TRANSFORMING my closet into the ultimate TikTok room!

Main TRANSFORMING my closet into the ultimate TikTok room!

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    Tara Michelle
      TRANSFORMING my closet into the ultimate TikTok room!

      So it’s no surprise, I’ve become OBSESSED with tiktok. So I decided in quarantine to transform my storage closet under the stairs into the ULTIMATE tiktok/vsco …


        That's definitely the most fun closet I've ever seen!

        Emma Dearborn

          you should buy a small couch instead of the pillows!!!

          Olive Paul

            I have those exact vines on my wall and my first reaction was ALSO “these smell BAD”

            Laticia Stanley

              Looks so good!

              Patrick Gauthier

                When i got my vibes they smelt so bad too. That’s so weird


                  it looks so amazing tara!! love the room

                  Melissa Derheim

                    Sneaky fam!!!!!!

                    Jordyn Rivard


                      Mykalah Pettitt

                        If I had a cookie for every time she said “wow what a vibe” Cookie Monster would be quaking 😂

                        Leidy Herrera

                          Love how it looks

                          Erin Browning

                            I want to be your friend, you're so cool, so fun, so funny, so sweet, sooooo amazing!!! But you live on the other side of the country and I'm to young to be your friend 😔🥺❤

                            McKenna Joy

                              Can you help me decorate my door room 🙂

                              Peg Castaneda

                                U should do an 24 hour challenge in there

                                Kiara Madisen

                                  Okay I’m ready to move in 😍

                                  Jamie Elizabeth

                                    If you draped the few vines in front of the mirror instead of tucked behind, I think it'd look even better 🌟🦋 u could always tuck them away if need be. Super cute idea though! 💕 #cozyclosetvibes

                                    Sally-Anne Kusters

                                      Omg it's a grown up cubby house!! I need one in my life

                                      Taralyn Karras

                                        you're gonna need to live in there to keep away from your neighbour

                                        Antonio Barajas

                                          I saw your TikToks of that

                                          Antonio Barajas

                                            Can you do a 24 hours and in there

                                            Shellby Sy

                                              Maybe you could give the floor samples back to the flooring companies/stores? Looks awesome, I'm impressed!

                                              Emma Giddens

                                                Love it "sneaky fam" your an inspiration !!!

                                                Rich Carr

                                                  Do a 24 h in there

                                                  Like if you want this vid

                                                  Annastacia Clement

                                                    This is so cool!! I’ve always wanted to make a reading nook under the stairs for myself. Definitely part of my dream house lol

                                                    Judith van Assenbergh

                                                      I would never be allowed by my mother to make so mant holes in my wall with nails to hang up things…. 😞

                                                      Sara Kay

                                                        it came out so good!! love it

                                                        Lil Hungry

                                                          i wanna live with uu

                                                          Amélie Barbeau

                                                            never thought I would be jealous of someone's storage 😂

                                                            Layla’s Life

                                                              who came from tik tok?

                                                              Ashley Avalanche

                                                                ooooo best hotbox spot or whaaa?!😈

                                                                Amelie Sacramento

                                                                  Sge is legit who i want yo ve when u grow up

                                                                  Aurymar Rodriguez

                                                                    When are you gonna post the new neighbor vid?

                                                                    Taryn Atwood

                                                                      Does anyone know where her tie dye joggers are from in the first little bit?

                                                                      Katie Herrera

                                                                        Sneeky fam

                                                                        Happiness forever

                                                                          Loveeeeere this vídeo!

                                                                          Jade Samuelson

                                                                            I love u so much and love ur vibe this room is so cool


                                                                              is the monitor the one you had before and if so where did you get it?

                                                                              kaylie brink

                                                                                You can probably tuck the end of the lights behind the picture. Looks amazing !


                                                                                  Most people make temporary forts but Tara made a full on permanent fort in her house


                                                                                    do u use teeth whitener? i need to know what u use! they look amazing


                                                                                      She owns the whole house and wants to hang out under her stairs by making it cozy? What a waste of money.

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