TRUTH ABOUT MY LOVE LIFE + my new boyfriend!!!!

Main TRUTH ABOUT MY LOVE LIFE + my new boyfriend!!!!

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    Tara Michelle
      TRUTH ABOUT MY LOVE LIFE + my new boyfriend!!!!

      Finally giving you some answers and the truth about my love life that I have been NON STOP asked about! LMK if you wanna meet him 😉 Outfit details & fun shit …

      Tara Michelle

        To everyone upset with me for "dragging this out", I'm sorry you feel that way! This is the first time I've even MENTIONED having a boyfriend so I'm not sure why people think that. Talking about my relationship is honestly a little uncomfortable for me and I didn't realize that by talking about it once, I'm now a bitch for not showing him ahhaha. Again, sorry for pissing anyone off lol but I don't feel like I did anything wrong. I said in the video that I'm posting TWO main channel videos this week instead of one because I WANT to show him to you guys. Just didn't realize it would have to be immediately after mentioning having a boyfriend! Anyways, hope you can forgive me I guess! You'll see him this Thursday.

        r b

          pretty sure it’s taylor cause i noticed they’ve been hanging out lately but i’m really hoping it’s phil (even tho he doesn’t live in LA)


            I feel like she wouldve said said that it isn’t Taylor just like she replied to comments before saying it isn’t Brian haha

            Kat Jimenez


              Renae Simes

                Everything happens for a reason… everything with your visa will work out ♥️ been subscribed since tumblr lol can’t wait to meet new boy hehe but I definetly think it’s either Brian or Taylor! 👀

                tracy ruiz

                  Omg have to do a second video with HIM!! 🙂

                  Maegan Jordan

                    We need to meet him! it's only fair to introduce him to the fam lol

                    Abby LaFever

                      You should make a video with him.💕


                        Can it be Brian

                        Arielle Tuzon

                          Yaas New Orleans! Go to:
                          – Cafe Du Monde (very touristy, but must do)
                          – Cafe Beignet (cleaner, better beignets)
                          – Boutique Du Vampyre, they sell items (journals, rings) based on things in the Originals and TVD.
                          They have vampire tours and tarots readings too.
                          – Lafayette Cemetery, the Originals frequently filmed there.
                          – French Market – so much cool food. Try pralines! They're different than the nut.
                          – The clubs and bars on Frenchmen street are much cooler and less crazy than Bourbon street.
                          – Magazine street has lovely houses and restaurants
                          – Plantation and swamp tours if you have time.

                          I just love to watch Youtubers travel to places I've been. HAVE FUN!

                          Catherine Osborne

                            New boyfriend? Um, hell yes we want to meet him. ❤️

                            Mary Im

                              Your hair is literally goals….what do I have to tell my hairdresser to get my hair cut like yours?? 😍😍😍😍

                              jessica wise

                                What kind of tea were you drinking?

                                Calli St.gelais

                                  YES I want to see him in a video.

                                  Cristine Reyes

                                    It's either Brian or Taylor 😬 eitherway yas show us your new man. 👀

                                    IzzyyAdventures _

                                      I feel like this is one of the few videos that address’s the title and thumbnail for the video.

                                      Kayla Berry


                                        Jamie Nicole

                                          Well I for one can not wait till the next video!! ☺️ so happy you’re happy!

                                          Ashleigh Milligan

                                            I am from New Orleans!!! Definitely walk around the French Quarter, the shops are super cute/fun!! Jackson square in the French Quarter is beautiful. The St. Louis Cathedral is a definite must see. You HAVE to try some crawfish!! The river walk has some really cute shops and an awesome forever 21! And by the river walk you’ll be able to see the cool steam boats. Riding on the carriages downtown is also SO much fun. And City Park is beautiful!!! Oh and if you want to have some fun go down Bourbon Street, im sure you’ll get lots of drinks and get super wasted lmao!!! Places to eat: Court of Two sisters (brunch buffet super cute), Cafe Du Monde (you have to try some beignets and grab some coffee), Commanders Palace is really good but expensive, Katie’s is delicious and has creole/Italian food, Acme Oyster house has the best seafood, Brennan’s is also really good/cute it’s in a little courtyard for breakfast, get drinks at Port O Call they have the best, and if you’re into daiquiris you have to try New Orleans Daiquiris (they are the best). If you have any questions feel free to DM me on Instagram @ashleigh.milligan
                                            Love you Tara!!!!! <3


                                              If you’re feeling lost you should read The Defining Decade it’s a selfhelp book for people in their 20s

                                              Emily Jane

                                                Tara! Been a fan for a LONG ass time! I live in New Orleans and I can for sure tell you you’re going to have the best time! Love you girl!

