VLOG // How I Write My Workouts INTENSE 1hr Full Body Workout + Healthy, Easy Paleo Muffin Recipe

Main VLOG // How I Write My Workouts INTENSE 1hr Full Body Workout + Healthy, Easy Paleo Muffin Recipe

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    Sarahs Day
      VLOG // How I Write My Workouts INTENSE 1hr Full Body Workout + Healthy, Easy Paleo Muffin Recipe

      The perfect mix of sweaty and sweet! Welcome back to my channel with today’s vlog showing you my INTENSE full body workout that left me absolutely …

      Holly Lucas

        Do you think that you have to have a gym to be healthy/lose weight,or do you think that you could be fit by doing eg;yoga

        Jess Coutant

          Love love love LOOOOOVEEE this workout video style – go sezzy

          Ruby Louise


            Ffion Till

              Are you going to be making your own baby food?

              Antonia Tho

                Fox at 11:00 like „what she talking about? I get enough sleep!“ 😂😍

                Brie Moore

                  I think Fox is going to be Ranga 😍😍

                  Ffion Till

                    Fox is the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen. Ugh his eyes are amazing. I can’t wait to watch as he grows into such a lovely and amazing human like his parents. Motherhood suits you so well. Both you and Kurt are amazing!💓


                      Live for Sezzy Day vlogs! You inspire me so much ❤️❤️

                      Jasmin G

                        OMG THIS BLUE EYES😭SO CUTEEEEEEEE😍😍😍❤


                          Could you write a complete workout down for us? Love you!

                          Réka Válent

                            OMG I can’t get over how blue his eyes are😱 soooo cute I want a son like this😍 btw Sarah you are doing so good, you make parenting look like so much fun even when it is a huge challenge🥰

                            Rach Kate

                              Agave these days is mostly HFCS.

                              Soph Lawrence

                                Girl don’t be so hard on yourself ♥️♥️ you’re allowed to be tired and overwhelmed! And don’t worry if you’re body isn’t what it once was you’ll get there in your own time xoxoxox

                                Imogen Keites

                                  You’re crushing mum life Sarah!!!! Been watching you for yeaaarrrrrsss and so happy for you.


                                    You all look amazing But Fox its just something else. So adorable!!!

                                    Bijal Naik

                                      You guys are doing great as parents! Love watching your videos, totally motivational. Where did you get your personalized cutting board from, I love it!

                                      Kate Fulton

                                        Sezzy and Kurt as parents warms my soul omg

                                        Chloe Pritchard

                                          Love how real you are! Glad I’m not alone with the hunger issues. Imagine how much you’d eat feeding twins 😂 (yep I’m a cow)

                                          Monique Grace

                                            Yes yes yeesss!! Watching right now:)

                                            Emily Campbell

                                              Full milky titties… 🤣

                                              Not XpertThief

                                                Who the fuck names someone Fox it’s fucked up

                                                Hadeel Safaa


                                                  Elena Barti

                                                    Love your vlogs and you are killing project comeback Sezzy! I have a crossfit class in an hour so this vlog really motivated me 🙂

                                                    StyleMe Doll

                                                      For those who have all these excuses why they can’t work out or start a healthy lifestyle needs to follow and watch Sarah’s videos and other social media platforms. She’s AMAZING, newly mom and getting it on in the gym. But at the same time she keeps it real about keeping a balanced between everything.

                                                      Rosie Ruby

                                                        You are so inspirational thank you for keeping it real and updating us

                                                        P.S I make videos too!


                                                          Ive watched this video with my airpods and the ping sound (like ios ring tone) makes me craaaazy 🙁
                                                          But i love this one, dont get me wrong ♥️

                                                          Nicola Fenech Azzopardi

                                                            Hi, tried to message you on instagram but I guess you haven't seen it.

                                                            Anyway just wanted to tell you that I love your vlogs! I was eagerly waiting for your new one❤️.. also, just started listening to your podcasts and they're honestly amazing! (So real and relatable) Just binged and listened to like 8 in 1 and a half days! 🙈❤️

                                                            So thank you for putting so much effort into your content. I look forward to everything that you post!

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