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    Jackie Aina

      UNPOPULAR OPINIONS: Your Fave IG Fashion Brands!! | Jackie Aina

      WELP! Here we go!

      kamille seven

        Fashion Nova knows what they are doing. Come on! The majority of that page is light 😒. I would love to see what their demographic looked like. I know that if that chocolate coin rolled away it would hurt, if that dark brown dollar disappeared they would take pause.


          Jackie to 3Milli 🎉🎉🎉

          K Martin

            The term “Generational Curse” is thrown around too loosely these days. It’s nothing to do with others but everything to do with self & a repetitive family theme.

            Lithunium Snow

              Also proud of you for actually speaking about these things.. I know how scary it can be to actually speak about big brands with pretty much THE MOST industry power, I see this all going on on twitter ALL the time, but I know everyone is kinda scared of them when it’s more than just a “keyboard war” (understandably so honestly) so like,,, auntie got balls. Proud of you 💪🏼

              Artificial Mermaid

                i love u jackie u keeping it the realest!!! if they ever tried to do something to you we got your back!:))

                lαиα Star Butterfly

                  It's getting sad that, everyone keeps using the "women of color" term to cover up their Colorism.

                  Just say no Dark Skin black women allowed and stop lying about who you promote.

                  Mette Værum

                    AMEN!!!!! Been thinking about this for over a year now, and i cant imagine if i was a teenager today, we are all DIFFERENT, and its beautiful!:)

                    Pourya Bigonah

                      I was on the bus full of people while watching this, but I still clapped when she started talking about the «instabody»

                      katt t

                        You are a legend in my book, society NEEDS this video

                        sadie anderson

                          i love and appreciate you so much for always being brave enough to have these tough conversations. i know you probably get so much ridicule for “complaining” and some people would rather silence you but you are a voice for the voiceless and it means the world to a lot of people! btw i used to be a 60 percenter and this video was the one to convert me😂 hey jackie aina familyyyyy🙋🏽‍♀️


                            thank you for this. well said boo. won't be buying eva lol

                            Jayni Bohannon

                              didn’t even get a minute in I bet she gon talk about fashion nova🥵

                              Sne Mehta

                                The images on their website portray these women that are so like, bottom heavy hourglass it's ridiculous. To the point where where someone just physically cannot have a waist that small and a butt that big – it does not exist in nature. And the points about there being no dark skinned women are true. Additionally, while i don't like to spend a ton of money on a single item of clothing, their clothing could only be so cheap through unethical labour and very unsustainable practices. Buying from them just overall in the past has made me feel guilty and i don't think i can do it again


                                  yea, so I've been blocked by Fashion Nova since 2014 but I specifically pointed out I wanted to see Black women especially when they send their clothes to ALL Black women celebrities. And I was off them when I saw they have the same clothes as Rainbow

                                  Lithunium Snow

                                    Pulling out my makeup bag and getting ready with you like it isn’t 8 in the morning and I have nowhere to be

                                    Monaé Amber

                                      Are there any affordable nonproblemic online clothing brands? I’m in college… still so yeah 😭😭😭 I haven’t purchased from this company in months because of some of the things said in this video and the quality of their clothing sucks.

                                      Felicia A

                                        I gotta speak on De’erra from DK4L De’erra and Ken. She goes HARD BODY for this brand and I NEVER see her featured on her page. She isn’t dark skinned but she isn’t light skinned either.

                                        Lauren O.

                                          I don't wanna👏🏾 hear👏🏾 NATHAN 👏🏾 😂😂

                                          Felicia A

                                            Funny how accurate you are.

                                            S E M A J T E S H A R I

                                              Was gonna let my phone die but this is more important!


                                                Fashion Nova, blocked me 5 years ago because I pointed it out to them.

                                                London Michelle

                                                  I NEED SLEEP 😴 lol

                                                  Lizbeth picazo

                                                    Yessss ! Finally someone said it 👏

                                                    terri hickman

                                                      Yessss auntie Jackie! I am so sick of colorism and brands perpetuating one type of shade/shape!!!

                                                      Zapricorn 13

                                                        I'm solo glad this is a video🙌🏾

                                                        DC Loves

                                                          Well yeah.. obviously they have a curve page and a regular page. It’s just clothes …. 😂

                                                          Emma Girdley

                                                            Ugh your content lately has been so on point, so glad you are using your platform to talk about these issues

                                                            Sedinam King

                                                              And let the church say……….PERIODT


                                                                Aunty J, I loved that blush on you. So pretty:)

                                                                Dorthy Jamerson

                                                                  Jackie not only gave us a beat face, but receipts as well. Thank you for doing this!

                                                                  Godiva Chanel

                                                                    Sooooooooooo…..is the "Lash Time" song not a thing anymore??!


                                                                      Tbh, I like the second insta better. Seeing nothing but super thin or insta bodies can really bring you down if you have any body image issues. I don’t think the brand should change to fit my body image needs but I do appreciate the option. I see why this is fucked up for other obvious reasons though. Thanks for calling these people out.

                                                                      Yeji Kim

                                                                        Looking at f nova insta as you speak

                                                                        HairTied FaceBeat

                                                                          They asked for the clothes back though gasp clutches pearls ! 🤦🏾‍♀️ this brand is sooo problematic for so many reasons other than this too though!!! 😑 loving this hair color 😩🥰


                                                                            10:11 The range of skintone is as disappointing as Tarte


                                                                              Black women need to stop saying woc instead of black. They are trying to tippy toe around the issue


                                                                                I love how Jackie has a true sense of self. Everyone talks about selling yourself or compromising their own belief for money clearly that isn't true. YOU GO JACKIE!!


                                                                                  I don't really like fashion nova like that. I feel like they're over hyped and they have horrible quality for most of their clothes. I prefer missguided and pretty little things

                                                                                  Guilherme Avelino

                                                                                    I don't wanna hear NATHAN 🗣

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