                                                Kayla Purnell

                                                  Tara I’m sooo happy for you that you’ve found someone and you’re just glowing with happiness right now!! I’m sorry people have to be so rude and ignorant to you.. you choose to tell us what you want so don’t listen to people saying you’re dragging this out bc you’re not and it’s your choice when and if you ever want to share things with us anyway! I’ve watched you for years and I love your videos! Love you tons 💖💖💖

                                                  Salesha Winner

                                                    Right now is like great for NOLA spring is definitely my favorite season to be there. I would definitely recommend a swamp tour or a version of one because they’re soooo interesting. I also extremely recommend going to preservation hall. It’s so fun and totally great!


                                                      We absolutely love to meet him but please be careful 💗

                                                      rochelle saladino

                                                        I doubt its brian coz he has veiny arms and definitely not taylor

                                                        ALI BUZZELLI

                                                          YES bf video, we wanna meet him 😉

                                                          Carmen Galindo

                                                            There is no reason why you should be explaining yourself – Tara, you are literally so strong, I would would have ‘black listed’ so many words. These haters gotta go somewhere ☕️

                                                            Elizabeth P.

                                                              Omg! People! she’ll present the guy when she’s ready. Geez!

                                                              Gianna Casmirri

                                                                She is most definitely back with taylor!!!! I am so happy for them I personally think they are the cutest 😍 PEEP his highlights on insta- no way he would have all of those up if they weren’t dating!!!!! So cute love you Tara 💓

                                                                jazmine garcia

                                                                  I AM SO EXCITED FOR US TO MEET YOUR BOYFRIEND AHHHHH YOU LOOK SO HAPPY

                                                                  Melisa Gonzalez Robles

                                                                    yess I wanna meet your mans 🤪❤️❤️

                                                                    Nancy Pina

                                                                      I live in New Orleans!!!!! Really recommend the French quarter

                                                                      bailey c

                                                                        Love your videos Tara, it’s just sometimes I feel like the replies to your fans are rude. As a viewer, it’s kind of hard to look up to someone and then see them be mean to the people who got them to where they are now. Maybe it just comes across wrong through a screen, but I don’t know it’s just a bit disappointing…

                                                                        Kadeisha Moses

                                                                          Omgggg yes do a video with your new man I’m so freaking happy for you 😍💓

                                                                          Marissa Bartley

                                                                            Yay!!!!! You deserve to be happy ❤️❤️❤️ (not that us independent ladies aren’t happy without a man but you know what I mean lolol)

                                                                            kaitlyn tang

                                                                              Yes!! Please make a video on PRing and the ins and outs of the influencer profession!

                                                                              Kristen Leblond

                                                                                As much as I want it to be Brian? I don't think it is Brian…But, looking forward to Thursday's Vlog!!!! Tara, whom ever it may be, you deserve to be happy. And, Who doesn't like a tall man!!! I'm 5"3 and my hubby is 6"5. Your dad is a tall drink of water too. So, I'm down with a tall man…As long as he treats you that way you should be treated. See ya Thursday!!!

                                                                                Jessica Sutton

                                                                                  EVERYONE THUMBS UP. EVERYONE! THUMBS! UP!!


                                                                                    I feel like its Taylor!! saw the stories and you guys are always together dating. happy for u and i cant on thurs tehehe

                                                                                    Las Chica

                                                                                      I’ve been rooting for you and Brian since the San Francisco vlogs😋

                                                                                      Princess Valeriano

                                                                                        A simple advice from a 33 year old subscriber – guard your heart Tara. 🥰

                                                                                        Danica Dar Juan

                                                                                          i’m so glad to see you happy and moved on! cause when I saw your breakup video, it just killed me! I hope to bump into you some day! I live very close to DTLA! 🙂


                                                                                            This gives me hope that someday i will move on too 🙂

                                                                                            Lia Garcia

                                                                                              I immediately went to insta. I totally missed it!!

                                                                                              Renu Sasla

                                                                                                DO THE GOD DAMN VIDEO IM SO INTRIGUED GUURRRLLL

                                                                                                Mel JC



                                                                                                    When I saw this I clicked so fast!! I’m SO happy for you 😭 of course we want to meet him!! He better be good to you!! ❤️❤️

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