Turning my little sister into ME! ~ Sister Style Swap 2.0! ~ Freddy My Love

Main Turning my little sister into ME! ~ Sister Style Swap 2.0! ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love
      Turning my little sister into ME! ~ Sister Style Swap 2.0! ~ Freddy My Love

      It was time. Here is our sister style swap version 2! Subscribe to Coco- Clothes linked below! *affiliate links used …

      Seryn Lazzaro

        Freddy- this is the bag. Coco- this is ugly. Freddy- your ugly. Lol I’m dying 😂

        Josie Chen

          I love these vids Freddy and Coco are so elegant

          gem hay

            Best video, ever!

            Laura Dickinson

              I've been watching since the beginning and I can't believe how quickly Coco has transformed into a teenager! She is so grown up and beautiful!!!

              Gabriella Ellis

                i love you so much you are so so sooooooo pretty and an AMAZING person and you are my IDOL!!!!!

                2.0ME ME ME ME UNIKITTIE

                  I love you your like a replication of sleeping Beauty

                  Denisa Dellinger

                    Love the singing. Coco is a hoot and such a good sport.

                    Giselle Alejandro

                      Coco is so grown up, she’s beautiful. I like when you two sang together. More videos together.

                      malee 386

                        you guys are so cute together! <3

                        rachel balk

                          I Will love to be your sister Freddy ! I love your outfits!

                          Rodney Pereira

                            U both made me truly miss my sis

                            Keri Elaine

                              This makes me wish I had a sister! You two are absolutely hilarious. Bless Coco for letting you give her the faux bangs 😂 . Also you two killed it on the harmonizing! Maybe you two could do a duet video next!

                              I'm a small Youtuber.

                              Chelsea Jade

                                That first outfit the shoes look like their from the 90s😂😂🤣


                                  please what is the fake tan youre using?!?

                                  Booboo Smith

                                    coco is a tiktok mood lol

                                    Booboo Smith

                                      your both absolutely stunning 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 xx

                                      Noemie Morand

                                        Anyone else wanna see a Freddy X Gabi demar collabe ?

                                        pool pool

                                          Вся суть бабищ в одном видосе!

                                          Charlotte Steed

                                            literally i’ve watched the old version of this video so many times and i’m so glad to see it again! it seems as if freddys changed and coco is so grown up now! lots of love💗

                                            Charlotte Evans

                                              Can freddy be my big sister?


                                                No scandals ✔
                                                No drama ✔
                                                Cute outfits ✔
                                                Literally just two sisters being wholesome and teasing each other✔

                                                Freddy, your channel is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the more problematic channels. Love your content and you're such a great role model for Coco ❤

                                                Imi W

                                                  I can’t get over how pretty you and your sister are 😍😍😍 I love your videos!!❤️

                                                  Fiola Kuhon

                                                    Before Freddy started to curl Coco's hair, Coco looked like Mia Maples 😄

                                                    Gabriella Millinchip

                                                      I have Disney +

                                                      Zahra Syed

                                                        Bruh u two r close from being opposite yet it looks like u get along whilst me and my sister are half dead everyday considering we beat the hell out of eachother 😂

                                                        Alicia Chng

                                                          When are you posting it freddy,i cant wait

                                                          Alicia Chng

                                                            I cant wait to see freddy closet declutter video,i have miss it sooooooooooo much

                                                            Shayna Hersh

                                                              Hey! Also, where is the tweed dress from? The first outfit your sister puts on. Thanks!!!

                                                              Emily Tofts

                                                                sorry i have ….phobia – no you dont! – me 😀

                                                                I A

                                                                  laughed so hard, loveee both you stunners x

                                                                  Shayna Hersh

                                                                    Hey! Big fan of your YouTube. What self tanner do you use on your face and what tanner. do you use on your body? Other than loving tan. Thanks!!!

                                                                    Isla Dundas

                                                                      Oh my gosh, this video made me a bit emotional Freddy! Stuck at home in these uncertain times, it was so nice to see such laughter and love between 2 sisters. I wish I had a little sister like coco. What a besutiful, uplifting video to enjoy! Your home must be so much fun and joyful! ❤

                                                                      Frieda Lynn

                                                                        That’s so good! 😂 I love it 😍❤️

                                                                        Meagan Janson

                                                                          This makes me wish I had a sister <3

                                                                          charlotte bland

                                                                            whys coco so tall… I didn’t realise!

                                                                            Carmen Soto

                                                                              No no no no, how did she grew up so fast? Looking at her so tall and beautiful is making me super old


                                                                                your sister is such a cutie <3 and your having the most adorable style of all instagram :))

                                                                                Aimee Bilbrough

                                                                                  I like the 2nd one x

                                                                                  Tori S

                                                                                    honestly: Freddy and Coco is the best combination for the funniest, heartwarming video! 💕 and Coco have grown sooo much since we’ve seen her on Freddy’s channel: it’s somehow more natural to see Coco being all grown up on her channel, but when it’s with Freddy, it’s like: where is a little Coco? 😳 by the way I quote her iconic ‘I don’t hate you, I despise you’ to my older sister on a daily basis: it’s a joke of course, and she always comes up with cool replies, so really need to step up my game 😂 and the video. it’s sooo good! and there’s a clear correlation: the more Coco doesn’t like an outfit at first, the more she likes it after, mad that honestly the funniest thing ever, after her Freddy impression of course! And the singing and harmonization got me thinking that it would be so great, if you would do a singing challenge: Disney songs/musicals/popular songs. and one who gets it right can change something in other’s appearance: hair, makeup or clothes! and then who lost the challenge will have to spend her day in a chosen outfit, or something like this. It will be sooo much fun, because you chemistry is insanely good! 💕 thank you for another great video, Freddy and Coco!

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