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      FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM: So… Today I bought some more wedding dresses, this time I’m trying on wedding dresses from …

      Noobiz tube

        Oh… I didn't know. Congratulations on your engagement..

        Payal Parida

          Please do Indian food mukbang 🥘 😍🤑

          Caitlyn WIlliams

            That second to last one (the pure lace one) is the wedding dress you wear just for the wedding night


              You could literally pull off any dress. Somehow they all look good on you even when the dress itself is a bit ridiculous. Can't WAIT to see your actual wedding dress!

              Dorota Pietrzak

                No śmieszne są te sukienki 😂 u nas to 3000 zł w salonie trzeba zapłacić za ładna suknie

                Genesis Mann

                  Can you try wedding dresses from JJSHOUSE!!!!! PLEASE

                  swanky catfish

                    this camera quality is INSANE !!!!!! 2160p !!??!? yessss

                    Yara Abi farraj

                      With alterations and a bit more good quality tull those dresses can actually look good

                      Ashleigh Cassinelli

                        Someone send me the link for the first dress

                        roshni roshni

                          Roses are red
                          My like button is blue

                          I love Roxy
                          So do you 💖💖💖💖

                          Jessica Jacobs

                            Can you to op shop wedding dresses


                              someone PLEASE send me the link to the frost dress can’t find it ANYWHERE

                              Alisha Khan

                                A bride should always wear a wedding dress designed by a designer as it will be perfect on her n it will make the bride feel special 😊😊😊👰🏻

                                HILDA MATOS

                                  Was so godo that your put the link over de description .. gracias esta súper genial tus vídeos ❤️❤️

                                  Princess ofangels

                                    Omg love ur vids please do us a essence mascra viedo 😍

                                    paulina mierzejewska

                                      A lot of the dresses are pretty sheer🙄i really liked the first dress it looked silver😊


                                        On the last dress.. if your good with sewing. Cut off the excess lace material then you have a cute short white dress. Probably could dye it a different color as well. Just an idea!

                                        Tegan Mcintyre

                                          You should go into a real wedding dress place and video you trying on dresses 😍❤️🦖


                                            😂🤣🤣😂 I'm dying over the see through dress

                                            The Rican Queen

                                              Yess you did buy the same dress as wish.. and you saved them both for last on both video 🤣🤣🤣

                                              Nikole Dayanan

                                                Hiii Roxxy, why dont you try making a diy wedding dress? That would be fun. Love yah!

                                                Meaghan Kehoe

                                                  The first one was gorgeous

                                                  The Rican Queen

                                                    Its sad when your hubby is sleep and you cant find your headphones and cant hear a thing 😭😭😭😭

                                                    Jesica Guevara

                                                      What about hebeos dresses? You should try better oned, cause it was obvious that you were going to get poor quality dresses. 😘

                                                      April Turner

                                                        I dont think ive ever seen any of you videos where did not anything you tried on.. this is a first. All of those dresses were terrible in my opinion. And that last dress i could see your underwear… but congrats on the engagement im happy for you

                                                        Dawn Wright

                                                          I got my wedding dress from ebay and it was lovely xxx

                                                          Yiming Israel

                                                            The second dress was sheer on the bottom and I could see her underwear

                                                            Emily Bourke

                                                              Why didn’t you add the links to the dresses?????

                                                              Akaylah Rose

                                                                Yeah congrats on your engagement Roxxy!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                                                Cupcakes & Concealer

                                                                  The first one would be amazing for the rehearsal dinner!

                                                                  xoxo 123

                                                                    can you start puting links to these products pls in the description

                                                                    karen garcia

                                                                      Luv u ♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍 ur th best ♥️😍

                                                                      Grace Brammeld

                                                                        I can see the outline of your knickers in every dress. I would love to see wedding dresses from other websites such as Lightinthebox etc, to see how they really look.

                                                                        sup bro

                                                                          idk what it is…. i used to loveeee watching roxys videos but since that heavily biased review she did of gigis makeup collection i cant find her reliable since its obvious money can cloud her any judgement

                                                                          Alyssa lynn

                                                                            congratulations on your engagement roxi

                                                                            from your dinosaur family member

                                                                            kim taehyung

                                                                              I was smiling like an idiot when she said 'as you know i am engaged' 😂😋😋

                                                                              Sariah Mcmillan

                                                                                I would give the last dress a DIY and fix it to be a summer dress

                                                                                Felin Masicampo

                                                                                  SHE'S ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!

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