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      INSTAGRAM: HEY GUYS! In today’s video I continue my Prom Dress Series, this time I’m trying on fashion nova prom dresses!


        Omgggg that black one❤❤

        Jasper Samson

          Miss, you look so beautiful

          Koeksie Bear

            Hey roxxi 🙂 You should do a get ready for prom dress up video 😛

            lekhna gangwani

              You didn't wore the first white dress
              The right sleeve will go at the back of your left shoulder! 😊😉

              SimplySarah Here

                Roxy, you look beautiful in all of those dresses, but that red one, you a QUEEN!
                ALSO, I don't know what prom y'all are going to because my school would kick you out at the door with those!

                Shalini Ahuja

                  You’re so cute ♥️


                    Where’s the top you’re wearing from pls??


                      Blue dress looks like a beach dress more than a prom dress. Like fabric has a casual look rather than fancy tbh.

                      Shurite Banda

                        I think that you look good in everything, you have an amazing figure

                        Jancy Chirayil

                          maybe u should buy a basic nude sleeveless dress…to wear with the sheer dresses….just telling…

                          Rebecca Nicole

                            You looked GORGEOUS in these. 💜☺

                            Daniellah Alyson

                              the black one looks so good 💯

                              Impossible Reactions

                                Which editor app do you use?

                                maycee bennett

                                  that last dress is so stunning omg

                                  Maria Jean Nuttall

                                    In the red dress u looked like jessica rabbit but with out the red hair and her make up

                                    chloe vldz

                                      Roxy follow me back on instagram


                                        Everything always look amazing on you cause of your body 😭😭 so jealous

                                        H Berri777

                                          I like dress 1

                                          Victoria Gonsalves

                                            Your prom series is literally my favorite ever

                                            Iniyaa Magesh

                                              the red velvet and the black one looked so good on you….hands down!

                                              Paige Lovezyouu

                                                Omg yes the last one looked soo beautiful on you but yes i loved the red one too, that one kinda gave me an elvira vibe lol

                                                Ali Lamb

                                                  Amazing omg loved this so much

                                                  Rajtanushree Dutta

                                                    All the dresses are beautiful one of my favorite prom dress viedo

                                                    Hayley Donges

                                                      Dresses looked amazing, Hi from Australia

                                                      Rajtanushree Dutta

                                                        The velvet one is just wow

                                                        Krystal Ayala

                                                          The white dress would look so nice as a reception dress

                                                          Ktin Rein

                                                            Makeup community: James vs Tati

                                                            Roxi: Mooooore prom dresses!!!!

                                                            Lisa Collymore

                                                              That Red Velvet Dress Came Thru 😍💃 Yass!! Roxi..You SLAYEDD all of those dresses👏

                                                              Mia Mazzoccoli

                                                                Shes got the body of a goddess. HER CURVES THO did you see how her waist curves in and then her hips??? She looks like a model


                                                                  You’ve got such a nice figure!

                                                                  Rachael Shannon

                                                                    Love the red dress!!

                                                                    sri haritha

                                                                      i love the top u were wearing while filming than any other dress of fashion nova xoxo love you

                                                                      Ramona Halliwell

                                                                        I love the black one

                                                                        Key G

                                                                          Am i the only one who thought of Spongebob when she said "bikini bottoms"?🤣

                                                                          Anju Bala Anju

                                                                            I think you have to try Indian dress with Indian make-up

                                                                            Emily Nickerson

                                                                              You look soooo amazing in the red velvet one!! I love it on you!!

                                                                              liana ryln elcana

                                                                                You got so beautiful curves

                                                                                Chelsea Renard

                                                                                  That first dress looked so good and stylish on you you are crazy for not liking it!

                                                                                  sarita ray

                                                                                    Please don't upload such video as it contains zero content

                                                                                    Mickie Nevills

                                                                                      Hello Roxi! Wow all of those dresses looked incredible on you! You nailed it this time around you looked so beautiful in everyone of them! 🙂

                                                                                      Deshyy T.

                                                                                        Roxxxxyyy that first white dress looked great on you 😍😍

                                                                                        Stephanie Wiseman

                                                                                          In love with that black dress. I wish I had that for my upcoming Hawaii vacation. Sooo gorgeous. And you definitely make it look extra amazing. You are beautiful.

                                                                                          Chivos Expiatorios

                                                                                            I like all the dresses I just don't think they are prom appropriate

                                                                                            Sofia Gonzales

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