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      Trying The BLUE BLOOD Collection by Jeffree Star!

      Today I’m playing with the Jeffree Star Cosmetics BLUE BLOOD collection! Not quite the video you were expecting from me, huh? I take the palette and liquid …


        WHAT DO YOU THINK? LOVING THE BLUES??? 💙 don't forget to enter the giveaway!

        Mrs. C

          this look is amazing! Ik hou Van het Heelal 🌠🌝💙💙💙

          amanda berg

            you in blue are my heelal!

            Erika Eriksson

              I think you would fit perfectly as a judge at Ru Paul´s Drage Race 😀 If the heelal wants you to be one it will happen ^^

              Kristýna Virágová



                  heelal of Universum?

                  Gabriela Kotlarska

                    All my hopes and dreams are flying around the heelal… someday they will come true. 😆🌟

                    Liliana Marines

                      My fiancé is my Heelal.

                      adiba hasan

                        The title…had my wigs flown

                        Jamin García

                          Heelal is full of wonderful people and you’re on of them!! Love you gurl you’re the bomb!

                          Tutai Jessie

                            i actually thought i heard you say Joffery Star as in you're still hungover GoT

                            Kayne Mateo

                              you're one my favorites in this heelal <3

                              Mahaeswaran Mahaeswaran

                                The 'heelal' is all about blue
                                Luv u nikkie


                                  That eye look is heelal shaking !!!! 💠💙🔷🌐💠💙🧿🗺🌎💍

                                  Ana via

                                    " i look like a worm " 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i cannot

                                    Aleksandra Kerestelieva

                                      I loved when you said that we are the brightest star in the Heelal !! I know it's not directly at me but I felt really happy when you said it !!


                                        the blue eyes ref !!! hahahahahahaha love you !! xoxox

                                        Sarah Boon

                                          I love all the colors of the heelal.


                                            Ummmm sorry but i feel like you copied Ayo Coralie look 😕

                                            Niyaz Syed

                                              100% comments are about HEELAL💙🤪🤪🤪

                                              Patrick Alexander

                                                This Heelal needs more love

                                                Emma Desquiens

                                                  Nikkie is the queen of my heelal.

                                                  Riina Kaipola

                                                    I wonder what will happen to the Heelal in the Avengers Endgame🤔💫
                                                    Love u Nikkie🤩

                                                    Shannon Potts

                                                      So glad to see that you two are on good terms again!
                                                      Your makeup is out of this heelal!

                                                      Zornica Nikolova

                                                        Look up and get lost in the HEELAL, or Nikkie's eye makeup. Completely your choice. Make the right decision, chose Nikkie! ❤️ 😀❤️

                                                        Blair Mcdougall

                                                          I love that no brow look you should definitely do it more often. aaaand wowowow youre doing a giveaway and theres no post or following on ig? i love this. Because i dont use ig and i never get to enter giveaways. Please count me in girly. I want that set!!!

                                                          Mhai Morales-Haravata

                                                            You are a true queen Nikki 😘 Heelal to you! 😍

                                                            Kamilla Gutierrez

                                                              Nikkies when are you gonna finally get rid of that mini bouffant. I love you girl but it aint the look lol

                                                              datswagger Helen

                                                                You are the most beautiful part of this heelal baby 💖💖💖💖 good luck to everyone taking part


                                                                  I love you through all of the Heelal 👏🏻❤️

                                                                  Niyati Parekh

                                                                    Every day the heelal is manifesting the best for you ❤️

                                                                    Harlene Diamond

                                                                      The Heelal conspires against me, I never liked the blue, but now is bias 🥶💙🥶💙

                                                                      Ezgi Dereli

                                                                        Honey you look good with every colour. xox Heelal

                                                                        judy garcia

                                                                          So glad u two can be mature adults.. move on… support each other. Your a classy queen ♡

                                                                          Ru Group

                                                                            Doing for a friend Heelal

                                                                            ayla zaheer

                                                                              This blue look is out of this heelal 💙😍

                                                                              Kartini Rahman

                                                                                Heelal 😍

                                                                                Elishimma Forrester

                                                                                  Heelal please bring me luck this year🙏🏻😫😂❤️

                                                                                  Fee Maurer

                                                                                    Your highlighter always pops, u can even see it in het heelal! So jealous of that.


                                                                                      I don't watch a lot of TV series because I dont feel like I have time or enjoy sitting for that long for one episode. And games of thrones feels like one of those shows you have to sit and watch and not multitask.

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