Tips For Growing LONG Hair! MY SECRETS!!

Main Tips For Growing LONG Hair! MY SECRETS!!

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    Carli Bybel
      Tips For Growing LONG Hair! MY SECRETS!!

      Today I sat down and answered ALL your questions about my hair!! I hope this video is helpful!! I love you guys so much!

      dipakshis world

        You people are soo white but why you people are like dusky brown colour


          I watch Carli I think since 7-8 years ago.. she’s my favorite of all!!! ❤ SOOO happy that you are that active on YouTube atm 😊 PLS KEEP GOING!!!! Love you so so much 🤍 greetings from Germany

          gabby bove

            Hi, i"m a hairdresser but I've been struggling to grow my hair to bc when I was in hs i damaged it so bad it broke off. It never grew past my shoulders and its so thick and curly. I just heard you talk about the nutrafol pills and i agree 100%. I just started them 3 months ago and I'm seeing such results ! My layers have grown out so much, its truly working and I never thought my hair would grow from the chemical damage I've done to it. So yes, I recommend the nutrafol as well. Just a reminder to everyone, what works for one person might not work for you. I tried so many hair pills as well that worked for others and never did it for me. Just keep that in mind. Everyone's hair is different and has different needs.

            Taylor Nguyen

              Do you ever use a dry shampoo? If so, what do you recommend?

              marlene govender

                Thank-you for this!

                Cleo Heu

                  Did I miss how often you do the GK Keratin treatment?

                  Mariah Shopten

                    What helped me is cutting the heat that I use on my hair. I use everything on cool to low settings.


                      Aww how beautiful is that 😢 love kind people


                        The consistency! Love you girl! I have been waiting this for YEARS

                        Garlfield O

                          Very much needed

                          Rose Smith

                            I think this is my favorite video all time ❤ love you!

                            rosa genao

                              you have the most beautiful hair, thank you for sharing your tips 🫶

                              Anisa Millan

                                Carli can you plz show an in depth video of how the process is when you go to your next keratin treatment I would love to see it coming from a super frizzy haired girly myself!!!

                                bree villarruel

                                  Dear hairdressers… can I do a keratin treatment over my professionally done blonde hair? My hair natural hair color is like carli’s but I am a light beige blonde now. I’ve been getting my hair processed for about 6 years now.

                                  Veronica Martinez

                                    Oh my gosh, Carli, I've been following you since the beginning and totally forgot you have curly hair. 🤦🏽‍♀️ your hair and the character you have built has always been something so beautiful in you. ❤️

                                    Emma Haworth

                                      Have you tried the air wrap or do you find your hair too long? Xxx


                                        I had a story like that! I was pulling up to the Starbucks line and im front of me was a lady and she glanced back at me. I was actually really stressed that day, but I gave her a big smile. Anyway, turns out she paid for my stuff. It was truly wonderful for something nice to happen like that cause it turned my whole day around!

                                        Alex Selander

                                          love you carl!!!! we've been waiting for thissss xo

                                          Sophie Grüner

                                            I‘m a girl from germany and just want to know what kind of bra you use 😢


                                              Thank you so much for keeping posting videos, I feel like a lot of YouTubers stop when they are famous. You are the unique YouTuber that I like to watch ALWAYS, also have the notification when you post a video. I really appreciated your consistency and work, it makes my day…
                                              I would also like to give you the tips that I learn for helps you hair.
                                              Always use heat protection, like a lot, it also protects from the sun damage etc..
                                              Always use oil in the ends and also 1 time per week I use coconut oil all over my hair and scalp, I leave it for 2-3 hours, sometimes over night, it gives water back for ur hair, makes it strong etc,( Kim kardashian also do it)
                                              Try to start with hair masks this is really good for you hair, but our hair needs 3 differents things, hydration, nutrition and reconstruction. Every time u watch your hair use a different mask, also in the ends always use conditioner to regulate your PHD.
                                              I use to have a terrible hair, very dry, super curly(not in a beautiful way) and never grows, I know it sounds a lot but it makes a huge difference in my life and I would like to share with u, so if you want and have time u can try.
                                              I really love you baby I follow you for like 6 yrs! Thank you again for your videos!

