! Also, be careful DIY-ing dermaplaning! A lot of estheticians warn against doing it by yourself at home because it can be ineffective when not used with the proper tools, and you can damage your skin if you don't know the proper technique. Perhaps waiting to have it done by a professional would be a good idea! 💘

                                                                            Bethany Gibbons

                                                                              Weighted blankets are particularly popular in special needs schools; they're amazing for alleviating anxieties and supporting people with sensory needs. I never thought to buy one myself but that does look super cosy. As for the spider phobia, I used to have one too (nightmares, couldn't be in the same room etc.) but then I moved to Australia and developed a sort of admiration for them and thought it was amusing that the smaller spiders were the ones to avoid but the bigger ones were pretty much harmless in the area I lived. I watched loads of videos of them on YouTube which I think helped me acclimatise to seeing them in person but also found when I was around children that I worked with, I didn't want to inflict them with the same fear, so I acted calm when I wasn't (fake it 'til you make it!) When I moved back to the UK, I started handling house spiders myself when removing them from my room etc. and now I love them! The peacock jumper spider is my favourite because it does this really cool mating dance (and its tiny).

                                                                              P.S. My chosen person is my friend who is a nurse and has been working with patients affected by coronavirus. She's been working tirelessly but also has had to deal with some ignorant comments from her neighbours who have basically told her she should find alternative accommodation because she's putting them at risk (when she follows social distancing procedures religiously). I think she deserves a pick me up

                                                                              Larkyn Janine

                                                                                My chosen person is my grandma. She lives alone and because of what is happening right now we aren’t able to spend time with her like we normally do. I think that receiving this care package would really brighten her day and let her know we care about her.

                                                                                waylon bulcao

                                                                                  please please please do a night routine

                                                                                  Elliemay Extra

                                                                                    My chosen person is my mum, she’s a social worker for the nhs who’s having to deal with working full time with a full house around her. I feel like sometimes social workers are the unsung hero’s of the nhs, of course their actions might not seem as important as the nurses and doctors working on the front line and dealing with the most vulnerable patients but they’re still providing an essential service to the uk. My mum has also been working around the clock even more than usual due to the nature of her job and I feel like she very much needs a sign that she should maybe take a break for herself instead of letting work or my family stress her out.

                                                                                    Melody Jackson

                                                                                      My chosen person is my mum. She is a doctor and she works for 12 hours a day almost all days of the week giving herself to others, helping and working non stop with the actual situation. On top of that, she takes care of our family cooking, shopping, cleaning and still studying to be a better doctor since now she has to work in specializations she's never worked on in a long time. She's the most caring, sacrificed and loving human I know, and as much as I'd love that she spent more time with me, she does everything to give us a better life. I try to support her and help her in everything I can but it really makes me sad to see her arrive home so tired and never be able to rest or take time for herself. I think she's so strong and kind, she deserves every good! This is why this present would be perfect for her, and she would enjoy it like no one would! (:

                                                                                      Lulu Farah

                                                                                        Freddy: It’s not very good in general I think for your health to be a in an environment that’s very dry Me: Come to Australia we will teach you all about it!


                                                                                          real question tho – how big are the spiders in england and do they actually come in your house? i'm asking as an australian and well you know…australia


                                                                                            idk about weighted blankets, when i have two blankets on me (and i am sure they are not 5kg together!) before it gets cold enough for a quilt, i find it so uncomfortable and i find my legs always feel numb lol am i the only one???

                                                                                            Rabiya Tandel

                                                                                              My choosen person is my mum as she always 24/7 taking care of us and family and never has time for herself and I would love to give this to her to repay her whatever she has done for us hopefully I get this I have been wanting to do something for my mum love you freddy my fav youtuber in the world your such an inspiration I hope I can meet you one day I am from London too love you so much ❤️

                                                                                              Ella Filskow

                                                                                                My chosen person is my best friend. We've been friends since nursery and because of University and now lockdown we haven't seen each other in months. She's struggled with lockdown and deserves a little reminder of how much I love her and to look after herself ♥️

                                                                                                Andrea S

                                                                                                  My chosen person is my mom & sister! ( they can share it). They are amazing people who have helped financially support my dream to travel to paris and attend a culinary school and see one of the most beautiful city in the world. and now they are financially supporting me to complete my masters, there's not much I can give in return right now, but this would be amazing for them <3

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