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    Sarahs Day
      This is how I workout...Body Update/How I'm feeling // Project Comeback Series

      It’s time we get deep and personal about my project comeback journey. I’d be lying if I said it was easy and I had reached my goals. Instead, today I give you an …


        Kurt come through with the cinematography!!! Looks mad! Sarah you’re a legend omg! I hope to be like you when I have my first kid! You’re doing such a great job!

        Aneesa Karrim

          I wish someone would just give you a hug and tell you, you are doing a Great job. Its normal to be so so hungry during breastfeeding.

          Pink Scampi

            Stop with caffeine.

            Maria Luisa Puga

              The workout footage is insane! I even motivated myself to walk to the gym at 6 a.m. in an 8 °C weather 😂🤩

              Cass G

                Thank you for being so real and raw !!

                Jillian Lepore

                  omg sarah!! thank you for the awesome video. first off you look fab babe, you had a baby 16 weeks ago, that's amazing. your body took 40 weeks to do that take 40 weeks to get back to #fitlifestyle.
                  my journey was way different than yours- i was super shredded and lean, then had a pretty major back injury that caused loads of pain and I gained major amounts of weight and stopped sleeping. the struggle is real, but if i learned anything it is to be kind to yourself. don't force your body to do anything it can't or really doesn't want to do, it'll just make things worst. take care of yourself and your awesome bubba

                  Barbora Novotna

                    Oh the accent of your personal trainer!! 😀 takes time to get used to it 😀 the training was great! good job!

                    gabriele gbr

                      Love how you’re all in hoodies and cold at +18-20 lol that’s our summer in uk that’s sunbathing weather 😂🙈

                      Georgie Siposori

                        Apple watches overestimate the amount of calories burned I’ve found. I have the myzone monitor and if i set both they usually have the same heart rate values but different calorie numbers- Apple watch is higher.

                        Caroline Nors – Lifestyle Design

                          Love your project comeback series! But I definitely think that you should give yourself more time, and just enjoying being a mum as well 😍💕

                          Lily Kuch

                            Baby Fox is gorgeous! Love you guys so much xx

                            Sophie Cox

                              Fox is looking more and more like Kurt !! So cute! also, not a mum myself but give yourself time for your project comeback…you are smashing it!!

                              Charli Dixon

                                Your videos are so real and raw! It's amazing to see you push your limits! Go sezzy! 😘

                                sydney gowen

                                  who are the 124 people who disliked this, I just wanna talk

                                  katie leigh bradley

                                    Watch Carly Rowena's latest video on youtube and you will realise hey it's gonna happen, maybe not as quick as you wanted but it WILL happen and you will get your physique back the way you want it x

                                    Cece innervoice

                                      this video was soooo much fun to watch! 'This is so easy, too easy, come on'….20 min later 'I have acid in my ass' …this killed me lmao

                                      Hadeel Safaa


                                        Charli Dixon

                                          Love this! Always so happy to watch!💓

                                          Freddie And I

                                            Sarah, I know adjusting to motherhood is one of the toughest things in life and this is why no one is ever truly ready because we have all these ideas in our head that we will be able to balance. I think you’ve made the right choice by for now just concentrating on your fitness instead of your leanness. Fox needs his mama in these stages more than you need your leanness right now. You’re doing amazing and need to pat yourself on the back 💖

                                            Shannon Doren

                                              I am reading the book “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker and it says in there that it is dangerous to diet/try to lose weight when not getting adequate sleep and you will end up losing massive lean body muscle rather than fat.

                                              Amélie Tahiti FR

                                                Sarah, you will be back to whatever body leaness you want whenever that will be a priority in your life, i have no doubt.. sometimes life gets unbalanced a little and its not always a bad thing! you're doing amazing xo

                                                Brain Juice

                                                  yes, it's the hormones, the body fat percentage stays pretty high during breastfeeding, you can't fight it 🙂


                                                    As an 8month pregnant person @thehappyfitlife I really appreciate your honesty about project comeback. All of my friends have 0 babies and are not into fitness at all. I love road cycling and crossfit, but this last part of pregnancy has been making those goals (crossfit only as I'm not cycling anymore), challenging to do. BUT, even though you are tired you can still get the job done and workout. The happiness you had afterwards is what I miss, I love going hard in my WODS and tracking cals worked. Keep your chin up, especially when you're tired! I know it can be hard to have a good attitude when sleep deprived, but what you're doing makes me feel like I can do that once my baby is born. For a first time parent it fills me with lots of hope and inspiration that I can do my own project comeback and get really strong again. With obstacles like energy levels your trainer is right, quality over quantity will get you there. x

                                                    Aesthetic Gal

                                                      Awwww omg Fox is so cute like if u love fox!

                                                      Amy Grayce

                                                        21st on Trending!!

                                                        larissa muscat

                                                          Your a machine!!
                                                          And my god Fox is just so adorable x

                                                          ELA Everybody Loves Africa

                                                            Don’t worry too much about filming fitness content right now. WE WANT FOX AND FAMILY/HOME UPDATES 💕 Ela


                                                              Fox is so cute!!

                                                              Winter Altomonte

                                                                ouuu, mama does not look happy during that session XD Amazing work, sez. Ya still got it! 😉

                                                                Hanna Embry

                                                                  OH my god the epic workout scene! GET IT MA!

                                                                  Elizabeth Morgan

                                                                    that camera makes me dizzy

                                                                    Danielle Rippon

                                                                      Where is this amazing rust knit from? Xxx

                                                                      Cass Bates

                                                                        Can’t get over how cute he is 🤩🤩🤩🤩

                                                                        Alyssa Kelly

                                                                          That cafe…I can’t imagine getting to live in a place like that. Something I would only see on vacations

                                                                          Amanda Jane L

                                                                            my body didn’t start to get back to pre-body weight until I stopped breastfeeding because my body was storing fat to keep feeding my baby boy, every one said I would drop weight quickly while breastfeeding but that wasn’t the case for my body. Everyone is different ❤️


                                                                              Babbeeeee be careful. I got rhabdomyolysis and was hospitalized for 3 days one time from pushing myself way too hard in a session like this with a trainer. I was relatively out of shape and trying to push myself to get back to it.

                                                                              Only you know your body and your limits—just don’t forget that.

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