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    All Things Adrienne
      Trendy Ways to Wear a Jumpsuit

      Wondering how to pick the perfect jumpsuit for your body type? Today on #WearItWell the girls and I are breaking it down! _ OUTFITS: Lana – Jumpsuit by H&M …

      All Things Adrienne

        Are you a fan of jumpsuits?


          Hi I loveLove a jumpsuit🥰


            That jumpsuit on Lana definitely looks like a mechanic's suit. Hated it! There are other jumpsuit styles that would have complimented her better. Everyone else had on pretty, sexy and chic jumpsuits. On behalf of the busty thicker girls, I demand a do-over lol.

            Brass JLV

              Rocky looks so good, baby girl was feeling herself! And Grace's, I love it. But my problem with jumpsuit is the same as they said, when you have to go to the bathroom! On that note, I don't own one, and if I do get one it will be to run short errands. I just don't like the feeling of taking off the top half of my clothing in a public bathroom and putting it back on, I would feel so icky.

              Diasia Monaè

                Taysha is so beautiful 😍!!! Her smile is infectious. 😁

                Denise Wynn

                  Taysha needs to lose 20 pounds. Her stomach and thighs are too big for the jumpsuit.


                    Lana you look good!

                    Angelica Grisby

                      Now I want a jumpsuit!


                        Lana yessssss boo


                          I am hoping so much that the recent videos with your sweet friends were done before social distancing. It's so important to help protect u, and everyone else.🙏🏽

                          Queen Alena

                            Lovvveee..Lovvveeee Love it!!<3

                            C J

                              Lana is 😂😂😂😂😂

                              Daisitaa Guzman

                                Watching your videos has helped me get through this quarantine and you’re one of many people that helped me start my own channel. Love you Adrienne!!!!

                                Ling Xiaoyu

                                  As usual she makes Tasia look a mess!

                                  Ella’s Life

                                    Not gonna lie— i would wear them alllllllll

                                    Joy _ldn

                                      I’m loving these videos😩😩👏🏾👏🏾

                                      Gracia Kinyanjui

                                        JUMPSUIT IS NT FOR EVERYONE,,LOL

                                        perla deleon

                                          Love love love!

                                          Aman Sran

                                            Kamar- Bandh !! 😀

                                            Sharon Mckinney

                                              It’s Fall?!

                                              S. H.

                                                I absolutely LOVE these segments, I just wish they would get an actual pear shaped woman to style.


                                                  Where is the earrings from 12:00 from?? I couldn't catch the name 😓


                                                    They were all beautiful in their own way. I love something cinching my waist to hug my waist

                                                    Jules Durham

                                                      I love how Lana has come across more and more comfortable and confident! Love how positive all of you are!

                                                      Farima S

                                                        OMG ADRIENNE YOU'RE AT 1 MIL !!!! WE SHOULD CELEBRATE !!!!!

                                                        Anna F.

                                                          Adrienne that jumpsuit was ITT

                                                          Anna F.

                                                            Love these! I think the black girl would look much better with a wider, non-fitted bottom! But she’s gorg regardless!


                                                              loved them all. everyone looked great.

                                                              Lexi A

                                                                Favorite series😍

                                                                Sarah Cha

                                                                  Jumpsuits are my faveeee

                                                                  Maria Liliana Francisco

                                                                    Wuao me gusto bien chicas

                                                                    Gabriela martinez

                                                                      Can you do trendy ways to wear a kimono for plus size next please

                                                                      Stephanie Hernandez

                                                                        I really am a fan of these wear it well videos😍

                                                                        Grisel Blanco-Garcia

                                                                          LOVED all jumpsuits, but my favorite was Adrienne’s!!! 😍😍😍 WOW!!! Just gorgeous!!!

                                                                          Jasmine Figueroa

                                                                            I love that you are using different body types, but if I may, can you add thicker/curvier/plus size women?

                                                                            Carlita Bonita

                                                                              That olive dark green is Lana's color! Why was this recorded in fall and just now coming out?

                                                                              Nique L

                                                                                I luv these videos Adrienne because u showcase all body types n show that we can rock any look n look amazing!!!

                                                                                Lusile Vilakati

                                                                                  Love these fashion segments with the ladies💜💜💜

                                                                                  Sandra Arita

                                                                                    Grace seems so graceful !!! Soft b delicate but strong ☺️

                                                                                    Paloma Healing

                                                                                      And only Adrienne can only pull off that one shoulder look?

                                                                                      Paloma Healing

                                                                                        Loved Grace's too!!💐

                                                                                        Paloma Healing

                                                                                          Taysha looks amazing!!💖💖💖 love it..

                                                                                          Sandra Arita

                                                                                            Adrienne what is Grace’s favorite perfume?! Love her !

                                                                                            S I E R R A —

                                                                                              Holy shit Lana’s makeup in this video she looks so damn good!!!!!!!

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