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    Alex Centomo
      Travel On A Budget! // How I Travel Often

      Advice for travelling on a budget and how I travel so often! Follow me on instagram: OPEN FOR MORE INFO PRIVATE …

      Nicole Louise

        Have been following you for countless years. You’re awesome

        Alison Marie

          Great advice!!! Thank you so much for the tips 😊
          Really appreciate this. I’m taking a mini vacay in about 4 days to NYC!
          I enjoy your videos and looove your personality and style 💕

          Lisa Dinkel

            I clicked on this video SO FAST!! I’m 31, traveled to 13+ countries in my early 20s and then had kids… just the other day telling my husband how I have the travel bug again and we need to do a vacation just the two of us because we haven’t yet. It’s hard to travel when you have kids (with or without them) but I agree with you one MILLION percent that it’s important! Thanks for the motivation to just start saving and make it happen!! ❤️❤️

            Kassie Lindamood

              Lol I’m good with everything except the cost of flying 😭

              Summer Kirsten

                $3 for Bali ? Really where did you go 😱, I recently just got back last weekend and I can promise you we payed up to $15 per person not that bad so for us 2 we where doing sometimes $30/$27 a night that’s just food . Oh for anyone reading who wants to go to Bali I do not recommend the quiet season I did march it was great and then this time may/June for 3 weeks and as it’s so quiet the prices are absolutely so bad paying $20 for 3tops where in March I was getting tops for $2.50/3 if that , I recommend going in a busy time prices are way better just do your looking around and asked to match price 🥳

                Clare Witt

                  I would love to go to Italy and see all the historical artworks. I'm an art major so it would be so cool to see what I've learned about the past couple of years in person. Thanks for the video it was super helpful and I'll definitely use your trips when planning my trip to Italy!

                  thesunthemoon thetruth09

                    Ty for this video. I want to be a Christopher Columbus. 😂🙏🏼

                    Maggie Valverde

                      Hi Alex love your videos as always ❤️ I’m going to Perú in December and I know you have travel there, any advice?


                        I traveled to Cali in March for my 18th birthday! I made a few vlogs while there! I really hope to travel more but I’m moving out of my house a week from today 😬 so idk when I’ll be able to get out as I’m gonna have a ton of bills to be paying for….. but I really hope to go to Canada this year! I’ve been wanting to go there for years.

                        Bonnie Quinlan

                          You’re so pretty! Has anyone told you you look like Taylor swift??? I think you guys have the same eyes and expressions! Lol

                          Alexa Garza

                            This video was very helpful. My bf and I are looking into traveling and I had NO idea where to start researching. Plus we have a child so it's frustrating lol

                            Cheyenne Reimer

                              Love LoVe LOVE all the info in this vid!! I have a child and plan on travelling so this is just perfect 🙂 Love you as well, such an inspiration!

                              Ariadna Estrada

                                The stitch in the background!💙

                                Abi Grace

                                  YES YES YES!! I just got back from a 2 week trip to Italy and I saved and planned it all out myself and it was the most amazing trip ever!

                                  Sonia Khalid

                                    Another site that I've found that helps finding cheap flights is NextVacay. You enter the airports in proximity to your location, and the website's algorithm will find nice deals for you. The only downside is that you can't choose a location preference and the deals that you get have to be acted upon in a timely manner. It's great for people who aren't picky about their destination! The annual fee is $25, which I would say is pretty affordable!

                                    Belle Liddell

                                      I moved to London from Australia so I can travel more hah so far for the past 11 months (and the next 6 months) I visit a different country (or two) every month! Next month is Greece!! So excited ❤️


                                        I moved to London from Australia so I can travel more hah so far for the past 11 months (and the next 6 months) I visit a different country (or two) every month! Next month is Greece!! So excited ❤️

                                        Nour N

                                          I wish i was allowed to travel 😭

                                          Laura Matheuszik

                                            This video was so helpful thank you so much❣️🤙🏼✨

                                            Martina Caraglio

                                              Wow it was actually really helpfull 😄😄

                                              Mariana César

                                                I did 20year, i started to earn my own money, and i decided i go travel at least one time in the year , because i don't have must time, but i think it's very important to travel 😊 I´m from Portugal, my dream travel is to new york city. I love the video 😘✨

                                                Rachou Smile

                                                  Merci pour cette vidéo Alex 💞 Je veux pouvoir voyager, c'est mon rêve n°1 💫
                                                  J'habite en Guadeloupe (dans les Caraïbes) et je n'ai jamais voyagé. Ma destination de rêve c'est l'Island "La Terre de Feu et de Glace" 🇮🇸 🔥🌬


                                                    You really are glowing in this vid 😍


                                                      I love this video, thank you so much!!!!

                                                      Dana Goldberg

                                                        Just the other day I was stressing about going on a vacation with my boyfriend because of money, but this video really helped me become more confident in my choice to go, so thank you ❤

                                                        Alexandra Charlier

                                                          This video is so great, thank you for these tips !! I’m from Belgium and I love traveling , I would really love to go visit Canada!!😍


                                                            I had some terrible experiences with Expedia's customer service and changing flights. Ended up losing $600 and had to fork out another $700 to get home. Not impressed. Will not use expedia in the future.

                                                            Dalida Khatib

                                                              I LOVE YOU

                                                              Ps: I’m a small youtuber


                                                                I’m from Los Angeles. And totally agree with these tips. I still use Expedia. Recently just booked a round trip to Spain for less than $500 using google flights. But yeah plan ahead of time.

                                                                Bailey Dir

                                                                  SO OBSESSED with your vids!! Who else loves alex?!?🤩😍

                                                                  Ellen Galindo

                                                                    She was with a nike tshirt and said "just do it " hahaha so funny 😂

                                                                    Sarah McGrath

                                                                      When booking flights or hotels etc, I go Incognito on Google. By doing this it allows no ads or pop ups etc to show on your page.

                                                                      Chelsea Dolan

                                                                        i highly suggest students invest in a semester abroad somewhere! i spent 6 months living in amsterdam and was able to travel EVERRYWHERE for so cheap since I was already in europe. yes it’s a bit of an investment to move somewhere for half a year, but most people are already paying that money anyway for rent/food/cars/etc. why not just spend that same money in another country? it’s sooo worth it!

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