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    Wayne Goss

      I wanted to show this tutorial in 4K so you can really see what full coverage foundation looks like when applied heavily – and when you’re not 12! It’s interesting …

      Paula Dixon

        Thank you for doing this video. I find that two to three hours after application, most of my makeup has migrated into my wrinkles and pores, and I look old and haggard. I truly need a video on touch ups throughout the day/evening. Thanks again!😃

        Rosemary Beckhurst

          Not a full coverage kinda girl. Skin care over skin coverage any day lol 😂 The Ordinary saved my face.

          I. T.

            Thank you for your sense of humour. I sometimes watch your videos not so much for the make up, but just to make my day. It makes me feel better about myself. Just like a good make up should.


              I cannot stand the full coverage look, but as someone with oily skin it is so hard to find a light coverage, natural looking foundation that stays matte throughout a full day. Plus I’m super pale. I can only use like one foundation because of it 😭


                I love full coverage for photos

                Love Thebestgift

                  Absolutely Stunning Boy 😘💕

                  Leanda Stellato

                    I'm older than you and I occasionally like a full coverage. ..
                    Ok maybe medium just depends how I'm feeling and how hot the weather is 💛💛💛


                      I think that the full coverage trend is dying. People are realizing that your base doesn't have to be crazy thick to look "on point." an even toned, flawless application that still looks like YOUR skin is great too….

                      Edwina McManus

                        Love it, nice to see someone closer to my age doing make up tutorials, I'm 38 and usually make up tutorials are done by fetuses on YouTube and Instagram. I only recently purchased some Wayne Goss brushes, they are pricey but worth it, they're so good and incredibly soft, definitely recommend them. I only heard the name Goss before from Bros wonder if Wayne is related to Luke and Matt…


                          Thank you so much for doing this video, I've recently turned 45 and I'm really struggling because I no longer look 25. I keep trying and failing on ways to look as natural as possible while still still using makeup because I have too much redness in my face to go without. I can't wear 99% of products out there anymore because I've developed an allergy to coconut and vitamin E on my face. It's so frustrating!

                          Catherine Louise

                            Full coverage is gross.


                              Wish I didnt need full coverage but I have dark discoloration on half my face, similar to a port wine stain, just dark tho


                                That bronzing brush!❤️❤️❤️

                                Porche Berry

                                  I hate applying full coverage foundations because it ages me 10-15 years regardless of how good my skin is. Powder makes it even worse. Professional MUA's have done it with the same result, I don't even bother purchasing foundation now and just focus on taking care of my skin

                                  Fernanda Trapp

                                    I like when you do the natural, enhanced skin look. Full coverage is great for photos, events but in everyday life it may look like you are trying too hard, may age you and probably cause some skin congestion.

                                    Annell Taylor

                                      Eek! —-Thinking I need a better alternative now, Wayne. Not wanting to look like a mortician put on my makeup. 🤡
                                      Please link me up!!!

                                      Lekiliana Hanalei

                                        I personally like natural makeup but would never do full coverage for like an everyday look, maybe full coverage for a glamour shot

                                        Dalby Family

                                          He kinda reminds me of Tom Hiddleston weirdly.

                                          Purple Vladgirl

                                            I love the natural wink at the end! I believe everything he tells me due to that cheeky wink 😉

                                            Erikka Kartak

                                              I’m a nay for full coverage. 95% of the time I just do my eyes and brows. I’m not a fan of really makeuppy skin, even though my skin has become problematic in my adult years. I think covering acne and scars looks worse than wearing them. Not to mention it could make it worse or in my case the extra skin care steps aggravate it. To each their own though, I don’t mind it on other people at all. That’s just how I feel about it on me


                                                Firstly, thank you for doing a full coverage video🧡
                                                I only do a full face for an event, but the older I get, the more I prefer my skin to be able to breath under my foundation.
                                                Could you please try Koh Gen Doh foundation and foundations that are good for your skin? I have been Kbeauty and Jbeauty obsessed for the last 5 years and my skin has never looked better!


                                                  What every beauty guru looks like …. lol

                                                  Kim Roddy

                                                    Ya a full coverage routine really did start to no longer look like skin at about 18. Thank god I figured it out in my late 20s. Turns out that deep down I was saddened by the "need" to cover up my skin, my freckles and what is real. I am not full coverage bitch.


                                                      Finally someone who talks about this! Instagram and YouTube beauty influencers look good because they have studio lighting on them. The techniques may be useful but I would reduce the product amount by a hefty amount.

                                                      Melissa Kennedy

                                                        I subscribe to around 6 beauty experts but I honestly learn and retain the most from you. Love love love.

                                                        Nataly Leal

                                                          I hate full coverage makeup! You end up looking like a wax figure.

                                                          corrinne s

                                                            i’ve watched like 3 or 4 videos just now and i’m subscribing bc this is the content i signed up for

                                                            corrinne s

                                                              god i love you wayne

                                                              Sarah Allen

                                                                It depends on the day, and the situation as to whether or not I do full coverage.

                                                                Marlene Blackwell

                                                                  Thank you. I’m 52;so no full coverage for me.

                                                                  4NN13 H

                                                                    41-year-olds, unite! I say “nay” to full-coverage, as it makes me look like a crusty cave troll, but I say “yay” to it on Wayne Goss, who looks fabulous (as ever) on my screen 👍👍

                                                                    Ba bablacksheep

                                                                      I'm 56 I don't wear foundation any more

                                                                      Ba bablacksheep


                                                                        Annie Laurin


                                                                          Diana Gonzalez

                                                                            I prefer to go for more natural look too. More so now that my foundation can actually make my wrinkles look deeper than they really are 😄

                                                                            Annmarie Gianfrancesco

                                                                              Beautiful!!! As ALWAYS Thanks 4 All the tips!!! You are TRULY THE BEST WAYNE!!!

                                                                              Julie Bélanger

                                                                                is it me or are the highlighters really disapointing? for the price she's charging i would've expected more lol


                                                                                  I have melasma really bad all over my face. I wish you would show us how to cover and look "natural". I've never been able to get color correcting to work.

                                                                                  Saleika Wilson

                                                                                    Full coverage is not for me personally. If that’s what you like then go for it.
                                                                                    However as Wayne said. You will never look natural.

                                                                                    SweetPeach Bellini

                                                                                      Oh my Goss!!! This is how most of the beauty YouTubers do their make-up in their tutorials, even in the summer after they (allegedly) use self-tanner! All I can do during/after is LMAO 🤣🤣. At 59, I'd rather go with a clean almost bare face.


                                                                                        I’m 48. I gave up on foundation. I don’t like how it sits in my skin and I feel like it makes me look old.

                                                                                        John Robertson

                                                                                          Wayne, you're amazing! I'm a guy, yes a wear light bb cream and do some contouring. I've just started watching your videos and you have taught me so much. I don't want to look like I'm wearing anything, so watching your videos has shown me a lot. Anyway, keep up the great work you do! I truly enjoy watching you. I wish you were here in California!

                                                                                          Belle Lopez

                                                                                            You look like the young ingenue you perceive females should be. Nothing bad. As long as you don't show wrinkles by laughing, you became 20+ years younger. Interesting! Thank you for show & tell. Great heads up on freaky waterline color. 😁 😘😘

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