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    Jackie Aina

      Turning My Mom Into an IG Baddie For A Day!!! | Jackie Aina

      In honor of Mother’s Day, I invited my mom to spend the day with me. See what happens when I turn her into me for the day! From a full beat face, to glam wigs …

      Jackie Aina

        before anyone says anything about the 'Lardi B' joke…my moms first name starts with an L, so I was merging the two names (Lonje + Cardi) together…yall know I give everybody nicknames lmao

        Danielle Swift

          Your mom is so cute!!!!


            so cuuuute!


              yaaaas. Mama Aina! 💜


                Secure the bag💰💰💰


                  "Me n Jesus we jus did it" hahahaha


                    “When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you do good” lmao reminded me of that video with Folake 😂😂


                      MAMA AINA LOOKS BEAUTIFUL❤️

                      lindsay brown

                        I love your mom!! She gives me life!


                          68 is a bit NIPPY?!?
                          Clutching my chest in Massachusetts 😭😭

                          ❤️❤️You and your mom are so beautiful!!


                            these two are life


                              All moms are so beautiful!


                                Your mum is a gem 💎

                                Bature Ice

                                  We need more of her

                                  Tara Lynn

                                    Seriously, I'M LIVING FOR THIS VIDEO 🥰🥰 Your Momma though.. I didn't know I could like anyone more than you Jackie, but your momma, she's comin for ya😁💋

                                    Bature Ice

                                      Your Mum x so fabulous


                                        LMAO!!!! depends on who's looking


                                          oh wow thats faith lmao and the jokes begin XD

                                          Kinky Be Thy Mane

                                            Omg I love you and your mom's personalities. You guys are soo beautiful and funny 😍.

                                            Chizzy Charles

                                              I love That😍 When you look good you feel good,You feel good and you do good. 👍 Enjoyed this vlog 👌❤

                                              Chia Maunde


                                                Amy R

                                                  Ok hear me out….

                                                  I know your mom already has kids, but does she want to adopt a 32 year old Latina woman? Because I love her. Run it by her and tell me what she says and then let me know what we’re all doing for Mother’s Day. 😂

                                                  Red Ribena

                                                    Jackie: mum would you wear a crop top?
                                                    Jackie mum: depends on who looking

                                                    Im dead 😂😂😂

                                                    Justin Douglas

                                                      Come through outfit change

                                                    Viewing 25 posts - 1 through 25 (of 25 total)
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