THRIFT WITH ME my first time! ☆ (Vlog + Try On Haul)

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    Tara Michelle
      THRIFT WITH ME my first time! ☆ (Vlog + Try On Haul)

      I tried thrifting for the first time!!!! COME THRIFT WITH ME!!!! I do a little try on haul and even DIY-d some of the pieces I picked up! Outfit details & fun shit over on …

      Vanessa Cervantes

        Loved the concept of this video! This should become a new series on your channel! ♡♡♡

        Ashley Avalanche

          You make everything look so goooood

          Franchesca Santos

            SNEAKY FAM!!!!

            Olivia Conner

              Sneaky fam! Also how have you never gone thrifting before! I love the thrift store.

              Cody Cave

                This is such a weird coincidence!! Me and my friends are into thrift shopping just this month! And we even decided to open a shop with a touch of our own style (photography) HAHA! Try visiting it if you just feel like it :–) it's on IG: @bagobukad


                  Ah! Love both your channels and love thrifting videos, it’s a perfect match! The editing was on point💜

                  Monserat Sanchez

                    Loved this !!

                    Annie Gomez

                      Do more thrifting videos!!!💗

                      Lyndsay Olson Fibromyalgia Warrior

                        I love the Hard Rock shirt!


                          yessss love a thrift queeeeeen

                          Jennifer Ha

                            You should thrift more! Love the editing too!!

                            Isabel Adriana


                              Isabel Adriana

                                This editing too👌🏼

                                Isabel Adriana

                                  More like thissssa I just loved itttt

                                  jonet johnson

                                    I love you tara💕how are you soooo gorgeous


                                      I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!

                                      danyelle white

                                        roll the sleeves!

                                        Jaime Brooke30

                                          You found great pieces. I love thrifting.

                                          Trinity Wells

                                            I love these type of videos! I like switching it up!🥳

                                            greys anatomy rivervixen

                                              Sneaky fam ❤

                                              Maria & Agripina

                                                Loving your hair 🥰

                                                Libby Reid

                                                  The editing is sooo good!! I love how you are changing things up! Go Tara!!


                                                    Okay this video is everything!! The editing is good, the background music is good, the content “the before and after” VERY GOOD TARA LOVE THAT 💗 💗 XX

                                                    Angelica Mendez

                                                      More like this girl!!! 👍🏼

                                                      Carolina Santaella

                                                        gosh probably one of the best edited thrifts with me out there. in love with the editing and the way it was filmed sm!

                                                        Aisha B

                                                          The camera quality 😍😍😍😍


                                                            i like that hard rock t-shirt!
                                                            love everything u got i need to go thrift shopping ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

                                                            Kristell Ng

                                                              I love the transformations you did to the clothes you thrifted, they turned out great and you pull them off so well! For the Red Adidas shirt, I think it'd really look good if you turned it into a workout tanktop 🙂

                                                              Kimy W.

                                                                this is one of the best videos I've seen you put out !!! would love to see a whole thrifting series/challenges on your channel. also loved how you included theDIY, it was an extra bonus that made the video even better.


                                                                Anna White

                                                                  You can so wear those sweaters as a sweater dress wear black biker shorts underneath with some sneakers or booties 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

                                                                  Taylor Paige

                                                                    Do more thrifting videos!!!


                                                                      Girl you're close to get 900k 😍


                                                                        We want more thrifting videos !!

                                                                        Estrella Garcia

                                                                          Do moreeee!!


                                                                            wowww its crazy! im just getting into thrifting too, and i’ve been getting stuff from mens to crop! i love your style! ps love youu!!!♥️

                                                                            The Donnellans

                                                                              I had plans to go thirfting this weekend with my friends and now I’m definitely going and also going to look at sweaters in the men section cause I have never done that


                                                                                yeaaaaa, I'mma need more of this ! 🙂

                                                                                Alexa Sunshine83

                                                                                  Nice Adidas shirt!! ill have to check out that goodwill! ❤️

                                                                                  Ana Santome

                                                                                    More videos like this plz 😍

                                                                                    Odalys Ramirez

                                                                                      Ok you’ve talked me into thrifting now too lol. The light blue sweater was my favorite one!

                                                                                      Shelvia Giovany

                                                                                        i have always impress and of course in love with your style, aesthetic, and personality! love ya! ♡


                                                                                          the neon light is my mood rn

                                                                                          SarahInez Martinez

                                                                                            The music on the way to the thrift store gave me kkandbabyj vibes !

                                                                                            Chelsea Farrow

                                                                                              Okay this video is great but can we talk about how SHINY YOUR HAIR IS! 😍😍😍 the curls are perf and just. Wow. I need your secret!

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