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Main VLOG | My First Mothers Day | My Surprise Gift & LIfe Chats

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    Sarahs Day
      VLOG | My First Mothers Day | My Surprise Gift & LIfe Chats

      SWEAT IT TO SHRED IT EBOOK FITNESS GUIDES!! Also check out my website for secret blog posts, stories, tips and more!

      Emma Mitchell

        The real question is, did you end up ordering a plate of sides for breakfast lol ?? 🤣

        Shanda Gonzales

          Which oil is the one you have with avocado oil? I looove avocado oil but never have heard of it in a mixture

          Caitlin Taske

            Omg I came home the other day and my partner got me the exact robe and slippers!!!!! We are matching 😍

            Maddie Schiller

              I feel like fox is hiccuping all the time! He is so cute! Happy Mother’s Day Sarah!


                My golden doodle used to run off with my breast pads!

                It’s a Vanzant Life

                  Happy first Mother's Day!!!

                  Kelly Telfer

                    Happy belated Mother’s Day! Fox knows how to pick out some gifts!!!!

                    Suany Armijo

                      Freaking love your videos and your little family !!! Keep up the great work(: happy first Mother’s Day!

                      Erin Kerehi

                        Aww fox’s hiccups once again❤️❤️

                        Krystal Toogood

                          I love u guys! #couplegoals u guys r sooo funny love watching n bubba is gorgeous

                          Mariah Kristine

                            Where is your crib from?!😍


                              I believe you guys are the only youtubers whose videos I watch all the way through, no-skipping 😂 no matter how long the vlog is

                              Hannah Grey

                                7:25 song please??


                                  The mirror part at the end was trippy 😂

                                  christy jones

                                    Welcome to the fluffy robe mum club 😂😂😂

                                    Abi Spackman

                                      “Abi you’re an idiot” is something I’m use to hearing

                                      Buster the cat

                                        What makeup are you using!


                                          lol so i’m sitting here with a tan in my warm room watching this wondering why you guys are in sweaters and jeans sitting around the fire… my silly american self forgot that our seasons are swapped. so crazy !!

                                          Aari Love

                                            Why can’t he stop hiccuping 😟 does it happen after he feeds or all the time?

                                            Lily Beth

                                              Happy Mother’s Day! Love you and your cute little fam!!!❤️😍☀️

                                              Glow Radio

                                                Happy first mother's day!!!! Love your relationship with your mom and sisters <3

                                                Clarissa Standley

                                                  Your little fam is so cute! This mothers day I found out I'm pregnant with baby #1!

                                                  Y Perez

                                                    Ahhh how much I’ve missed the intros!!! Yasss Sezzy! Thank you!!!! 😘

                                                    Jade W

                                                      What spf do u use sarah 😊


                                                        you looked so radiant in this video, you are literally glowing Sezzy☀️& Kurt's present is so cute omg

                                                        alyssa reuther

                                                          Could you do a video on the Lush skin products you got for Mother’s Day or what you like to use from their store!? I love lush but never know what to get! I would love to see what you use specifically for your skin type!

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