Tying Headwraps, Turbans, and Hijabs! With Halima Aden

Main Tying Headwraps, Turbans, and Hijabs! With Halima Aden

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    Jackie Aina

      Tying Headwraps, Turbans, and Hijabs! With Halima Aden

      Hey babes! Today we are going to be doing a really fun video on unique and fun ways ton wear headwraps. Halima Aden is the first high fashion hijab-wearing …

      Jame Fernand

        😭😭😭😭 yall are too funny

        ummulkheir adan

          Best video everrrrrrr

          Zeynap Alia

            Proud of you 🇸🇴❤️halima

            Amy R

              Halima looks like a real life barbie

              Pearla smilez

                The higher the hair the closer to God… I felt that

                Myra Aljasmi


                  Gigi Hadid

                    Halima is so beautiful.
                    How can someone be insanely beautiful and smart to be both a fashion model and a politician?!?
                    We need more Halima's around the world.

                    Weam Ibrahim

                      مين العربي هنا راح الحجاب فيها😂♥️

                      Moroccan girl

                        Omg you are so beautiful girls big love from Morocco ❤❤❤

                        Jody Kelso

                          Jackie – thank you for sharing this and for bringing Halima on to show her fun side, her creativity, her 'brand', and her! 🙂 Thank you for showing that modest doesn't mean frumpy. You, Jackie, are amazing!! Thanks to both of you. This was a fun video 😀

                          Sandra M Hernandez

                            Halima is gorgeous 😍

                            The Crafty Artist

                              I’m not of Muslim religion but I wear head scarfs and turbans all the time they are beautiful!! Loving that you made this video!!

                              April Parchment

                                Fooooddd I feel like sis can cook!!

                                Sha’Neice Solis

                                  Mashallah wrap that hijab ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                  Leighann Sahagun

                                    I love this! I’m not Muslim but I love all of the uniqueness the world brings and giving it this spotlight is so wonderful❤️

                                    Azharina Azzahra

                                      I love this collab !!!💕💕💕💕❤️❤️


                                        This video is so beautiful..it’s the reason I still have faith in humanity ♥️

                                        Teneh Karimu

                                          Yes. Just. YEEEESSSS.


                                            Halima is soooooooooo beautiful 😍❤️

                                            Riim Yacoub

                                              Yayy i love this video, team muslim

                                              Maryam Nadeem

                                                I started out hijab because they are very common in Pakistan but we moved to Saudia and I have been wearing hijab for alot of years now and I cannot go out without it because it just gives me my sense of security

                                                LoveHana Ji

                                                  Yaaaz we want to see her back!!!❤️❤️ this was fun! I’m subscribing!

                                                  Fatima Abdalla

                                                    This isn't proper hijab… please sisters dont let her influence your hijab decisions as she is exposing awrahs.

                                                    Aseel mrisat

                                                      STUNNINGGGGGGGGGGG <3

                                                      Anhar Mohamed

                                                        Halima was so funny 😂and so cute.

                                                        Big Kahona

                                                          Somalia’s women are gorgeous they have the perfect features .. halima is gorgeous

                                                          Holly Garland

                                                            You both are so beautiful!!! Yes, come back to her channel ❤️

                                                            Sandra Rose

                                                              I'm not muslim.. but I love head wraps☺️

                                                              Juanita Myles

                                                                I love this video it was truly fun and powerful.
                                                                Loev you ladies

                                                                Sarp Yilmaz

                                                                  Favorite video


                                                                    Ok sis but not all of us got these FACES and bone structure to rock these iconic looks

                                                                    Huda Abdirahim

                                                                      You guys should do a mukbang

                                                                      Sumayyah Islam

                                                                        8:58 NICOLE TV MADE IT😂😂💯

                                                                        Char’Kita Hood

                                                                          Halima is so gorgeous. Wow


                                                                            Brown sugar ,,,, soooooo beautiful ,,,, this halima is sooooooooooooo beautiful

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