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      Vegan Recipes That I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

      This week I’m showing you 3 of my absolute favorite vegan recipes! Which one are you guys gonna try first? _ RECIPES: _ SUBSCRIBE: …

      ale c

        Love crispy rims on pancakes!😋


          You know what’s even better…. put melted butter into your batter. Then you don’t have to put any in your pan and the outside isn’t greasy but the taste is so nice.. trust me


            I love that Adrienne is a healthy vegan because I am too so these recipes are something I would actually try! Thanks for sharing, I hope you the best with your health journey!


              Lana chapped all of it… Lana prepared all of it… You just put it in order how Lana said it to you… Can you do something by yourself? The way you how your cooking skills on videos shows that you can do it yourself… That's obvious

              Kelsie Crawford-Hermann

                I’m not even vegan but everything in moderation and always down for some good recipes!!

                Crystal Tafea

                  Omg I just wrote a comment on your last video asking if you could do this video!! 😱Ty!!! Even if it wasn’t my doing you just read my mind 🤗

                  Monica Medina

                    Can you do Mexican dairy free vegan recipes?

                    Fada Codio

                      No syrup squad

                      Soon To Be Foodie

                        Hi Adrienne. I love to watch Tabitha Brown's vegan recipes. She has great live videos, and recorded videos reviewing vegan products people send her. I think you'll love her. She has a whole intro song and everything lol. Also, Just Egg is vegan but is crazy similar to regular eggs and cooks up like regular eggs. You can try it out in your pancakes and see how it works.

                        Anjali Prakash

                          Does anyone know where her dress is from?

                          Ashley Weeks

                            OMG THEYRE AMAZING! ❤️

                            Cherie Harrison

                              There are so many recipes that I can share: Vegan Egg Salad, Tofu Scramble, One Pot Lasagna, Vegan Mac & Cheese, Individual Pizza, Black Bean Brownies, Banana Bread, etc. Just let me know what you would like. 🙂

                              Kenzie B

                                I just know Adrienne’s going to be such a wholesome mum

                                Cherie Harrison

                                  Girl!!! You need to try Miyoko's Butter. It will seriously change your life. I think it's the best thing that I've ever put in my mouth!!!

                                  Nikki White

                                    Before vegans attack you, you should know that you’re considered plant-based, not vegan. Some of your designer bags are made out of animal skin and/or tested on animals.


                                      Girl would you believe I'm a Cuban allergic to avocado.. so sad, my Cuban family eats avocado with EVERYTHING!!!!

                                      Patrice T

                                        Those recipes look amazing! I was getting hungry watching you make them lol. I most definitely will try each one.

                                        Veronica Sanchez

                                          Babe can you please do a video reviewing a variety of vegan cheese ORRRRRR just give us ur favorites!

                                          Brielle Imana

                                            I have syrup with waffles but not pancakes. Even tho they are technically the same thing 😂😂

                                            Gina Monte

                                              Does vegan cheese taste good though ? 😫 Cheese is the hardest for me to give up

                                              Margarita Velveeta

                                                I wanna try this it all looks good you also look slimmer looking good

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