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      INSTAGRAM: What’s up guys!? Seeing as I recently got engaged, I thought this would be the perfect time to finally do the very …

      Bibitibooo I.

        I wish there was a puffy dress.. 😕 I'm not really into the fishtail dress style. 😔


          wish me luck
          Heh I see what you did there 😂

          Love the dresses tho ly 😘

          Orzza Official

            Love you Roxi x❤️

            Clementine Sandler

              Congratulations to the both of you. You can also check Michael Cinco and Monique Lhuillier. Most of their creations are sophisticated and gorgeous. Kinda matches your personality.

              Viviana Norocea

                Please add the links!!!!!!!!

                Allyssa Pearl Bigcas Vlogz

                  Don't wear the wedding dress..The wedding day will ruin

                  Cian O’Malley

                    Roxi, I believe that the dresses on Wish were just a scam.

                    Arangba Tzudir

                      Who wouldn't love to get married to a successful YouTubers who is a millionaire!

                      Ikjot Kaur

                        I don't express how beautiful are you 😊😊

                        Lysie Belle

                          very beautiful

                          Simran Maharjan

                            I'm sooooo exited for her wedding video 🤗🤗🤗and I want her to go in tlc say yes to the dress to choose her weeding gown 😜😜😜

                            Aashi Verma

                              Part 2 yay!!

                              Tammy James

                                That first dress was totally see thru.

                                Natalia Zaleska

                                  Where can i buy the desk like yours?

                                  Lisa Maloney

                                    I want to see you in a ball gown.. series II please xx

                                    Monika Sungaila

                                      You could totally tie dye the bottom of the second one in a cool color and just wear it around during summer. 🙂 Or just dye the whole thing in a nice color if you don't like wearing white around as much.

                                      garima and khushi’s creative life

                                        Can you do part 2

                                        Armish Bilawal

                                          Roxi how about you DIY these wedding dresses into normal dresses or skirts or tops..!!! I think they would look absolutely amazing that way and more faltering.

                                          Sakshi Rane

                                            Roxi obsessed w the wedding so the only videos we'll see until she gets married are the ones like this; not even relatable

                                            Stacey Snowbunny

                                              I really like your page babe, but maybe try talking LESS and showing us MORE! I had to fast forward A LOT

                                              Sarah johnston

                                                Roxi you should try wedding dresses & bridesmaids dresses from eBay. Should also try bridesmaids dresses from wish.

                                                Kayla Holmes

                                                  Yesss part 2 please Roxi xxx

                                                  Lansin jennifer Meiringmei



                                                      All of them are ugly

                                                      Mackenzie Zollner

                                                        You should do the UK version of say yes to the dress

                                                        Sarai Hernandez

                                                          I’m over obsessed with these wish hauls. So interesting and informing 👏🏻🥰

                                                          Alia Baby

                                                            How old is she, i thought she was like 18😂

                                                            Ray Lynn

                                                              She’s uses the same back round music as Sam and Colby ❤️

                                                              Sylvia Kalege

                                                                For the first dress, you should cut off the lace and it’ll be a pretty decent dress 😮

                                                                Jess Allen

                                                                  It’d be interesting to watch you fix one of these dresses.. Like add new better quality lace/fabric etc.

                                                                  Susmita Rabha

                                                                    Very excited for your wedding sister love you from india 😍

                                                                    Jess Allen

                                                                      Wedding dresses from hebeo

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