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      True or False: Skincare Edition

      “Wouldn’t you get good skin from having a good sex drive?” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about …

      Camila Nelson

        I’ll just be using my Ghanaian skin care products

        Sheart 88

          Once I had some sunscreen which was also had bug repellent……I put it on even though I had it for years when I put it on it burned and after I went swimming i had to wipe it off cause it was burning my face……….I would still use it

          Sheart 88

            I don’t break out all over my face so it must be cause I only go out side for school ….I probably get some acne cause I am lazy and don’t wanna clean my face cause I’m lazy!


              0:44 my sister & I don't get acne

              Bill Furler

                Lord,how much is the make up industry worth?

                The Loud Family louds

                  I’m super good at skin care so I think I will master this

                  Queen Spades05

                    I look albino so yeahhhhh I need sunlight

                    C. avalina

                      putting your face into the hot water opens up your pores and rinses the dirt and bacteria out without disturbing the natural ph balance using soaps.

                      Mimi Shan

                        Who has acne and watching this?? 😅

                        Ruby Szpeflicki

                          They spend $300 on skin care?? Holy cow. Go to the ordinary. Like $6 for serums and it's all clean

                          Lyndsy Carson

                            My skin is only better in the summer because I wear less makeup due to sweat and a busy schedule.

                            Judy Maher

                              Couldn't they ask more questions they only asked 7 questions

                              Tae Tae

                                is there anyone who use natural oil as spf? coz if everything we put in skin goes to bloodstream, the chemicals in sunscreens are really harsh. I kno its crucial fir uva/uvb but is there any reprocussion for using so much sunscreen??????
                                somebody help pls
                                educate a siss


                                  Did she chop her beautiful curls? I love her new do! 😍 gosh she looks great either way but this new hairstyle is gorgeous 👏🏽 yas 👏🏽qween!

                                  Isshan’s Gaming

                                    Self proclaimed dermatologist 😂😂😂


                                      Hi new faces!

                                      Dana Bongard

                                        0:30 probably because they count 2 pimples as an 'acne outbreak' 🙄

                                        Lost Soul

                                          Is it just me or it looked like James Charles is in the thumbnail??


                                            when i saw born i had like really bad red spots on my face like acne so i sad to stay outfit in the sun light and know its all gone

                                            tatyana nabeela

                                              ok trust me. being a half korean wooh skincare is everythingg.

                                              dontdrink tapwater

                                                I'm concerned. Self-proclaimed dermatologist is a thing? I mean, dermatology is a medical field and being a self-proclaimed dermatologist could pose many danger.

                                                Sophia Kolesnik

                                                  no guys?

                                                  Katie Kelleher

                                                    I love these true or false vids!❤️


                                                      Opened sunscreen doesn't last more than a year. Sad but true.

                                                      Abby Rose 068

                                                        So basically the skin care industry is trying to take all my money but guess what…

                                                        I'M STILL GONNA BUY MOST OF IT

                                                        Stella Birch

                                                          People need to stop spending so much on skincare that is actually awful for your skin. Do your research! Look up Dr Dray’s channel. She’ll save your skin and your money.

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