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    Sarahs Day
      VLOG: Day in the life | Updating You On Everything!

      SWEAT IT TO SHRED IT EBOOK FITNESS GUIDES!! Also check out my website for secret blog posts, stories, tips and more!

      Bree Hanslit

        I was def expecting legit hockey, I’m not sure what hockey in Australia is but I feel more cultured now.

        Shannon Kendall

          Will Body Bloom ever become available in South Africa? 😢❤️

          Noelle Cusimano

            OMG when did you get to 1.31M!!!!! So happy for you! Seems like your channel just keeps growing and that makes me so happy!

            Francesca Fazio

              Sono una mamma italiana e ti stimo molto per i tuoi video.

              Paris Hedger

                What camera do you use Sarah? x

                Ciara Keating

                  I’ve been loving your videos lately! And baby Fox is the cutest little thing ever 🤗💙💙

                  Camille Celso

                    I’m obsessed with watching Fox grow! Please show more of him 🤗

                    Alethea p

                      SARAHH cut the face wash tube with scissors… lol there's definitely enough product in there to clean you face xx btw love how cute you guys are

                      Monta Amanta

                        Foxy literally is the most cutest baby I have ever seen 😫😫😫😫❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                        Karyanne Jourdain

                          Me scrolling down to see if any other canadians were like …wait thats not hockey 🤔 First comment I see is about that 🙌

                          Evah Hatting

                            I love these types of videos! Show foxie more

                            Carey Anne’s Corner

                              Love as always!!’ 💞💞💞

                              georgie mart

                                Where are your beautiful bowls from?


                                  i love that you show appy more👍🏼

                                  tone grude

                                    Can you please do a 101 day dreamers swimsuit collection?? 🤩😍

                                    Romane Quillet

                                      LOVE the natural hair 🙂

                                      Aria Pollard

                                        I always do the same spelling shortcuts in my head haha

                                        Emily Papa

                                          Fox has been Kurts mini me since he was born but omg in the outfit of the day bit i saw Sezzy bad

                                          Josie Goldsworthy

                                            My god anyone know where the drinking glasses are from 😍😍 I’m in love

                                            Megan Woolley

                                              cutest family ever x

                                              Kat S

                                                Hey Sarah! Where abouts did you get Fox’s little hat from? Too cute!

                                                Jorrdan Craft

                                                  Loving the content! Where is Fox’s adorable hat from?

                                                  Nicole Shanae

                                                    No but seriously, do they know who y’all are? 😩😂 lol I know he was joking but I felt Kurt on that 😂😍

                                                    Fizzy Bubbles

                                                      Fox is so cute

                                                      Caitlin White

                                                        South African fan right here 🙋🏼‍♀️🥰🇿🇦

                                                        Tori Rach Cortez

                                                          First of all love when you got your hair framed around your face and that dinner bowl looked amazing 😍

                                                          Paulette Martinez

                                                            Hello Sarah, could you please do an update on your cervical dysplasia?

                                                            Chantè Dickson

                                                              I’m in South Africa 🥺

                                                              Summer Rose

                                                                Can you pleaseeee make a video of where you get some of foxes clothes from 😍 he always has the best outfits!!

                                                                Jennifer abbs

                                                                  Where is your phone case from?

                                                                  Kaley Wilson

                                                                    Hate the sunnies

                                                                    Kayla Uncles

                                                                      Where are your kitchen bowls from? I’ve been looking everywhere for ones like yours 😂

                                                                      Leena-Anne O’Brien

                                                                        I love you videos! But I have sooo many questions! Would you possibly be able to do a talk about your relationship with Kurt? Babies before marriage, thinking about marriage, more kids, if fox was a “if it happens it happens baby”. It would be awesome to hear more about your relationship and your future goals within your relationship 🥰

                                                                        AJMags _03

                                                                          loved this

                                                                          Kerryanne C

                                                                            Love love love so much I didn’t skip ads😘💓

                                                                            Ro Alguacil

                                                                              Loved this video !!! ❤️❤️❤️ Sending love from Argentina ❤️✨💜🥰😘

                                                                              Lexi Rector

                                                                                You guys literally made the CUTEST baby !!! Do you guys plan on having giving fox a sibling ?

                                                                                Gianna Pancucci

                                                                                  I think this may be the first time I’ve ever commented on a YouTube video. But I just want to say that I always look forward to your videos. You motivate me so much and are such a joy to watch! 💛

                                                                                  Chelsea Schippers

                                                                                    Where did you get Abby from, trying to find a good breeder in NSW 🐶


                                                                                      Likes! You are my jam right now. When we're not watching you guys – we're making our own on Postposterous. Would love feedback.


                                                                                        Oh the milk puddles in the morning, yes, I remember those. My last baby is 4 now. I'm living vicariously through you guys. Fox is the cutest boy ever! I can say it because I have 3 daughters, haha! Always good to see you & your fam. Can't wait to see your new home!

                                                                                        M S

                                                                                          where is your phone case from?!

                                                                                          Kat Kamalani

                                                                                            i just want to eat fox for dinner! he is so stinking cute!! those eyes!

                                                                                            Lauren Watson

                                                                                              Luv ur gold bracelets in second half of this vid!
                                                                                              Where can i get them??!!??!! Xoxo

                                                                                              Danielle Irene

                                                                                                I love how Kurt calls Fox "mate", sooo cute😭🧡

                                                                                                Echo Chen

                                                                                                  Just wanna say chopsticks are Chinese utensil, not Japanese. Lol love ya!!❤️❤️

                                                                                                  Meg Warburton

                                                                                                    I love you so much sezzy you are a inspiration for my LIFE 💖 lov ya

                                                                                                    Allison Wonser

                                                                                                      I love your natural (unstraightened) hair!


                                                                                                        oh did you noticed at 6.10ish there is a rainbow on you in the kitchen? 🙂


                                                                                                          I think thats the first time i've seen Fox cry!

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