Watermelon and Glow Look (Insanely Saturated Lip Sneak Peek!)

Main Watermelon and Glow Look (Insanely Saturated Lip Sneak Peek!)

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    Lisa Eldridge
      Watermelon and Glow Look (Insanely Saturated Lip Sneak Peek!)

      For all the products that are featured in this film click on the links below: 100% of advertising revenue is donated to charity. To find out when my lipsticks launch …


        Insanely beautyful!!!

        money Martin

          You can see the difference in your skin bring plumper and glowy and it looks smooth 🌈

          Azra Can

            Her nails😍😍

            Roxana Mcglinchey

              Love that new lip colour xx

              marlen mejia

                I hope this time I can get my hands on this 😊 pink is my favorite color, so I so want that watermelon 🍉 color 😊

                Lily Bosnick

                  always so joyful to see a new Lisa Eldridge video on tap! 1) you mixed that fondcealer into the most perfect match for your skin, I was amazed. 2) it's not my favorite makeup look ever but you always look exquisite. 3) it's lovely that you will email us to let us know when the new summer colors release– hope you'll do more videos on each of the new colors! and I hope there will be a slightly less vibrant shade I can wear. (Maybe a rosy mauve?) Still waiting for your take on an Audrey Hepburn summer coral!!! You are loved.

                  Kara J

                    Gorgeous look! Pared back makeup with a pop of color is my summer go to! Can’t wait till this lipstick is available ☺️ don’t have a watermelon 🍉 lipstick in my collection

                    My Green Gypsy

                      You’re a makeup goddess. I love that you focus on enhancing and not “over-doing” your face. Elegant and gorgeous!

                      Kerry Martin

                        Beautiful color ❤❤❤

                        Aubrey Gillespie

                          I die over your hair every video. You need to give us a tutorial someday! ❤️❤️❤️

                          Sunny B

                            OMG! can't wait to get a summer shade now!


                              Oh ppplllleeeeeaaassseeee tell me you did the Aubrey Hepburn colour????

                              Lynne White

                                The lip colour wouldn’t suit me but love the eyes.

                                Melanie Muller

                                  Omg… I love you, do you have a makeup line? You are beautiful much love and blessings to you 💙💙

                                  Camron Thompson

                                    Absolutely adore this look and that lipstick 💄 can we just take a minute to admire how beautiful it is💕💕💕💕💕. Love me some Lisa!!!


                                      Nail color?

                                      wayeon leo

                                        After Lisa put on the lip colour, i only can see her lips
                                        Me: Lisa where did u go???!?


                                          so relaxing

                                          Emilia Klein

                                            hi lisa, i loveeeee your videos, you are my favorite youtuber ever!!!, one question, is your cosmetics company in Australia?

                                            Xinyue Li

                                              London is so cool at this point.

                                              Natacha Jaxaldebehere

                                                So so lovely! Thank you Lisa 😉

                                                Gabriel Vaughan

                                                  Love to you! So excited for the lipsticks! ❤️💄

                                                  Clarissa McMinn

                                                    Absolutely love the look and can't wait to get the new collection. Still loving the first collection and my ring.

                                                    Suchithra S

                                                      Hi Lisa.. I want to order your Lipsticks but its showing out of stock…. Please help..

                                                      Lady Stardust

                                                        My god, Lisa, I NEED that color!

                                                        Cheryl Lyg

                                                          I LOVE the foundcealer!!!! I've really dry skin and I love the glow it gives!!!!

                                                          Maria Lindbergh

                                                            Oh my God, you're launching more lipsticks? Take my money!

                                                            Angelica Medina

                                                              That nail color


                                                                Omg.. I already have your other 3 velvet lipsticks… They sit lined up next to the beautiful velvet bag on a shelf all their own in my beauty room. They are sooo special and gorgeous I use them, but not often. Now I HAVE to get your new ones. So excited.

                                                                Talia Neuman

                                                                  Hey lisa, can you show mire colors fromthe new lipstick 💄 before the big launching?

                                                                  Maya The Bee

                                                                    I love watermelon everything ! 🙂


                                                                      Stunning look from the queen of class and the lightest of hands.

                                                                      Sean M

                                                                        I'm so happy to see your new video. Recently bought your book. Just wanna say you're the makeup artist I admire and really like you at the personal level. ❤️

                                                                        Emma Whittaker

                                                                          Please bring back the red lipstick collection Lisa! They were all sold out before I had the chance to get one.

                                                                          lucy loo

                                                                            beautiful and clean!! i love a bold lip. i feel ugly without some color

                                                                            Crabby Patty

                                                                              Omg yayyyyyy another collection 💖💖💖💖 my graduation is coming up and I would love to be wearing one of the new lippies on the special day – fingers crossed! Xxx

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