Using DIP POWDER For Baby Boomer Nails!

Main Using DIP POWDER For Baby Boomer Nails!

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      Using DIP POWDER For Baby Boomer Nails!

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      0614 Rei

        wth is a baby boomer nail? a nail art that will surely get u knocked up and contribute to the world's population?


          love these they are so pretty😍

          Carolyn LePine

            Step number 65: go get your nails done

            Cassandra Suaste

              Can you use gel polish over the dip powder? Just in case you want to have a color that doesn’t come in the powder


                Omg loved it!! Also what nail tips are you using?

                oh yeah yeah

                  Love this video!


                    Beautiful nails! 💅🏾❤

                    Helen Evans

                      Wow they are beautiful love this set of nails thanks for sharing x


                        Why is is called the baby boomer nails?


                          PLEASE LINK THE NAIL TIPS YOU USED IN THIS VIDEO❤🙏🙏🙏


                            Do you have a link for the tips you used in this video???

                            Natalie Gonzalez

                              Yeah let’s just uhhh call it a French fade

                              Rochelle D

                                This is genius 😍 i hate using UV lamps & this looks like a great alternative!


                                  Instead of having to also sprinkle the the top/pink portion, you can just dip the whole nail into the pink. Just have to make sure the all white/bottom portion is really covered with the white to prevent any pink powder from sticking. Just a tip helps to speed up the process a bit. What you’ve done looks really good tho 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

                                  Katie Petkewich

                                    Those look sooooo good!!!

                                    Amazing J

                                      . 💛🧡💜❤💚💙
                                      Absolutely Wonderful. Thank You Sandy. You are Absolutely Wonderful! 🤗

                                      craftie queen

                                        I love these videos😊

                                        Reshma Jatla

                                          Do u people have a salon anywhere?

                                          India Mcadams

                                            Amber Huffman

                                              These are absolutely gorgeous 😍😍❤️💗❤️ I'd love to try this.

                                              Yesenia Calderon

                                                Definitely doing this today for my new set! 😻 thanks for the video and tips 🙏🏼

                                                K1tty K4t


                                                  Stella Kafa

                                                    #Cutepolish #EARLYSQUAD where's my early squad fam at?

                                                    Sahanaj Shorna

                                                      Beautiful 😍😍😍😍

                                                      Caracta X.

                                                        This is the best Baby Boomer EVER!!

                                                        arabella c

                                                          Love you your the best I'm so sorry I'm late


                                                            So what exactly is dip powder? Is it similar to acrylic?

                                                            Jen L

                                                              Please link the nail tips you used 🙏♥️


                                                                Such a gorgeous result, I love a pretty baby boomer set 😍✨

                                                                AaruShi Kapoor

                                                                  omg!😀these nails…they are just awesome💙i just love you videos cutepolish🎀love your work💙keep up this awesome work😄 i love you!

                                                                  Seemal Tarar – Meadowvale Village PS (1557)

                                                                    I haven't heard of baby boomer nails until you made a video about it, cool! Learn something everyday :3

                                                                    shanzay faisal cat lover


                                                                      Juicy_ Watermelon

                                                                        15th! I love you!


                                                                          Love this pretty nails.

                                                                          Karen Agra

                                                                            please link the nail tips you used! <3

                                                                            rajni bachheti

                                                                              Ur tutorials are amazing 😊

                                                                              Fatima Guentrah

                                                                                the nails are actually so peng, she does them so well

                                                                                Att Muhammad

                                                                                  OMG I LOVE U PLZ DO A POLISH AND Q/A WITH ALL THE MEMBERS INCLUDING U PLZ PS LOVE U

                                                                                  yoyo tan

                                                                                    Love u cute polish ❤️



                                                                                      Maya A


                                                                                        Maya A




                                                                                            German Shepard Is Love

                                                                                              OMG YESSS FIRST! LOL

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