                                              Jessica A

                                                I had the same layer thing happen. I have very curly hair. It was during the winter and i was in a hoodie i could not tell how short she actually made it until I left. I said to keep it long and it was cut the same length as yours. It took a long time to grow it back long and was so frustrating. I only trust one hair dresser and this is why.

                                                Mariela Merino

                                                  do you have any gray hair? if you do any gray hair tips?


                                                    I've been thinking about getting a keratin treatment, this is my sign lol

                                                    Yaquelin Morales

                                                      Girl I was always under the impression keratin was bad for you !! Thinking of doing this now. ❤

                                                      Ann Latham

                                                        I feel like if you want to try different hairstyles buy those $30 wigs off of TikTok 😂

                                                        Ann Latham

                                                          Oh my God, I love paying for peoples orders when I can it feels so good when somebody does that for you❤ I’m so glad you could experience that!!

                                                          Yareli Orozco

                                                            Love her hair ❤ so gorgeous

                                                            Nicole LeCoche

                                                              Can you do a tutorial for the wet look you use in the summer 😊

                                                              Lauren Monty

                                                                Carli…Where can I find your first ever palette? The highlighters in that one hit pan so quickly because I loved your formula and the lighter highlighter shade!♥

                                                                Pea to my Pod

                                                                  I’ll have to check out if there’s that type of keratine near me.. I def have that frizzy curly natural hair

                                                                  Megan Maldonado

                                                                    Carli, what blush brush did you use? I've seen it in a few videos and have wanted to ask 🙂

                                                                    Evelyn Septiani

                                                                      know that when i see you upload new video, YOU MADE MY DAY!!! ☺️😍


                                                                        hey Carli..have u heard of the Brazilian cacau keratin? is that good? also there's a new product from them called as silk protein/hair botox. have u heard of those?

                                                                        Leslie E Martinez

                                                                          I can’t believe it has been like 10 years of watching your videos. I remember every time you talked about your hair because your hair was my goal but like…I have curly hair so talk about unrealistic goals lol

                                                                          Karen Hayre

                                                                            Which powder did you use on your skin the link just takes you to the main website 😢x

                                                                            Ira Gr

                                                                              Thank you! I want to ask you, GK moisturing shampoo was making my hair more “hard” when you touched it. Did it make this effect to your hair? Thank you.

                                                                              Shantell Ripley

                                                                                people need to stop caring about what you do with YOUR body, so ridiculous! love your videos Carli!

                                                                                Vanessa Tan

                                                                                  Carli I just want to say thank you SO much for giving us your REAL tips!! I've been a subscriber since the beginning and you ALWAYS give the real hot girl tea and post things because you genuinely want to share not just because it's a sponsored post! You are seriously the best and an inspiration to look and feel our best selves!! <3

                                                                                  Free Thinker

                                                                                    Carli, I would highly suggest you wash your hair upside down.

                                                                                    It's what I always did.

                                                                                    Less pressure on the roots and it might help your back hair to grow longer because it's probably not getting enough nutrition.

                                                                                    I love you,Carli ❤

                                                                                    Take care.


                                                                                      Literally clapped my hands barked and rolled over when i saw she posted this

                                                                                      Emily jimenez

                                                                                        Would you recommend getting a lip flip? I’ve been thinking about doing it

                                                                                        Anna garza


                                                                                          Brittany Coyle

                                                                                            Omg Sally’s in Freehold for extensions! I’m from Howell and used to go all the time! The nostalgia! Lol

                                                                                            Angelika Ghazaryan

                                                                                              Even just hearing about such a wholesome positive thing has already put me in a good mood for today! (even though it is pouring it down with rain here in London)


                                                                                                I’m on a hair journey to because I’ve always had long hair and no problem with my hair growing because of my genes but I’ve never had my hair up to belly button and I would love that!!


                                                                                                  girl your hair tutorial way back in 2011 was like the first youtube video i ever watched! i was 14 then, i'm 25 now and still watch you all the time. much love 💖💓

                                                                                                  T. Fuentes

                                                                                                    Do you feel like the more you do it the longer the treatment last?


                                                                                                      My hair grew after I stopped going to the hairdresser. I cut my hair myself, 1cm every 3 months…and they grew a lot, I never had such a long hair. I also use sesame & sweet almond oil once a week to oil my hair for few hours.

                                                                                                      G Victoria

                                                                                                        Hey Carli where do you get your botox done ? ❤

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