THIS is why I DONT use my Dyson Anymore!! | how I blow dry my hair

Main THIS is why I DONT use my Dyson Anymore!! | how I blow dry my hair

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      THIS is why I DONT use my Dyson Anymore!! | how I blow dry my hair

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) SO I RECENTLY BOUGHT THIS REVLON BRUSH THING & I just HAD to tell you guys about it!!! (no this is not sponsored lololol) I …


        Ok!!! We fixed the glitches! Phew! I hope you enjoy his video! Xoxo

        Arzoo Shaikh

          Thank God I'm not the only one who holds their hair in their mouth while doing it lolπŸ˜‚

          Destiny Dunlap

            dyson side looks better but its so much more expensive

            Jenna War

              I have the Amika brush, but it isn't round so you don't get those Dyson waves. It is priced in between them at $99 I think with products included in the set. It's probably more similar to the Revlon technology, but a cruelty free option.


                Kathleen can you please upload a tutorial on this makeup πŸ™πŸΌ

                Mollie Rollman

                  forever envious of your hair! it’s so beautiful


                    i love the dyson one … but it's very pricy…

                    Jennifer Elyse

                      Dyson won I think for style


                        Thanks for this video! I like the revlon side better.

                        Paola J Martinez

                          Hola Bella Kathleen! Te amo chica! Traes tanto gozo a mi vida ❀️ gracias por ser tan genuina

                          Krystal Ramirez

                            When its midnight and I have to be up in a few hours but Kathleen is life!!!! Lol… btw just used my medusa nail polish… love it Kathleen!! Good night from Los Angeles 😘😘😘😍😍😍

                            brittnie parker

                              Where you been at girl. I had that for a year lol. Its the only way I will blow dry my hair

                              Denice Rivera

                                the revlon is like 35-40 on amazon!

                                Alyssa Wright

                                  I like the dyson side.

                                  Mansi Sharma

                                    OMG my sister and I got the dupe blow dryer a few months and we have been raving about it and telling our friends since. I’m glad someone with a much larger platform realized how amazing it is and is telling everyone about it!! It’s great I love it

                                    Megan Hausserman

                                      I love love love my Revlon one!! It blows my mind every time I use it πŸ˜‚

                                      Julia Pearson

                                        I couldn't get the Revlon brush in my country but I did look at some similar brushes. I ended up going with the Dyson mainly due to the less damage aspect. But yes it is too expensive. I do love it though. I would probably compare one of the 'straightening' brushes on the Dyson to that Revlon brush as I think that would give you a more similar look.

                                        Natalie Estrada

                                          I have the revlon brush and I’m able to achieve a wave☺️ I love it so much.


                                            Has anyone from Australia bought the Revlon dryer?

                                            Meg Truett

                                              I never ever ever could blow dry my hair because like you, I’m lazy. I got this and here I am using the brush, blow drying my hair and watching this video. πŸ€—


                                                I love the revlon dryer!!! I've been using it for a year and will never go back!!

                                                Erica Ashley

                                                  She put out this video & ulta restocked the blue one 🀣🀣
                                                  Totally getting one

                                                  Rachel x

                                                    Why don you try the Infiniti pro conair the brush head look exact same and better the brush head can spin, it give my hair such a natural curl and volume

                                                    Sydney P

                                                      Your hair looks so friggin GOOOOOD in this vid. Love the cut. The part. AND the colour


                                                        Interesting. I wonder where Kathleen's accent comes from! If you look at her video archive, it only goes back a couple years…

                                                        miss feder

                                                          I AM A CURLY HAIR GIRL
                                                          IS IT GOING TO GET STRAIGHT RESULTS??

                                                          Maureen Garcia

                                                            This look… the lips, outfit, everything 😍

                                                            Min Yuna

                                                              Dyson is Soo expensive and overpriced But that Dyson side looks much more natural and better and part that doesn't burn hair is very nice ..

                                                              Mariel Hinojosa

                                                                I wanted the Revlon since before Christmas and finally got my hands on it by ordering it from too in late January bc it was sold out in every store! The plastic bristles on the narrow sides got a little bent the first time I used it (probably my fault bc I was too impatient to do smaller sections). I wish it had a cover to make it easier to store and travel with without warping the bristles even more. I had to convince my OCD that the bent bristles give it character. My dad would likely murder me if I even mentioned exchanging it bc it was a b-day gift from him after I complained endlessly about not being able to find it. πŸ˜‚

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