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    Jackie Aina

      Unpopular Opinions: Marrying Young and Societal Pressures | Jackie Aina

      Today’s video is done in partnership with SK-II Hi guys! More than anything I love love love being amongst a new era of women who don’t give into the pressures …

      Sindy Akpolo

        Now this is the true rare gem, virtuously strong woman…..super gorgeous 😍😍😍 has a mummy heart, caring for the family is really tough let alone a full community…….Aunty Jackie you are widely loved…..you help us love and care more for ourselves, it’s super huge. I respect you a lot and most importantly love you Aunty Jackie 🥰🥰🥰🥰


          I just realized i'm not even watching the video… I'm listening and loving it!!! Podcast pronto?


            Umm excuse me ma'am! You didn't leave the products used in the description!

            Briet Medus

              Jackie did u use your palette for this look?? Im buying mine today in the Netherlands. Much love XXX

              Somtochukwu Mkpuluma

                I hope you see this. You inspire me alot

                Nisseyy Mck

                  Where’s the link to the documentary ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

                  María Adame

                    Hi Jackie! Where are the links to watch the documentaries? Love you from Barcelona 😊

                    Whykeia Campbell

                      Well this video couldn’t have come at a more perfect time in my life.. I’m 24 & I’m married now, for almost 3 years and he’s the breadwinner being in the Air Force but now I’m thinking of leaving because my peace of mind is being attack

                      Vemon Cloudz

                        I grew up with the pressure of having kids since I was 15. As a man the excpectations was to have kids, get married and to sacrifice needs to keep my family happy. As a 30 year old man I am still trying to find my happiness because I never had the time to think about my happiness and my goals untill later on. I am learning what makes me happy bit by bit everyday and I wont go back to living others peoples lives

                        Alhanouf Alqumaizi

                          I love this video the most!! So ‏relieved to hear this from another person , and knowing that its okay to put yourself above all ! The perfect video to start my day with

                          Laila Tahri

                            Love your videos so much❤️


                              God you make me feel so much better about not having my whole life together at only 23 😩 , it seems like 30 flirty and thriving is the goal lol SN what Lipstick and gloss is that I gotta know !

                              Nisseyy Mck

                                Wish I had the guidance and knowledge I have no at 18 ….cause I damn sure regret getting married 😩 & now I’m soo excited to get divorced and live life that damn day can’t come fast enough

                                Sweetness Ann

                                  U have said it alll. You just saved me 😍

                                  amel b.

                                    Congratulations on the proposal. 🌹

                                    Kateari Kerwin

                                      I had a daughter out of wedlock 😝😝
                                      tbh I don't think me and my significant other will ever even get married and I don't mind it. 🤷🤷🤷 I bet you would look bomb in a wedding dress if that's what you want 😊👍👍

                                      Simply Me 143

                                        Thank you

                                        Fatima Kartal

                                          A SERIES? HELL YEAH

                                          Rylin Marie

                                            Just got you palette yesterday it’s so pretty 🤩

                                            Peter Anthony



                                                You're a Christian? I'd love to hear you speak about your faith. You have such a huge platform and God can be glorified.

                                                Mercy Edore Israel

                                                  "If your way is so great, why didn't you do it" Choose your purpose!👊✌ Thanks Jackie💝

                                                  Nikki Lynn DeFilippo

                                                    Did you use pinker in your crease? I loved it!?

                                                    Nino Musaevi

                                                      I am 18 and i have wedding tomorrow!!! I just want to be happy!!!

                                                      Beki’s World

                                                        The PRESSSUUUURE for me to spit out a child is fucking annoying

                                                        Rachael Quarcoo

                                                          Serving lewwwks and dropping jems, yessss Aunt Jackie. Also does anyone know where to find the mini docs?


                                                            Jackie said "stay in your lane" but she had to say "respectfully" afterwards because with African Parents 😂

                                                            Meme Brown

                                                              I'm already a subscriber but every time she says you may as well join the fam I wish I could subscribe again 😂 ❤❤

                                                              Michelle Dube

                                                                The accuracy ♥️so true!

                                                                Rene Walker

                                                                  Love your video as always. I really was trying to guess every product you was using lol. But I agree with everything you was saying. People love telling what you should do or should be doing but only you know what’s really going on. And I never understood why try to rush marriage like it’s a must thing you have to do, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. I’m at the point in life where I’m just trying to do me and find my destiny if marriage comes along it’s comes along but I’m not looking for it.

                                                                  Sora Gen Next

                                                                    I'm 29. When I was 14, I said I never want to get married or have kids. People kept telling me I'd change my mind in my 20s. I'm 29, and am now more determined than ever to stay single and never have kids! The thing is people think you should live your life the way everyone else does. Like you should have kids in your life or ever get married. I don't want those things, they don't appeal to me. Dating doesn't appeal to me. I used to think I was strange. Maybe I am. But right now, I'm happy and content to be who I am. I have zero of the stresses others do and all the freedom!

                                                                    India Billups

                                                                      Jackie this is y ily ❤️ all u do is speak the truth I felt this vid n the message u was speakin

                                                                      toyosi Adeoye

                                                                        "stay in your lane mummy and daddy, stay in your lane, respectfully" felt that !! lmaooo

                                                                        Ahibaii Service

                                                                          Ima need more of these videos all wise auntie jackie😭

                                                                          Sora Gen Next

                                                                            I needed this.

                                                                            Shanette Quao

                                                                              Why didn’t I get the notification for this vid??? YouTube playing with me

                                                                              Caeley Thompson

                                                                                This video was lowkey a wake up call for me thank you

                                                                                Sarah Peters

                                                                                  Looove this

                                                                                  Tomaž Golub

                                                                                    Congrats to both of you 🙂
                                                                                    You're an inspiration, Jackie


                                                                                      Preach Deaconess…… you hit the nail right on the head. You couldn’t have said it any better👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿.


                                                                                        Auntie Jackie, thanks for the much-needed advice. In my thirties and still tryna find my way, live for myself when other's have their expectations of me. Yes, I want to be married and have children, yet I feel as though steps need to be taken before these two major things happen. Love.

                                                                                        Silvia Mwendia

                                                                                          Auntie Jackie! Even I didn't know I needed to hear this. Thank you🙇🏿‍♀️

                                                                                          Riyya Smith

                                                                                            This videooooo! I really needed this. So frigging undecided at this point in life. I'm 23 btw

                                                                                            Tracy Okafor

                                                                                              I seriously came in contact with this video at the right time in my life and all I want to say is thank you ❤️

                                                                                              Singi Shameless

                                                                                                Where can I watch the documentary?

                                                                                                Honeypie Smith

                                                                                                  10:3310:43 I really needed that. At a young age I always felt like my parents weren't meant for each other. My dad would beat up my mom and in my Hispanic culture that's a norm: domestic violence.
                                                                                                  Sometimes people minimize my trauma because my parents stayed together. So to them it's like "well, they stayed together so it probably wasn't that bad!" 💔

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