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      Hey, Guys! (Watch in HD) I recently got the Tati Beauty Palette in the mail & I wanted to test it out for the first time on camera & give you my thoughts! I Hope you …


        I have watched all your videos, I love you BUT is it bad that I was super excited for this one not for the palette or the review but for your tshirt??? Ever since your insta story. I asked there but got no response 😅 I need to know cause that is a cool shirt and I’m a huge bowie fan ❤️

        Celeste Rodriguez

          That lip injection extreme really plumped your lips 🤗 I must get it

          Fatima Castro

            Finally the review I was dying to see!!😍

            Chelsea Liby

              Me a virgo is obsessed with that palette I need to get my hands on it.

              Jessica Castillo

                Wow! I really like that line and that shows how good Tati pallet is that you can do that with shadow! Plus … I wasn’t gonna but the pallet cause I have way too many right now and I was gonna wait a little while to get it but then I saw Kathleen doing a review which means Tati sent her PR – my two fav makeup girls !!!! That mean Tati also trust Kathleen to give an honest review just like I do!!!! I was sold. I also can’t wait to see some nail polish!!!


                  Thank you so much for this review and thank you even more for that little phrase behind you on the board. Self belief is true power – really needed to hear that today.

                  Thank you again! I'm so proud of Tati and can't wait to see the alleged 30 other designs she has for her palettes!! I really wanna see a smoky eyes palette named Holy Smokes <3

                  Ladymae Optimista

                    The swatching is the best i’ve seen.

                    Courtney McGrath

                      I am OBSESSED with the lip injection. I don't like many Too Faced products, but I love the cinnamon burn and plum of lip extreme.

                      Kailee M

                        Would you ever do a Kylie skin review?


                          That look…omg gorgeous!!!

                          Sara Salah

                            I want another looks on this palette😻

                            Cherry Lane Monroe

                              I am STILL waiting for my Tati palette. And I live like an hour away from her!! I think the fires here in CA have something to do with the delay. They ship out of Oxnard, not far from many of the fires and the highway closures. Can't wait to get it.

                              Lory Lopez36

                                Idk who thumbed a video down, but y’all some haters.
                                This video was good that eye look is beautiful and that palette is gorgeous. Definitely grabbing this palette in 2020 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

                                Beauty and the Artiste

                                  I told my husband to buy this for me for Christmas. HAHA He pre-ordered so I don't get mine until in December. I was hoping to do my first YouTube video with it. I haven't decided yet whether I want to wait or go ahead and do one, but I LOVE the color story and the originality of the palette layout. I'm excited to try it! 🙂

                                  Angelique Janssen

                                    This is the most beautiful look anyone has done with this palette yet!! Well done ❤️❤️
                                    Love from South Africa

                                    Tracy A

                                      I can’t wait to get my hands on this palette. It’s so pretty!

                                      Ju Parisa

                                        This is a very good palette

                                        Melissa LuvsPlease

                                          Just waiting for it to get to my home!!!


                                            I wont be purchasing it. Lov4d the video, do not love the palette.

                                            Sharon Peckham


                                              Cecilia Upton

                                                Omg I love the look you came up with it’s so pretty

                                                Indira Devi

                                                  thumbs up just for the shirt

                                                  Gabs Brown

                                                    I feel like when brands come out with palletes like this, they should come out with multiple variations for different skin tones. Maybe she will release a darker and lighter version in the future, and since its a small brand i find myself feeling more forgiving, but with bigger brands i really feel everyone should for what huda did with their recent nude mini palletes.

                                                    Twy l

                                                      You have to do all the review Kathleen 🥰 cause you are the 1/3 beauty youtuber that I actually watch ☺️

                                                      Debbie Lozano

                                                        Where do I get this palette?

                                                        Shelby Laurent

                                                          ugh! why are you so talented?! love love the look so bad.


                                                            Your nails are everything 💛🔥🔥


                                                              Been wanting to watch this allll dayyyy💗💗💗

                                                              Erica Red

                                                                I’m in love with this look if it wasn’t for the price i would cop it 😩

                                                                Heather Smith

                                                                  This may be my fave look I’ve seen done with this palette. Gorgeous.

                                                                  Kelly Carrillo

                                                                    Virgo tingz 😂😂😂

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