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      Twins Swap Dating Profiles

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        did she… say… "top conTinder"?


        meforever 72

          They are sooo sweet and cute n funny haha😊

          waste of time

            Can we see the guys sometime in a vidoe with them :0

            Carlie Muñoz

              D: she gain soooo much weight!! Is she healthy?

              Alcat Smore

                Rase your hand if you are a twin 🙋🏼‍♀️

                Rman Nayr

                  LOL We Need More Of These 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Megan K

                    I like these two they had me laughing


                      Karen is giving me serious gay vibes

                      lara lara

                        They don’t look like twins to me.. lol

                        Aulbrey Taylor

                          Aw that would be so sweet if one of them did get married after this 😭


                            They remind me of lisiepieklo


                              I love these twins! "Get changed! You're going to see captain marvel."

                              Georgia McCauley

                                3:10, that’s a wired noise

                                really regular

                                  Monozygotic twins (identical)
                                  When the ova (egg) is fertalised by the sperm cell and form a zygote, but then the zygote splits into 2 to eventually form two individual fetuses in the womb.
                                  (I had to study this in the week , and felt to add it here. 😂)

                                  Nola Naff

                                    I'm a twin and they don't really look that identical. :/

                                    Beth A.

                                      My partener in crime…scam likely.

                                      Blinding ‘Light

                                        "Top conTINDERs"

                                        U V

                                          Am I the only one that doesn’t think they look alike?


                                            Watt they are 27!?

                                            Jessica A

                                              Karen and Connie are the worst names ever

                                              •Lotte •

                                                Everyone that has ever dated has at least one Gavin story

                                                Jocelyn Crow

                                                  Great video! Were there second dates??


                                                    Chris and Caryn

                                                    Conner and Connie



                                                      If Caryn hates dating she probably isn't straight lmao

                                                      jupiter e

                                                        "Im going to see captain marvel. which im really exited about, and I guess ill see Chris too"


                                                          Caryn is my spirit animal


                                                            I mean, if I was in LA I’d swipe right.


                                                              The fact that both the names Connor and Gavin were in the video, made me immediately think of Detroit: Become Human

                                                              Serena Sagdalen

                                                                They should go on a doble date😂

                                                                dev0n james

                                                                  dating is such a joke we live clown world now.

                                                                  Nami Yusaka

                                                                    Wait they're 27?! I wasn't even sure if they were 21 😅 good genes tho, so pretty


                                                                      Must be nice to get matches so easily…


                                                                        I am a twin,trust me it's way worse than you think it is.

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