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      Using Fiberglass Wrap to Build Nail Extension

      Suzie uses a Fiberglass Wrap to build a nail extension in this step by step tutorial. She also compares Fiberglass to Silk Wrap. View Suzie’s New Free Online …

      Norma Flores


        Elisabeth Davidson

          You need to use resin to make the fiberglass or silk durable. That glue that comes in that kit is meant for repairs not to actually build a nail. I literally just did a full set using the fiberglass wrap with resin and activator. Feels like acrylic and actually builds in layers to increase thickness and density.


            Ah Thank you. I think I asked about this a while ago.

            Carmen Ayala

              Wow , I love using silk wraps, I only apply once, it’s very strong, holds up great and looks very natural, great to fix broken nail tips.

              Kristen Brady

                It's like Suzie is talking right to @Simplynailogical no more broken nails for Cristine. XD

                Al Is

                  Is it just me…or…the cuticle area of Suzie's blue nails look a little rough and wonky…Suzie, everything ok?


                    Couldnt you use a nail form so the ends dont flare up or would that glue the form to your nail?


                      Susie!! Thank you for this! I wore silk wraps on my naturally long nails for years before I got married. Since getting married and moving, I haven’t found anyone who does wraps! They complimented my hands so well and I LOVE how natural they look! Plus they never damaged my nails! I have naturally long nails now, so maybe I should wrap my nails at home to keep the length! They need to bring wrap nails back!!


                        I also think it would work great on fixing a tear in natural nails 🙂

                        L L

                          Suzie you really shouldnt have done this video without having full knowledge/practiced beforehand. Brush on glue and brush on resin are not the same. Just 1 of many mistakes you made. You as a popular professional should know posting a video like this people will take your word as truth. You really have no idea what you are doing with these wraps. If anyone wants to actually learn a system for wraps look up backscratchers nail wraps or cuccio nail wraps.

                          Mckayla Bass

                            Do u ever shape ur nails with a file like when ur getting a almond shape do u use a nail file ? And I love ur videos they make me want to be a nail technician like I already want to do ❤️😘🙏

                            Leigh Fredman

                              Hey suzie, can you please do a video on builder gel overlays on natural nails?

                              judy males

                                I love silk wraps, had them for years!

                                Jesus Haros

                                  Maybe you should practice before recording


                                    Silk and fiberglass are both extremely porous, therefore you should avoid touching the area you’re going to place on the fingernail with your bare hands and keep your area dust free. We use to use a piece of plastic wrap to press the wrap in place with the resin and then spray cure it. If you do it correctly you will barely see the fibers ❤️

                                    Heather Leigh

                                      LOVE YOUR VIDEOS ALWAYS 😘 Maybe instead of the wood pusher try a siliconeone instead its rubbery so will help get the curvy part of your nail all nicely. That's my opinion and suggestion it might help a little also idk never tried it but figured maybe you would see if its easier then the wooden stick 😘 xoxo can't wait for more

                                      Mello M’kasis

                                        I used to have fake nails on all thw time and sadly i became allergic to the nail glue after more than a year, making it a little difficult to get my nails done here in sweden cause almost everyone uses the plastic tips which is somewhat sad 😔

                                        Debbie Pruitt

                                          I wish you could show how to use builder gel in a bottle by ORLY.

                                          Sydney Montes

                                            Yay thank you!

                                            Carey Walker

                                              Brings me back like 20 years. My old roomie took manicurist classes, and taught me how to do this on top of tips. It was time consuming. This is nice to see that I was doing it right 😉 thanks

                                              Jane Smith

                                                Thank you very much! This is what I've been looking for! Something to keep my natural nails strong without adding thickness of gel, or acrylic! I knew I subbed for a reason! You're my new nail heroine!!!

                                                Dani Webb

                                                  I think for more strength you’re supposed to use ASP lightless gel which is usually what comes with the spray activator. It is amazing to fix a natural nail break. And you can build a nail with it too. It’s much thicker than the glue. Good video though thanks

                                                  Kitty Bucher

                                                    I'm not entirely confident in these particular strips, that without a large amount of them that you could build a decently strong nail, without adding acrylic or gel on top, or a tip underneath it…

                                                    Mariana C

                                                      I always wear my natural nails long, but two months ago I broke my nail from the middle finger. Since it was from my non dominant hand I fixed it with acrylic but I think this method would be very helpful if something like that happened on my dominant hand.

                                                      Fatimah Armstrong

                                                        Could you do another video using all three products

                                                        Mal V

                                                          Could you use the stickers to shape the fiberglass like you do with acrylic? Or would it stick to it too much.

                                                          Kaylee Vasquez

                                                            Love your videos 🥰❤️how bout adding nails tips I do it with nails tips

                                                            Дарья Шулунова

                                                              Greetings from Russia! Like!

                                                              Annie carroll

                                                                I would love to see you try the orly builder in a bottle! It’s so crystal clear and pretty, 😄

                                                                Kara Koehn

                                                                  Aren’t you supposed to put acrylic or gel over it? Every single video I have seen about these has been with acrylic and gel


                                                                    I’m tired of acrylic! My nails are naturally strong and grow. I was thinking about using poly gel for my overlay but this seems easier. What’s the upkeep like?

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