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    Jackie Aina

      Trying My Skincare Routine on My BOOTAY | Jackie Aina

      Hey guys! I got to spend some time in Miami with Dermalogica and they gave me a custom skincare routine that was done on my back and bum! It was very …

      Klein melville

        I need Jackie Aina's wardrobe to solve all of my problems, thank you

        Taylor_ Vancouver23


          Alanna Frank

            Dermalogica girl is a beauty.

            Natalie McMasters

              Stunning darling just stunning. That body 💣💥💣

              Clara Eke

                Dennis 😍😍😘🥰

                Nathalie Rae

                  Love seeing your man vlog Jackie! Such a perfect couple!


                    listen… I called in sick for work after I saw this notification

                    Alex Costin

                      idk if we're still saying goals but jackie and dennis are G.O.A.L.S.

                      Melody Kincaid

                        Ok, this is a serious question.. can you please adopt me!?

                        Rauha so random

                          Jackie is thicc thiccccccc

                          Charmaine Keating

                            You are a beautiful woman. Big up urself❤️

                            Rella Ella

                              Jackie's body is GOALS!

                              Lina C

                                This black love, so powerful 🥺 how I’m trying to be with my boo 😩🖤

                                Janeece Hopewell

                                  Body is sick girl 😍😍😍😍 I need that body so bomb 💣


                                    Excuse me?

                                    Reagan Pearson

                                      when dennis asked jackie to give him a walk into the venue and she said “😱 me? my pleasure!” all the chick fil a employees felt that

                                      Linda Mitchell

                                        I love Jackie in a strappy dress. It's so delicate yet sexy on her.


                                          That Out of the Box ending tho lol yas!

                                          Reagan Pearson

                                            hands down most beautiful couple w the most beautiful life

                                            Caramel Kisses

                                              .Miss J that bawdy-awdy-awdy honey!!! I’m about to wear caftans for the rest of my life lol 😝…..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

                                              Latania Blake

                                                Bringing me back to my childhood with that outro

                                                Aisha Kagone

                                                  dennis said “straynja fingz”

                                                  Jayne O’Connor

                                                    Your love for dermalogica is what convinced me to try it. I can't wait for my order to arrive!

                                                    Bethany Schmidt

                                                      But why is Tamara JLo’s twin ??!!! 😳

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