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      Trying Dollar Tree Makeup For The First Time

      HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I’m going on another adventure to try and find great, affordable makeup! After my testing TJ MAXX …

      Doing the Lord’s work

        Not all of us can afford what you can. Please tone the attitude down.. I understand it’s your brand to be designer everything, I really get that. You need to realize you’re gonna kill your fanbase by dragging everything all the time.


          I freaking Loveeee Jeffery they way he acted in Dollar Store I promise y’all I acted this exact same way just last week when I went in my dollar tree for some Advil and Boom I look to my left and was Amazed by all the make up they had and yes my cart looked like his 😂😂 but when it’s only a dollar you can actually try out what actually works for you especially because I’m a fare skinned black woman and I kept spending a lot of money on foundations that was not my shade at all I mean I’m a beginner and for my b day all my pictures looked like Micheal Jackson jumped into my body 😩😩😩😩 so yes thanks to the Dollar Tree I can experiment with different products before I actually spend my hard earned coins OK!

          Camila Rose

            At my dollar Tree there are makeup brushes

            Demonical Damage

              Sees Kat Von D palette 2:10
              Jeffree: and I oop…

              Lupe Amador

                Jeffree: That’s already broken, let’s get a non broken one

                Also Jeffee: * Throws everything in cart

                LizzyBeth PeaceOut


                  Im not crazy just insane

                    10:25 "This brand CaNT have three shades" wildly digs around "this brand HaS thReE shADes"

                    Christen Summers

                      Idk if I’m just used to ghetto rundown stores or not, but I think my dollar tree is actually pretty nice. It actually looks pretty similar to the one you went to, only maybe a little smaller and it has carpet. But we usually have about 2 cashiers, and the people there are always nice and down to earth. Lots of surprisingly nice things there if you’re poor and can’t afford shit.

                      Angela Hays

                        “I’m going to blur it out”

                        Doesn’t blur it out.

                        Cindy Abernathy

                          I'm not mad!! This 55yr old loves me some Jeffree Starr!!!!💝

                          Kristine Olver

                            Do not use that exfoliating brush on ur face!! It is NOT gentle!


                              Your Boyfriend looks like someone I'd Marry at Electric Forest,

                              Charlie Leal

                                Jeffree, thank you so much for being you, you have no idea what a shitty day i was having until I watched your video, it just changed it my attitute a 100% tysm

                                P B

                                  thats already broken so lets get a not broken one

                                  Proceeds to get a non broken one and then THROWS IT HARD on the wheel cart, okay Jeffree that was a choice

                                  Sarah Perkins

                                    The first complaint is “life long milk” not regular milk. Stupid

                                    Candie Monroe

                                      Love you for this!!!❤️❤️❤️Yes a lot of us can't afford luxury makeup. But I will say wet n wild and la colors are the ones usually there. Occasionally elf. However I refuse to wear any foundation from Dollar tree but you pulled it off.


                                        Lol did Jeffree just shade James at 7:09


                                          Jeffree you cant represent MI, if you've never been to the Somerset, Gucci store, spill the tea.

                                          Erin McQuade

                                            Every time I go into Dollar Tree I am so tempted to buy the LA Colors line of makeup!!! I am going for it this week… Momma needs a new contour! It’s got to be sealed, tho! Let’s be rEaLlY REAL! Thanks for this video!

                                            Slush Puppy

                                              I think I was about to break my finger while trying to click on this too fast

                                              Itz Antonette

                                                He is so humble

                                                Concon Marasigan

                                                  Look what Shane Dawson taught Jeffree star😂😂

                                                  Gia Richarte

                                                    Jefree pretending why he doesn’t know why they put poles on the cart like his ass ain’t from the hood and knew that 💕

                                                    Karely Torres

                                                      Only jeffree could pull this off, he rocked the look 😀

                                                      toria r

                                                        Your the best it would so like make my day no year to run into you

                                                        Prxnce Mvtthew

                                                          Omggg the ramen debate. I say it like Nate-raymen but the rest of my family says like jeffree-rahmen

                                                          Amanda Walter

                                                            I really love that Jeffrey dosen't full on hate the dollar tree make up beacuse like 90% of my makeup in my makeup bag is from the dollar tree. I'm to poor to buy the good stuff.

                                                            David Kitaura

                                                              Can we take some time to admire the fact he mentioned shopping at these discount shops 5 years ago? He truly is a STAR!


                                                                …when you love Jeffree Star so much that you “like” the video before you even watch it. 💗

                                                                Ryan Smith

                                                                  I love it "let's get a non-broken one, proceeds to forcefully chuck into the cart.


                                                                    YOU NEVER SAID IT WAS JEFFREE STAR APPROVED OR NOT WITH THE STAR 😭

                                                                    maaike smits

                                                                      Jeffree: okay this one is already broken so let's get a non broken one….
                                                                      Jeffree: Throws the eyeshadow into the basket

                                                                      Maria Rose

                                                                        I feel exposed…i have that face exfoliator. Let me just say that after a year the plastic is chipped up and the bristles have gave up and fallen out🤣

                                                                        Loriann De La Rosa

                                                                          Jeffree: My god, we found the makeup
                                                                          takes off sunglasses
                                                                          Jeffree: Bitch, take these glasses off😂

                                                                          I love this because Jefree is willing to get out of his comfort zone and go back to his roots that he once came from. It’s kinda humbling but also at the same time it’s Jefree soo😂


                                                                            So lovely to see you and Nathan – such joy from you sent out to the world – thank you and your lovely team for bringing us your experiences and opinions. Live long and propser – take care. Love from London : – ) x

                                                                            NATALiE R0SE

                                                                              You should do a review on melt smoke session Pallette


                                                                                Please do a diaso make up lewk


                                                                                  that's long life milk lol

                                                                                  Zach Sharp

                                                                                    Very entertaining content. I’m glad you do YouTube.

                                                                                    Julie B

                                                                                      2:18 'Scary da house', you been hanging out with Rich Lux?

                                                                                      Justine Schlegel

                                                                                        Omg I was literally there like 30 minutes before he got there! I had the same cashier😂❤️

                                                                                        marisol_ lopez123

                                                                                          Jefferee love your outfit today it slays👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I love when u guys were talking about ramen

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