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    Wayne Goss

      We’ve all seen it. Dark, metallic, almost bruised highlighter. Why does this happen? What this and find out why! Best Highlighters! US Jouer Highlighters …

      Suncica Milic



          My makeup used to be so heavy and what I now see as (ugly) because of Instagram I was brainwashed into thinking heavy is better. But now I know natural is best 😍

          Sumi R

            Hi Wayne thank you so much for the video. I have invested in highlighters that are too dark so what do you recommend I do with them now? How can people pull off darker highlighters? Any advice appreciated xx

            Jennifer Rinaldi

              Look at that! I never would have realized that. Another gem video!

              Amrita Ramesh

                Yup. Looks great as eyeshadow, looks scifi as highlight. Which is a look, but really mire natural on deeper skin.

                minnie saab



                    This is why I struggle so much to find a highlighter that suits my super pale skin. Becca in Pearl is one of the few that works, S’il Vous Play by Colourpop is good too.

                    Stephanie Crutchfield

                      Wow😉 your looking much younger💋. Did u get botox???? I really want some. 53 aint looking too badd on me

                      Kindra Criado

                        I subscribe to boxycharm and glossybox so when I get highlighters that are too dark, or too light, I use them as eyeshadow. Especially if they are ‘glittery’ or something I wouldn’t use as an actual highlighter. A lot easier than using glitters or buying extra products so nothing is wasted.

                        L A

                          The 1st thing I’ve been doing right 😂


                            Yesss i cant thank you enough! Choosing the perfect highlighter is the most tricky one, esp if I only want to keep 1-2 in my drawer, and also surprisingly not many people talk about it

                            Christil Arrington

                              This is why you are the magic man! Always the best info!

                              Ioana Ivan

                                Never thought of that! Very informative, thank you!

                                Tasneem Mustafa

                                  What do you think of strobe cream & liquid highlighter worn underneath makeup?

                                  Vivian Garcia

                                    I feel the same is true for really light highlighter too on certain skin tones. I have brown skin and depending on how the light hits my face, the highlight will look like a white spot on my face-which is not very flattering…(kind of like how some girls will apply highlighter to the ball of their nose-which is not flattering at all btw and that trend needs to just go away already LMAO)….but not sure if this is an issue for anyone else with highlight looking white on the skin….or maybe I’m using the wrong highlighter for my skin tone or flat out not knowing how to apply to my face. I’ve been using ABH highlighter…I’ve been wanting to try Nars to see if that’ll be more subtle with my skin tone. I have a similar skin tone to Nicole Scherzinger, if you have any suggestions on what highlighters you’ve used on clients similar to my skin tone I’ll appreciate it! 💜

                                    Blubb Blubb

                                      Mr. Goss, which eyeshadowebase do you recommend for the tillbury eyeshadows?

                                      Blaq Beauty

                                        Unless you have deep tones like myself… then the deeper highlighter shades glow on your skin.


                                          GREAT VIDEO………

                                          Rachael Diffrient

                                            Mind is blown 😲

                                            The Merz

                                              Helpful Wayne! Thanks! I keep wanting to purchase CT's darker vrs when I know Lightgasm would be the better for my skin tone. 😉 Also you reminded me I've been meaning to subscribe 2 Rae Morris, watch more of her tutorials etc. I find her fascinating. Doing it now!


                                                Love your channel!! 💙🧡💜💚💛💗

                                                Kartika Dewi

                                                  Thankyou for always give a good tips 😊


                                                    I'm sorry, what?!?! Is it not common sense?!


                                                      me right now : testing my drawer full of highlighters and getting rid of everything because they're too dark for my skin tone 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

                                                      Nadia Galvan

                                                        That was an excellent explanation!! Thanks!

                                                        Jo Withrow

                                                          I love your channel. Your advice has truly upped my makeup skills. Thank you for helping me with my self esteem.


                                                            Thank you for sharing tips like this Wayne! A true beauty channel is what this is ❤

                                                            Alondra Cervantes

                                                              Can you do a video on body shimmers/oils/makeup

                                                              Jaie-M **

                                                                Awesome technique. So glad to know I'm on point.

                                                                Hana Ryu


                                                                  Summer Love

                                                                    This made so much sense

                                                                    Erin Gaughn

                                                                      You are the best beauty channel on Youtube. Professional advise, to the point videos, and no drama.

                                                                      Maria Casella

                                                                        Some gals apply so much highlight it's blinding!same goes for concealor,bronze doesn't look natural or flattering..totally agree with Wayne!!he is such a professional,hard at work dedication he has is very much respect and appreciated

                                                                        lindsey bailes

                                                                          Thank you for all the information you provide on such a regular basis. It's lovely that you don't just chase trends and have the education and experience to back it up. Thank you! Never change

                                                                          Katrina Haist

                                                                            Short and to the point. Love your videos

                                                                            Donna Garlitz

                                                                              I'm so amazed at what I learn from you. You just keep coming up with new ideas and express them so lovely. Thank You 💐

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