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      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) I decided to vlog a bit, make a TikTok and have a little heart to heart with you guys! This video is super super random but I hope it …


        Hi guyssss! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days! Having one of those weeks :/ hope you guys are doing amazing!!! GRAB A SNACK THIS IS A LONG ONE

        v h

          Even though the TRENDMOOD BOX is sold out, could you please do a full video dedicated to Reviewing the products since others might want to still get item(s) from this month's box. ps Love you Kathleen!!!!

          Amy Wells

            Hey lady!! U can shoot your tiktoks on your phone camera instead of the tiktok camera and upload the clips in any order you want to tiktok, and it won't mess up the audio… Just so you know… That way you can do only one outfit change again 💗💗😘😘

            B. C. Schmerker

              +KathleenLights Routines for sanity? +GlamLifeGuru found likewise; Tati found that doing outfit, make-up and nails keeps her on an even keel. That ♩TikTok® thing got one of those avant-garde dance hits stuck in my head:

              TIK TOK / KE$HA (RCA single 62611)
              (Kesha Rose Sebert/Lukaß Sebaſtian Gottwald/Benjamin Joseph Levin) Dynamite Cop Music/Where Da Kaß At, BMI/Kaß Money Pub., ASCAP

              Life with Loeras

                Omg this whole time I thought I was following you on tiktok !!!!!! I was wondering why the last video I saw was the “it’s a choppa” I have A LOT to catch up on 😭😅

                Kasey Marie

                  i love kathleen vlogging 😭

                  luci klashorst

                    I was literally washing my make up brushes… as I watched this


                      VERY Mary-Kate 2004 New York Minute grunge hair, girl. yes.


                        PLEASE STOP SUPPORTING TIKTOK! They are taking down videos made in Cantonese (a chinese dialects) ,being an app developed in China, and "encouraging" Mandarin, which is absurd because there are SO MANY dialects in Chinese language and Mandarin is only one of them! They should not discourage diversity!

                        Elettra Rubbo

                          Hi Kathleen, how are you?
                          I'm from Italy, we've been in social distancing for almost 40 days, and we've quarantine since March 8th. I lost count of the days, I'm home with my boyfriend and my cats, I try to stay positive, but sometimes it's very hard. The other day, the Police stopped me on the street and asked me my self-declaration, I was going to the supermarket. It has been a crazy, scary moment for me. My boyfriend is a very anxious person, he sometimes screams at night, he often cries and gets sad, so I'm doing everything I can to prevent him from going outside, because the situation here is very sad. I'm trying to stay positive, I think that my parents and my boyfriend's family are ok, we're sane, we don't have to deal with the actual virus, but being lock down for almost a month is getting into me.
                          I'm lucky enough to have the possibilty to work from home, but I think of all the people who are not working now, who have a family to support, children to take care of..
                          I hope everything will end soon, quarantine in Italy should end April 13rd. 🤞
                          Sorry for the longest comment ever, I just needed to talk to someone ☹️

                          New Born

                            Try to engage god more in your life dear Kathleen , I think it would make a huge different, this the only way that really helped me through my dark days and everyday

                            lilli k

                              Kathleen, if you need Sth to calm your mind try watching Bob Ross on YouTube! It’s a life saver!!!


                                I thought about washing my brushes…does that count?

                                Simone van Seumeren

                                  what you said about the weather is sooo true. When there is a rainy day, in this time, I do really feel low because then I feel trapped in the house.


                                    Yeees, a vlog 🙂

                                    Sun Moon & Stars

                                      Me 🙋🏻my makeup brushes are clean

                                      Mel 21

                                        I HATE tik tok but I LOVE KATHLEEN tik tok 🙌🙌 also I just got into New Girl ! lov it already 🙂

                                        Jennifer Stafford


                                          Marium Hussain

                                            I have been making many on brooklyn 99 and friends and I don't really post them anywhere like I just posted one and I have made like 102 already I just go to my gallery all the time and look @ them & laugh so hard

                                            Marium Hussain

                                              Kathleeeeeeen I loved the bg in the first clip alsooooo omg I am obsessedddddDD with making dubs. I made dubs on dubsmash back in the day in 2015 when It was a thing but then drifted off and have been making a lotttt lately and trust you me it relieves my stress Soooooooooo much and makes me so calm & happy

                                              Nichole Gordon

                                                Love Stephanie Harlowe!!! She's awesome.

                                                Sashy’s Beauty

                                                  If you have more time and if you feel like it…love seeing your vlogs! <3

                                                  Daniela Garcia

                                                    Thank you for this! I needed this positivity and “hang out” with my friend haha you’re boosting the moral here for your lightening squad ⚡️🥺❤️


                                                      The first 2 weeks were very hard for me, I literally couldn't do anything except having panic attacks and watching youtube videos in bed. Now that I had time to process things a bit more I'm finally starting to feel better and crave my routine again. I want to wake up earlier, eat healthy again, and do stuff ! (and watch youtube videos lol). I feel like people are so focused on "staying productive" right now (and all the time) that they don't check in with themselves and process their feelings and suddenly it hits them like a ton of bricks. Most of us have never experienced anything like this before (thankfully), so it's more than normal to be a bit traumatised ! It's ok to not be ok

                                                      Dana Zelmanovich

                                                        I loveddddd this vlog omg you’re the best I swear. Love u so much ♥️

                                                        Jaionnai Cuna

                                                          Hi Kathleen ❤️ I had the same issue with my bonnets. If you double up sometimes that helps or just buy satin/silk pillow cases. Love you 💕

                                                          Jenna Marie

                                                            With curly hair and makeup done she looks like Shakira! Kathleen is gorgeous!

                                                            Veronica Islas

                                                              Please do these types of videos more often 💕

                                                              Alec del Castillo

                                                                Hi Kathleen! What's your playlist to keep you mood up? BADLY NEED ONE TOO! 😔

                                                                Sofia Orozco

                                                                  What do you use to help tame the frizzy?? I always have frizz and nothing seems to work :/

                                                                  Belle Love

                                                                    Love the straight hair. No more “curly “ hair.

                                                                    glamorouslyhana 91

                                                                      I already washed my makeup brushes 2 Times hahahah bisouuuu


                                                                        Wow! I really did wash my makeup brushes today🤣😂

                                                                        Marisol Ines

                                                                          Hello Kathleen!! ❤ Can you please do a review on JWoww's brand "Naturally Woww" ? Her products sound amazing, especially her Woww Regimen Kit which has an exfoliator, 3 in 1 cleanser, and a moisturizer. Your completely honest reviews on products and brands are the way to go. The only way to go in my opinion!! Anyways, love you sooo much Kathleen and hope you stay safe always! I will always look forward to your videos and I hope you actually see my comment cause I never comment on videos lol! Once again, love you girl and ur videos!!!! 😊😁💕

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