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      True Or False: STD Edition

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      Samantha P

        There is a vaccine for HPV that is available for both genders called gardsil


          Just wanted to add. People who were assigned male at birth cannot get tested for HPV. It is only when an outbreak happens in a form of a wort is how they find out . Only people with a cervix can get tested through pap smears !

          gracie myers

            Women can get HPV shots too. All my friends and I had to get them when we were probably 14 or 15

            Dilynne H.

              Girl with the orange hair is gorgeous

              Viviane hl

                lucifer punish evil he isnt evil

                Liz Mowrey

                  The one about the circumcised/not circumcised penis isn't accurate. Europe has one the lowest rates of HIV and some of the lowest rates of circumcision. Most of the world is not circumcised.

                  Oby Emefile

                    Who else thinks Daniella looks like Camila cabello


                      Holy damn Rachel is hot!

                      Sara Deneault


                        Grey S

                          Umm do not circumcise your son. It’s wrong and shouldn’t be done unless apart of your religion.


                            I will now be referring to genitals as "gennies". Thanks for that. Also, I 100% the quiz, but I'm also a germaphobe who requires testing before fooling around, so some guys will think I'm no fun. I don't care, because I'm clean.

                            Daniel Gomez

                              I was brushing my teeth at the wrong part…

                              Tanisha Doherty-Beals

                                So glad my highschool used to give us HPV vaccines lol


                                  Got tested while in the hospital & all clear over here! You HAVE to be picky when sleeping with someone. I knew a girl who has genital herpes and she didn’t tell the people she slept with bc she used condoms. Sick people out here, stay safe! Also don’t do oral. Regularly get tested even in a relationship, people cheat! (msg to the young ppl)


                                    FYI, pediatricians acknowledge that circumcision is purely cosmetic. The idea that circumcision gives you any preventative benefits towards STIs and STDs is based on such limited studies showing pretty much negligible percentages. If you feel like your son should be circumcised, know that you are not really helping him keep it any cleaner or preventing him from catching any diseases.

                                    Εύα Τ.

                                      Ok everyone commenting about how Rachel looks like Scarlett Johanson but are we just gonna ignore that Daniella looks like Camila Cabello with lighter eyes?


                                        I thought Bella Thorne was here lol

                                        Ruthy Bap

                                          Wait until marriage and don’t cheat. Boom, no STDs.


                                            why do you guys call it std? It’s sti!


                                              I like how their not negatively stigmatizing STI’s majority of people who have them or have had them weren’t even being promiscuous in the first place just a case of bad luck. Also people need to be empathetic and get educated about STI’s before they go judging others and making them feel bad about themselves. God forbid it happened to you and someone made you feel worthless about it.

                                              Merlyn D’Abreo

                                                PSA – Do not google blue waffles 🙈🙈 it’s bad.

                                                Hi I am Alice

                                                  How about you freaking give us some information instead of just scaring us? Like why are some of these true, how can you get protected, how likely is it etc

                                                  KaileexLove Kiwii

                                                    Here in Canada we call them STI’s, I thought everywhere changed the term from Sexually Transmitted Diseases to Sexually Transmitted Infections

                                                    Jerry Troy


                                                      Susannah Milner

                                                        The girl with the orange hair looks like Scarlet Johanssons daughter

                                                        Michelle Rogers

                                                          Me watching this being like
                                                          "Yup. I paid attention in that week long abstinence class"

                                                          Shanda Mell

                                                            You youngin's who don't know what blue waffle is well you need to just Google it 😂

                                                            Ella Draven

                                                              The girl with orange hair looks like Kathryn Winnick

                                                              B4U NS

                                                                Please tell me how to reduce lips size at home and through any products?

                                                                Cheyenne Winnicki

                                                                  Boo to buzzfeed for promoting false facts on circumcision. The studies that showed it was easier to get stds being intact were totally unethical and botched. Most other countries leave their babies intact.


                                                                    For the record i can testify one season of the real world i think everyone got scabies.

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