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    Wayne Goss

      Oh Tom Ford, why oh why did you do this! I believed in you… 🙁 Get the smashbox concealer here – for half the price and more product! US …

      Rori Luv

        How can you make this assertion as fact without any evidence? This bothers me a bit.

        cherryann woods

          I'll be honest. Never heard of Tom Ford!!! Maybe my paypacket won't allow it?? Haha

          Victoria’s Vanity

            Love you Wayne xx

            Tine Seinen

              Thank you for dare to be critical. Open and honest that's what most people appreciate.

              Tish January

                Thank you!💖

                Super Vixen

                  Thank you for this video. I’m sorry the salesman was such a douche and couldn’t help you find the bag at another Tom Ford store whether it be in the UK or order it for you in another country like the US. High end stores still carry last season accessories and that guy was FOS!🤟💜

                  Galina Sopilnyak

                    Thanks so much for educating us!!!! You are very honest person!!! Bravo !!!

                    Anita Smallegange

                      I love the Tom Ford quads. But now i don’t know of i want to buy Tom Ford anymore! I find it disgusting What they are doing. Maybe i buy the Charlotte Tilbury Squad now

                      Allie DAmico

                        I had a lot of respect for you before this video Wayne. Now I'm over the top in love with you.
                        THANK YOU! 💙 💜 😘

                        jama newman

                          Lol omg how distasteful!! I was going to buy that concealer too! Thank you Wayne!! Now I'll try the smashbox one! 👌💜

                          debs fm

                            Estée Lauder own so many brands, including Tom ford and smashbox

                            Mel Allen

                              Where is the company integrity these days. They are just money making machines and deserve to be exposed for who they really are.

                              Makeup Bay

                                This way companies are pushing sales of their products 🙂 both brands Tom Ford and Smashbox are from Estée Lauder Companies so now when everyone will buy Smashbox Concealer their will still have very big profit. And the posh ladies that are buying Tom Ford will still buy it because they are not watching freaking YouTube all the time.

                                Kathy Webb

                                  Thanks Wayne for your sincere alert about these products. So awesome to have you looking out for your viewers.

                                  Tezza Bradshaw

                                    This is exactly why I love you Wayne Goss! You're genuine and kind and truly care about people. Oh, I subscribed to Mel Thompson after your video about face timing her for the first time. Mel's video about it was so touching. She was so grateful and emotional as she was relaying the story and I fell in love with her. She's incredibly talented and a sweetheart to watch. Thank you for introducing her to me. Side note : Beautylish were so helpful when I missed out on your Summer 2018 brush because of the time difference between the UK and Australia. They very kindly worked with me and notified me in time, so I was able to set my alarm for 3.45am and get the brush before it sold out again.. Shout out to #beautylish 💞

                                    Dessert Comes First

                                      That's why I watch this channel. I like how Wayne Goss keeps it real.

                                      Tanya Tamoukian

                                        This is why I always come to your channel first. You’re an amazing make up artist. Very honest. You taught me how to use concealer and I’m 43 years old! You’re just a stand up human. And I love you. Thank you for your tips and tricks and honest reviews. It helps us all immensely.

                                        Susan Masterson

                                          So beautiful and so honest. I jus luv ya 😘🇮🇪

                                          Jenn F.

                                            Serendipity. ❤️ Love you, Wayne.

                                            dave 1

                                              This has been going on only have to read the formula on the back !!

                                              Laura Garcia

                                                Thanks for saving me some coin. 🙏

                                                Chammi Kaiser

                                                  I think we all appreciate your concern for your subscribers Wayne and talking about dishonesty in the marketplace is really valuable information. Thank you.


                                                    thanks babe! xoxo

                                                    Tracy Lambourne

                                                      Wow, what a total rip off, you are so right about the kind of folk who purchase, Thank you for your honesty Wayne


                                                        That's shameful. Thanks for sharing. Emma x

                                                        Hoo Me

                                                          Preach Wayne 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

                                                          Jean Christy

                                                            This is the second video that has come out on this topic. The other was also about TF vs MAC. I know it’s just makeup but on the other hand, this makes me wonder what other unethical practices these makeup companies are getting away with. I’m not sure if I will be supporting brands that feel these kind of unethical behaviors are ok🤷🏻‍♀️ Its sad, these companies are making millions but can’t come up with new formulations for each brand and then charge us an arm and leg. No! not right

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