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      10 Nail Hacks EVERYONE Should Know! | #3

      Top 10 Nail Hacks EVERYONE Should Know! Today, Erin will be sharing with her top 10 nail life hacks that you need in your life! We hope you enjoy …

      Myself Shilpa

        How to get rid of black ness from knuckle

        Farhan Mohammed

          useful nail hacks


            Hacks??? AAAHAHAHAHHA!!!

            The Pen Pixie

              Omg. Glitter on chipped tip=genius!

              Keedahboos NailKorner

                Tfs💯👍step one is going to be the one for me!


                  Today I went to target and welmart, they never sell any peel off latex liquid for nail arts in stores! then I saw this video, will try top coat as peel off!

                  Moons Gacha


                    jennifer crosby

                      Great tips thank you 😊


                        What is the secret to not bending your square nails? I moisturize and everything but the corners always rip off.

                        Celeste Lopez

                          This is a keeper for future reference. Thanks so much!😊

                          The Polish Queen

                            I like hack number 3! Thanks for sharing these Erin! I'm also a nail art youtuber. 🙂

                            Amarjeet Singh Singh

                              It's really good 😁

                              Olga Cantu

                                What is the first one please??




                                    These are my favorite videos to watch from you guys!

                                    Creative Apurva Jain

                                      I keep waiting for ur videos…its all amazing and useful..
                                      Can u plz tell me how to stick dry flower on gel polish? Can we put on top coat ?

                                      Geetika Gia

                                        Great tips 💜💜💜

                                        P.s. i m also a youtuber, wish me good luck 💜💜💜

                                        Beth Last

                                          Great ideas! Thank you.


                                            A lot of great tips, thank you!

                                            Saravana Kumar

                                              Thank you so much

                                              CSD UFO UPDATES

                                                Keep up the good work 😉 😁

                                                CSD UFO UPDATES

                                                  Love your Channel 😎 👽✌️


                                                    That last hack is one I'd like to try, especially with some baby oil ☺️

                                                    Nikki Culbertson


                                                      Ashley Marie

                                                        I'll definitely be using these in the future. Thanks!

                                                        Nissette nissou

                                                          😍 😍 😍 Great thanks

                                                          AaruShi Kapoor

                                                            another nail hacks video😄love your videos cutepolish🎀guys turn this
                                                            👇blue if you love them too💙

                                                            M I N G C H E W

                                                              I'm was here before 1k

                                                              Sancia Zack

                                                                What is the hack in 1st one?

                                                                Magdalena Koh

                                                                  Oh like the idea of using nail top coat as a barrier as I do my own glue when I do gradient. thank you for sharing too

                                                                  Nazifa Khan

                                                                    I am new here..

                                                                    Nazifa Khan

                                                                      Thanks for this vdo

                                                                      Ameera Malik


                                                                        your girl dom

                                                                          Hey love u

                                                                          Rosh Rose

                                                                            Hey!!! Love these hacks!! They’re budget friendly and extremely useful 😍 love watching your videos !!!

                                                                            Payten Weesner

                                                                              Love these

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